Friday morning one-liners


The Bills will get a look at several new head coaches in 2012.

Dolphins RB Reggie Bush may be called as a witness in a lawsuit his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian filed against The Gap.

DE Mark Anderson is looking forward to making a postseason return with the Patriots.

Jets ticket prices are going to be the same price in 2012.

Some of Ravens WR Torrey Smith’s knowledge of the Patriots comes from playing them in Madden.

Who might the Bengals be watching at the Senior Bowl?

Mel Kiper of ESPN believes the Browns will “kick QB Colt McCoy to the curb” so they can take Robert Griffin III.

The future of Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is under scrutiny.

The Texans were the only team to have four different quarterbacks complete passes this season.

A look at the current candidates for the Colts’ head coaching job.

Which Jaguars free agents will stay and which will go?

The Titans got a lot of help from their rookies this season.

Broncos S Brian Dawkins was added to the AFC Pro Bowl roster despite missing the last three games of the season with a neck injury.

The Chiefs plan to do some interviews for coordinators at the Senior Bowl.

Paul Gutierrez of has some fun with the idea of Jon Gruden returning to the Raiders.

A professional race car driver took out a newspaper ad to lambaste the Chargers for keeping coach Norv Turner and G.M. A.J. Smith.

The Cowboys plan to hire another coach to assist Jerome Henderson with the secondary.

Pete Prisco of thinks the Giants were the better team in their 27-20 regular season loss to the 49ers.

With Steve Spagnuolo going to the Saints, what’s next for the Eagles defense?

Redskins DL Adam Carriker has his eyes on a career in professional wrestling one day.

The Bears’ offensive line still needs improvement before next season.

DT Nick Fairley’s rookie season hasn’t dimmed the Lions’ hope for his future.

Packers WR Greg Jennings will be doing some TV work this weekend.

New Vikings defensive coordinator Alan Williams doesn’t want to blow up the defense.

The budget proposed by Georgia’s governor has money that could be put toward a new Falcons stadium.

Will a pot charge change the Panthers’ potential interest in Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick?

Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune believes that Steve Spagnuolo is the right man at the right time for the Saints defense.

Waiting to name a head coach could impact the assistants available for the Buccaneers.

If Todd Haley is out, who will be the Cardinals’ quarterbacks coach?

Will Jeff Fisher’s Rams teams play with the same edge that his Titans teams employed?

The 49ers feel that they tackle better than most teams in the NFL.

The training methods of the Seahawks took a shot in an interview with 49ers S Donte Whitner.

9 responses to “Friday morning one-liners

  1. Panthers may skip Kirpatrick. Especially since Jerry has been paying so much attention to ‘tattoos & haircurs’ for his draft selections.

    But in the other hand, ole Jer DID let that idiot Dwayne Jarrett stick around for a while.

    Tis a toss up.

  2. “Jets ticket prices are going to be the same price in 2012.”

    They should probably lower prices since the fans have to watch Chihuahua, and listen to Fat Rex.

  3. “Dolphins RB Reggie Bush may be called as a witness in a lawsuit his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian filed against The Gap.”…………………
    ………Is that the gap between her ears or her legs?

  4. Instead of the cheap-shot by Whitner, you could you noted that Seahawks Fullback Michael Robinson has been named to the ProBowl to replace the injured Packer Kuhn.

  5. Spags has a plan. While DC of the Saints, helps them to another SB title in the next year or 2. Then he departs for a tasty HC opportunity – probably with the Eagles, after Reid “retires” or is kicked upstairs.

  6. Sorry, dieselfan44. I can’t see how Redskins can out bid Cleveland. Maybe Tannehill will turn out to be a great QB.

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