Hard-fought battle has Patriots heading to Super Bowl


The New England Patriots are heading to the Super Bowl, and Billy Cundiff’s name will live in infamy in Baltimore.

In a hard-fought slugfest in New England, it was the Patriots who came out on top, 23-20, after Cundiff missed a 32-yard field goal that could have sent the game into overtime with 11 seconds remaining. The snap was a little off on the play, but the hold was good. Cundiff just missed it.

Tom Brady did not have a particularly good game, completing 22 of 36 passes for 239 yards, with no touchdowns and two interceptions. But that was enough for him to get his 16th playoff win and a trip to Indianapolis and a shot at his fourth Super Bowl ring.

“I sucked pretty bad today, but our defense saved us,” Brady said at the postgame ceremony. “I’m going to try to go out and do a better job in a couple weeks but I’m proud of this team and my teammates.”

For the Patriots, it was a great defensive effort, particularly from defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, who had a monster game.

And for the Ravens, it will be an offseason in which they wonder what might have been if Cundiff had made that kick.

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  1. LaMaar W. was right all along, Flacco will never win a super bowl, he is terrible.

    I can’t stand the Pats, but it was good to see the Ravens choke another one away. Story of the Ravens, another dropped pass!

  2. Why was he so late to get on the field? Does he always do that? It seems he was a little rushed to kick it. Maybe a timeout was in order. Not sure if they had any left.

  3. Another clutch performance by Tom Brady…..at least that’s how pundits like Skip Bayless will remember it.

  4. People will try to put this on Flacco, but he played well. and put them in a position to WIN. Evans drop. Also had them in a position to TIE. Cundiff. Last year (or maybe the year before), 2 drops by Boldin and Housh did them in. Why does Flacco get so much heat? Cam Cameron called a terrible game, especially the 3rd & 3 draw to Rice. Flacco played well

  5. HE MISSED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Give the Ravens credit, they gave New England all they could handle.

    Suck eggs, haters,Yets fans and 7thlombardi !!!!!!!

    New England is goin’ to THE SUPER BOWL!!!!

  6. I thought it impossible to hate the Patriots any more.. but they manage it. Did anyone see cundiff push off the camera in his face? actions of a man who knows he messed up big time

  7. I could blame a lot of people, but i don’t even care. good game. It was close like I thought it would be. And Joe played amazing so maybe people will finally get off his back, but probably not.

  8. This was still a red-letter day for Flacco, who showed the world he’s no Mark Sanchez.

    Ravens have nothing to feel bad about …… except Cundiff, that is.

  9. good thing the ravens celebrated like they won the superbowl each time they beat us…considering they aren’t going to the super bowl this year.

  10. The sad part is the Ravens had 3 chances to tie or take the lead in the 4th quarter.

    That awful Flacco int was the first chance, and the game probably should have ended with that had Brady been playing better.

    Then there was the 4&6 at around the 35 yard line. Don’t understand why Flacco threw that ball out of bounds in a must convert situation.

    I credit the Ravens defense for playing their asses off, but ultimately when up against a defense as porous as the Patriots you need to put up more than only 20 pts.

  11. Ravens need to look for a Field Goal kicker in the offseason.

    Remember they passed on a 51 yarder earlier in the 4th QTR and went for it on 4th and 6.

    If you can’t trust your kicker to make a 50+ then you are certainly at a disadvantage in the NFL.

    BTW…Great play by Sterling Moore in the End Zone…I am a Raider fan but really admire how the Patriot franchise can find hidden gems like him, Woodhead and Welker and make stars out of them.

  12. I told you before the game — the Ravens will never go to the Super Bowl with Flacco.

    And don’t blame the kicker — the fact is, the game was over when Flacco threw that pick. The defense bailed him out (yet again) with a circus-catch pick to get him the ball back. But the fact is, Flacco choked with the game on the line.

    But hey, keep on complaining about the respect he doesn’t get, Ravens fans.

  13. Congratulations to the Patriots and GOOD RIDDANCE to the All-Talk Ravens! No team runs their mouths more than the Ravens and their coach. From Harbaugh to Ray Rice to Oher to Boldin to Reed to Suggs, the crybabies get to WATCH the Super Bowl yet again. As last hurrahs go, this one was especially sweet, with Evans dropping a TD pass, the Ravens’ Pro Bowl kicker missing a chip shot with the wind at his back, and missed blocks and the false start penalty on the final drive. In crunch time we see who are champions and who are chumps. Once again the Pats rise to the occasion and the Ravens fall short. Hahahahahaha!

  14. Brutal ending for the Ravens. I had hoped that Brady and the offense would play better and it be more decisive.

    Big congratulations to the defense. I think Wilfork is the game MVP.

  15. “LaMaar W. was right all along, Flacco will never win a super bowl, he is terrible.”

    I’m not that big on Flacco but, he can’t really be faulted. He played a good game and threw what should’ve been the game winner were it not for a helluva game by Sterling Moore.

    As bad as Ravens fans might feel, guarantee you Cundiff feels worse.

  16. Every year the same thing, we go into a game all huf and puf and still can’t win a AFC. This great defense runs down the offense and what did they do. Hate to say it but time for Lewis to move on. Harbaugh not sure he has it when it comes to playoffs. All kind of chances and can’t get it done. Flacco did all he could the defense, didn’t stop Brady, brady did. I know we will have a chip on our shoulder next year.

  17. And by by Ravens!!

    But…but.. The Patriots didn’t beat a team with a winning record.

    But… But they can’t stop Ray Rice.

    But … But… The ravens beat 7 teams with a winning record.

    But … But. The Ravens won in 2009

    Did I miss anything Ravens fan hung there hat on as to why the Ravens would win?

    Silly Ravens fans you didnt think you would win!!

    TB12 vs Ravens 6-1
    Vs. Steelers 6-2
    Vs steelers and Ravens in AFCC games 3-0

    Oh yeah but…but the Patriots
    can’t run the ball.

    Let’s here the excuses.

    If you watched the game on tv you NEVER herd the name Suggs.

    Is gues you can say T Sizzle. FIZZLED!!!

    Patriots going back to the SB!!!

    Hate on haters… Hate on!!!

  18. Man….talk about a nail biter….

    I was saying “Oh well, at least Overtime is fair now”….

    Can’t believe Cundiff chunked that one.

  19. Flacco’s happy cuz now they can just blame the kicker when the defense gave him 3 chances to take the lead at the end. He’ll never win a superbowl but he will be glad to take baltimore’s money.

  20. I wish Flacco had enough awareness to run for that 4th and 1 at the end of the game instead of throwing up a prayer. You have to play to win the game, Joe. Dont leave it up to a kicker. Get the first down and keep the game in your hands.

    I wont blame, Flacco, but this was his game to win. He had the chance every QB wants and he came up short.

    Enjoy the off season, Joe.

  21. Patriots suck big against good teams. no one cares about the 40 point burgers against buffalo. the 49ers or giants will rip them.

  22. Omigosh!!! What a stunning ending!

    Congratulations to the Patriots on a well-earned victory. Respect to the Ravens for fighting every step of the way. What a heartbreaking way for it to end. Can’t help feeling for Cundiff. It will be a long off-season for him to relive that moment.

    Hope the Super Bowl lives up to the AFC Championship!

  23. lilrob10201 says:
    Jan 22, 2012 6:14 PM
    Not just that but how did that dude drop the game winning touchdown also ?Choke much ?

    Did anyone notice that Evans didn’t DROP the ball, Moore STRIPPED it from him!!!!!

  24. Cundiff just pulled a major Ray Finkle. “LACES OUT!”

    I was rooting for the Pats, but I feel terrible for the guy just the same. It’s gotta suck being the goat like that.

    Now, let’s go Giants.

  25. Brady had 2 opportunities to put the game away… one time he threw and INT, and the other he went 3 and out.

    Of course, 1 week from today all the talk will be about how Brady carried this team into the Superbowl.

    Fact of the matter is, they had to beat 1 team with a record over .500 to get into the SB and Brady came up incredibly small…

    The PATRIOTS made it to the Superbowl, but unfortunately we know Tom will be all the talk this week.

  26. An enjoyable game. Tough loss Ravens, but heckuva great season. The good news? Unless the Mayans are correct we’ll have another shot at it next season.

    Congrats Pats fans! Pulling for Gronk’s speedy recovery.

  27. I hate how teams like the Patriots can go to the Superbowl every year and then it takes the Eagles (my team) 20 years to make it to one each time.

  28. Every time the Patriots win a game, an angel loses its wings. Two of them do if it’s the playoffs. Pats fans are quite possibly the worst winners in the NFL.

    And no, I’m not a Ravens fan, nor a fan of any Pats rivals.

  29. Pretty sure that’s a million times more heartbreaking than getting swept and losing in the first round.

    And when it’s all said and done, advantage: Steelers fans, yet again.

    Welcome to the couch, guys. We’ve been expecting you.


  30. Flacco looked good today – stayed in the pocket even when it was collapsing to make some tough throws. Did everything he needed to put the Ravens in a position to win.

    Lee Evans should have held on to that catch – no excuse, he has bad mechanics, always catching it with his body and not his hands.

    Can’t believe Cundiff missed that kick. Looked as if he was was trying to shank it. How can they bring him back next year? How can you trust him moving forward?

  31. Billy Cundiff and Lee Evans should get protection from the CIA or FBI after that game. BALTIMORE IS NOT A SAFE PLACE for them! LMFAO!

  32. To the real Pats fans that have some humility and grace – Congrats on the win. I thought it was one of the best playoff games I have ever seen even though my team lost.

    To the morons who try to pin this on Flacco, check the stats – Flacco outplayed Brady. Flacco came up big in a big game. He put his team in a position to win. Lee Evans catches that ball and its the Ravens going to the SB. The stupid kicker makes a 32 yarder and its OT. Joe Flacco played himself into the upper tier of the NFL QBs because he OUTPLAYED Brady.

    To the bookies who made this a 7 point game. WTF were you thinking about. You deserve to lose your money. This was never going to be more than 3 – 4 points.

    To my Raven fans – we have nothing to hang our head about. We played NE to wire in NE and if not for a dropped pass or a stupid kicker, we are in the SB. It really hurts to get this close and not make it, but keep your head up. You are one of the best teams in the NFL and that ain’t changing anytime soon.

  33. I hope Flacco haters finally become quite. He did more than enough to win. On that last drive he was absolutely clutch as usually, which you seem to always dismiss. Compare Brady’s numbers to Flacco’s. Stop hating on Flacco. He does everything he can. He can’t pass, catch, and run the ball. For that matter, kick the ball! I’m sure the blame will all go to Flacco though. Ridiculous.

  34. If the Niners win, do you think John Harbaugh will be sending the Ravens defensive game plan to his brother in SF? Is that legal? Will the NFL be looking for that kind of thing, since John is “under contract” with the Ravens? Wouldn’t that fall under “conspiracy?” We all know Daddy Harbaugh will be involved. Maybe we’re all just better off with the Giants and all the 07 rematch hype, but then again, you know the Colts and Peyton will be involved helping the Giants again. Darned if you do, darned if you don’t. Looks like it’s The Patriots against the world!

  35. i’ll admit that i laughed hysterically, but i wont pile on. great game. flacco played well i thought. came down to a few plays that NE made in the clutch. Though Lee Evans should have made that catch, give it to the defense, he was able to dislodge it at just the right time (almost simultaneously with Evans’ second foot touching down). i think if he knocks it out a second later, it’s a touchdown. wasnt that the same dude that gave up the TD to T Smith because he missed the tackle?

    look at the bright side, you beat us twice and you werent sent packing by Tim Tebow….see you next year……….

  36. Ace Ventura will be getting a call after Cundiff enters a mental asylum, escapes, creates a new identity as a woman and becomes a police chief involved in a mad circle of deceit and shenanigans.

  37. Blame goes to the Ravens coaches. That last drive when they had 2nd and 1 and 1 timeout left in the redzone, they needed to run it with Rice to pick up a first and call their last TO. Now you have 3 shots at the endzone before having to kick.

    Sure, Rice may not have got the yard, but he’s your best player…put the game on his shoulders and not in the hands of your sixth best receiver.

  38. Anyone blaming Flacco for this loss, has a very low football IQ or are Steeler fans. This is all about Jon Harbaugh not being a crunch time coach. You have a timeout why not trust the 2nd leading rusher in the NFL to gain 1 yard and call a time out and have another 4 downs to either win or tie the game. Terrible coaching!

  39. Am I right in that it looked like Cundiff was late running on the field? Who’s fault was that? It looked like he has to run up and set up quick while the rest of the team was already there.

  40. Why didn’t they review the Evans drop at least? It was inside two minutes, and I remember Jeremy Shockey getting a beneficial call several years ago on a ball he caught, then dropped in the endzone. (They ruled it a catch because he was in the endzone and possession for even a second is a TD.) True Evans should have held onto it, but why didn’t they at least REVIEW it??

  41. Anybody defending Flacco has got to be KIDDING me! First of all, he threw what was the game-ending pick, only the defense handed him the ball back yet again. Second of all, he blew an easy TD to the FB and tried to force it to the covered-WR. He BADLY underthrew the WR on that bootleg, should’ve been 7 instead they got 3 out of it… should I go on?

    Fact: once again Flacco throws the late-game pick in the AFC Championship. He is what he is — average, and will get you close, but no cigar.

  42. Evans with the ‘T.O.-Clarke-Davis-Plaxico-Santonio’ opportunity and he blew it. Ravens should’ve called timeout but don’t because they didn’t want to leave a couple seconds on the clock for Brady. Don’t understand the logic, since Brady was somewhere between below-average and average today. Also, the 2nd last series when Flacco threw the pick to Spikes….why didn’t they keep running the ball? They were blowing them open with the run. Deadly pick by Pollard to get the ball back, and then they try going back to the run but it don’t work. So they throw, Evans drops the ball in the end zone and Cundiff is shy-left… Terrible finish to a great game.

  43. Thanks Balitimore for the fourth round pick for Lee Evans!! If you gave us a third, he would have caught it!!

  44. Hell of a fight by the Ravens on the road. They stood toe to toe and bad luck did them in. It was an ugly game, but a good one.

  45. All you haters out there need to remember one thing….. If the officials doing their f@$&ing job correctly, the Ravens win the game. It would have never came down to a field goal.

    The Ravens were robbed!!!!


    The officials blew that call!!!

  46. Brady assumed the role of Joe Flacco–playing poorly and winning because of some missed plays by the other team. Strange, right?

    I actually feel bad for Cundiff because everyone will remember him for this loss, but the Ravens lost as a team.

    The loss isn’t on Flacco, though. He could have played better, but he didn’t make too many mistakes, like he has in the last few playoff games.

  47. Flacco played very well and outplayed Brady, so if you come in with a biased analysis go well you can complete the rest. He threw the game winning TD, of course great play by Moore and Evans didnt reel it in tightly.

  48. The Ravens lost this more than the Pats won it. I think the Ravens, overall, played a little better than the Pats, especially after looking at their game stats. New England had 6 more first downs, but the Ravens ran and passed it for slightly more yards. The Ravens turned over the ball once, and New England turned it over 3 times, plus 2 INTs that were negated due to an illegal contact penalty.

    The stats will show Brady turned it over 2 times, but, if not for those penalties, he’d have 4 INTs. I will say I don’t blame QBs for balls tipped by their receiver to the Defense; so, without those 2 penalties called, I’d say Brady had 3 INTs. The throw with 7 minutes left into the end zone was a bonehead play — the Pats should’ve ran it and ate up more clock. I thought that was a risky play and, clearly, they almost paid for it, if not for the Ravens missing the FG or TD at the end of the game.

    Flacco played very well, with only 1 INT, 2 TDs, and he threw for more yards than Brady with the same number of completions/attempts (22/36).

    The Pats won because of their defense and the Ravens offense missing two heartbreaking plays at the end to either seal the victory or tie the game and likely go into OT. Brady and the Pats will need to play much better to win in 2 weeks.

  49. I’m still unsure of how that pass for lee evans was not ruled a touchdown.

    We learned earlier in the year from greg jennings td catch against the giants that if you have posession of the ball at anytime in the endzone for any amount of time and are not going going to the ground its a touchdown, doesn’t matter if someone smacks the ball out of your hand

  50. How bad do Steelers fans HATE the Ravens? We were pulling for Tom Brady and the PATS.

    For one game.

    Until the Super Bowl. Go Giants! (this year)

  51. thetobygrizwold says:
    Jan 22, 2012 6:28 PM
    I hope Flacco haters finally become quite.


    Quite what?

  52. Ouch. Severe lack of situational awareness by the Ravens coaching staff (and the game announcers for not noticing). But the Ravens FG barely made it on the field in time to get that kick off. There was 1 second on the playclock when the ball was snapped.

    I was very surprised the Ravens did not call a timeout as they appeared to be very rushed and out of sync right before the snap. No excuse to miss the shortie but I thought a TO should have been called.

  53. Everyone is talking about the drop and the missed FG. Give it a break. If the Pats get the right call on Hernandez’ feet, or Brady hits the wide open Gronk, it might not get that close.

    My point is that both sides missed plays, but thankfully for the Pats, the Ravens just did it last.

  54. I’m a pats fan but the better team didn’t win today. As others said, the ravens lost the game. I’ll take it and on to Indy, but the pats need to fix alot of holes.

  55. seriously, i just feel awful for cundiff. i can’t imagine how he feels. football fans are so obsessed these days that he and his family will be receiving death threats from the diehards.

  56. ” The defense bailed him out (yet again) with a circus-catch pick to get him the ball back. But the fact is, Flacco choked with the game on the line.”

    Meh, Brady got greedy on that throw plain and simple. I knew it was a pick the moment I saw him looking way down field and launch it. Had the Pats just stuck with what had been working they would likely have put up another 7 and put the game away. At least gotten another 3 or taken a bunch of time off the clock.

    Greedy greedy greedy. Brady knows it. He took no credit during the trophy presentation, acknowledged he sucked today and gave credit to the defense for winning the game.

  57. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Jan 22, 2012 6:32 PM
    Anybody defending Flacco has got to be KIDDING me! First of all, he threw what was the game-ending pick, only the defense handed him the ball back yet again. Second of all, he blew an easy TD to the FB and tried to force it to the covered-WR. He BADLY underthrew the WR on that bootleg, should’ve been 7 instead they got 3 out of it… should I go on?

    Fact: once again Flacco throws the late-game pick in the AFC Championship. He is what he is — average, and will get you close, but no cigar.
    And what did Brady do today that was so much better?

  58. Pats fan here. I’m almost ashamed of the way we stole that game from you guys, Flacco completely outplayed Brady, you guys won the turnover battle and you guys had the ball in the endzone only to have it get knocked out of Evan’s hands. I’m really glad that the Pats are going to the superbowl but you guys really deserved to be there. On the bright side you know Flacco’s the real deal, just cut the kicker and you guys are set for next year! 😀

  59. In all seriousness the Ravens played a great game, making it a game of inches, and often winning that battle of inches. The Patriots defense does seem to be making enough big plays to make the points scored by the offense stand up. Hopefully Gronk is OK and they work out the kinks before the Superbowl because they will see a similar defense.

  60. Evans’ drop should have been reviewed.
    Flacco is average on a good day.
    Brady played like an average QB today.

    And WHY was Cundiff so late getting on the field? Didn’t they have a timeout left? Should have taken the delay penalty if not. Running 50 yards onto the field and rushing the kick was STUPID.

    P.S. I agree patsi-hypocrie. I too could go on.

  61. Why wasn’t that a touchdown? He caught and took 2 steps before it was knocked out.
    Well maybe bc he didn’t have control or didn’t take the two steps either way missed chances and bad real bad kick did u in blame goes all around pass protection lack of a running game but when it comes down to it the ravens will be at home just like my fav. Team the steelers

  62. nesuperfan says:
    Jan 22, 2012 6:38 PM
    Everyone is talking about the drop and the missed FG. Give it a break.
    Maybe everyone’s talking about them because those were the two crucial plays at the end of the game.

  63. @herb

    Thats exactly what I was thinking, the refs this year have ruled, at least for GB, that any possession in the endzone is absolute, a slapped out ball should not matter should have at least reviewed that one

  64. Blame Flacco for this loss means having no idea what football is. He played a great game, with only one mistake against a very aggressive defense. He played a lot better than Brady who deserve credit to admit he sucks. The last pass to Evans was awesome, and Evans miserably dropped, than Cundiff did what he did.

  65. Ravens fans. You should be proud of them today. That was a heavyweight fight. That game should have gone to OT.
    PATS survived and move on. Brady was too aggressive on the bomb. They could have won the game with that drive if they had been a tad more conservative. Risk reward there.

    Great effort Ravens.

  66. irongershwin says:
    Jan 22, 2012 6:14 PM
    All the blame shouldn’t go to Cundiff. Lee Evans needs to make that catch.

    it was a good D play…cleanly broken up

  67. Steelers and Dallas seems to me New England must be quote” Americas Team”. No matter what they always seem to be in the big dance . Good luck Belichek no matter if you cheated you way back when . You will still be considered one of the best coaches ever , maybe somebody will spread the field and take advantage of that sorry defense you got. I doubt it though a person would have to study to accomplish that something all these other”
    experienced coaches” have yet to figure out hmm…

  68. Ravens gave em all they could handle.

    Hard fought game.

    Don’t pin it on Cundiff, they had 60 minutes to get more points.

    And the end zone play wasn’t a drop, it was a great defensive play.

  69. The bright side for Ravens fans after tonight: Cameron and Cundiff are both gonna get a swift kick out the door soon. Those two pretty much lost the game for them, NOT Flacco.

  70. Ravens defense was the only reason they were in the game!
    Flacco played his average game…and Brady was actually terrible…
    The only thing the Ravens can be happy about is that Flacco didn’t play that terrible..but definitely not an elite quarterback

  71. Pats left a few points on board, but held on, the hot a little help from Myra Kraft the Pats owners wife that died of cancer this year -she blocked that FG ..

  72. Go-ahead TD win by Evans from Flacco will be dismissed. The Cundiff 30 something yard FG will be blamed. Why not both? Wait, it’s neither. You blame Flacco. How expected. Flacco outplayed Brady. Period. Check the stats. Give Flacco Brady’s line, and Brady’s Flacco’s.

  73. 20 seconds to go in the conf chmpshp, a TD catch with possession then 2 feet down but no review??? At very least it should have been reviewed but not for the Patriots.

    Tom Brady fumbled, tuck my ass!!

  74. It’s funny how ppl still hate on Brady. Yes, flacco outplayed him, but flacco played against the pats defense (last in the NFL) and Brady played against the third best defense in the league. Stop and think how the game would have turned out if the D’s were switched around. See ya in the superbowl haters

  75. redbullenergydrink says:Jan 22, 2012 6:43 PM

    nesuperfan says:
    Jan 22, 2012 6:38 PM
    Everyone is talking about the drop and the missed FG. Give it a break.
    Maybe everyone’s talking about them because those were the two crucial plays at the end of the game.

    Of course they were, but the what-ifs are always very one-sided. If they make those plays, do we then talk about how the Pats gave the game away earlier? The Ravens did not give the game away, the Patriots won.

  76. Im CONFUSED! WHY are the Patriots Celebrating a win? BALTIMORE WON THE GAME!

    Lee Evans CAUGHT the ball with 19 seconds left. He CAUGHT the BALL, had both feet down, had control……and THEN……Sterling Moore knocked it out of his hands.


  77. love all the Squealer fans coming onto the board to show us their class. Deb, honestly, how can you stand these idiots.

    @steelcurtain, bubbybrister, and 7th – your team lost to the DENVER freaking Broncos who have an Hback as a starting QB. Your defense is in the December of its career. You should not be talking.

  78. There was nothing about that loss that was Flacco’s fault. He made some great completions, and was better than Brady (whose post-game comment was right on the mark) today.

    Also, was Cam Cameron always that grey, or did that happen immediately after he went 1-15 with the Fins?

  79. Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens on a great game.
    The look on T-Fizzle’s face was priceless; Love Ray Rice, Love Ed Reed, but Terrell Sugggs is an infinitely UN-Likable punk.
    Classic seeing Gronk flatten him early in the game – Made my day.

    When looking at this game in the context of the Pats 2011-2012 season, one can make the argument that Flacco does suck.
    Dan Orlovsky, Rex Grossman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and many other average QB’s looked GREAT against this NE defense.
    However, if Flacco had to go up against the Baltimore Raven Defense? That might have looked much different than his performance today
    He played a decent game but made a ridiculously stupid throw on the pick to Spikes – even though NE came back with an even MORE ridculous play to Sterling Moore after that.
    I know!
    Lets try a 45 yard post route to a guy who hasn’t caught but 2 balls ALL YEAR LONG!?!!
    WTF was that!!!!!

    The NE defense/running game saved the game, but lets not forget that Brady made some great throws and scored what turned out to be the winning TD.

    If the PAts don’t play better Offense in 2 weeks their 2nd SB loss of the Belichick/Brady era will soon follow.

  80. Pats fan here who is very grateful for the win. No trash talking and all the respect in the world to the Ravens. I fell very fortunate to have my team win this incredibly stressful game, now on to Indy.

  81. Clearly the AFC north was well represented by it’s best team. Evans makes the catch and they go to the big game. Nothing to be ashamed of, unlike the Steelers who squeeked into the playoffs via wildcard and got Tebowed big time.

  82. No way the Ratbirds were gonna win… they had their Superbowl three or four times during the course of the year. How many teams do the Gatorade baths during the 1st 4th and 6th games of the season? F the Ravens, their whiny bitch coach and always a bridesmade stupid azz fans.

  83. @bensstinkyfingers …

    All the AFC North’s best were represented in the playoffs. Let’s see … the Ravens, the Steelers, the Bengals. Now who am I missing?

    Oh yeah … your team 😀

  84. For everyone slamming on Brady and how much he “sucked”…he was playing against the Ravens…not the Broncos or the Bills.

    The Ravens ARE defense in the NFL…every – single – year. They are pretty much the gold standard, so I am tremendously thrilled with a Pats victory by any means necessary against that team.

  85. that was a TD he had 2 feet on the ground & he wasn’t falling & the ball was stripped out not dropped wtf?

  86. I’m a Pats fan….great game. The Ravens are tough as nails. Flacco played much better than I thought he would. We are lucky to be going to Indy but who cares.

  87. “A player is in possession when he is in firm grip and control of the ball inbounds. To gain possession of a loose ball that has been caught, intercepted or recovered, a player must have complete control of the ball and have both feet completely on the ground inbounds or any other part of his body, other than his hands, on the ground inbounds. If the player loses the ball while simultaneously touching both feet or any other part of his body to the ground or if there is any doubt that the acts were simultaneous, there is no possession. This rule applies to the field of play and in the end zone.”

    -NFL Rulebook

  88. It’s really not fair to say “Flacco outplayed Brady” when 1) Brady won and 2) Brady wasn’t throwing against Baltimore WRs playing cornerback.

    The fact that every QB every week doesn’t perform better than Brady is a monument to his excellence.

    Not being a homer, really I’m not….but you can’t compare apples and oranges. If Brady plays against New Englands secondary, he throws for 450 yards every week.

  89. If Ed Reed played for the Raiders he would have had 3 pass interference penalties……….

    Not sure why that pass into endzone wasnt looked at a little closer…………but great play by Moore.

  90. In all seriousness…

    ravens LOST to the 31st ranked defense… could only put up 20 points???

    Flacco is a joke… Ravens DESERVED to lose…

  91. Enough with this “lucky” garbage.

    If the Ravens would have won, I would offer congratulations to them and their fans.

    But this lucky stuff is loser talk.

  92. Patriots defense did their jobs today. Would have been interesting to go to overtime. But as a Pats fan, I’ll take it however I can get it.

  93. “Why wasn’t that a touchdown?”

    Translation: I have very little understanding of the game of football.

  94. The way I see it, the single biggest question going into this game was how the Ravens offense would perform against a woefully inept Patriots D.

    Flacco wasn’t terrible in this game, but against a defense that most good QBs have shredded this season, he certainly underperformed. Two crucial passes to Torrey Smith were under thrown, and would have turned into easy TDs had the throws been better. He also threw what should have been a game ending pick, and then afterwards, he inexplicably threw a ball out of bounds on a must convert 4th & 6.

    The Ravens Defense did its part by limiting the Patriots to only 23 points and generating multiple turnovers in the process. More importantly, their defense was able to keep the Ravens in game by negating those two offensive turnovers that Flacco committed late in the 4th quarter.

    This was a game that Flacco should have been able to take over and he had plenty of opportunities to do so throughout the game. Reed and Lewis are not going to be around forever, and sooner or later Flacco is going to have to show the ability to win in higher scoring affairs if he wants to amount to anything in this league. Overall, I was not very impressed by his performance today.

  95. mcrobie says:
    Jan 22, 2012 7:00 PM
    Im CONFUSED! WHY are the Patriots Celebrating a win? BALTIMORE WON THE GAME!

    Lee Evans CAUGHT the ball with 19 seconds left. He CAUGHT the BALL, had both feet down, had control……and THEN……Sterling Moore knocked it out of his hands.



    Someone needs to read the rule book on what a TD is!!!

  96. Flacco was great today. He may have finally emerged. His receivers need to catch the ball. Worst OC call was obriens bomb after spikes int. a s a pats fan, we were obvouisly lucky to avoid ot.

  97. blame lee evans or the kicker all you want raven fans but the facts are simple: the ravens were +2 in the turnover differential and the pats had a wr and practice squad players in the secondary. no excuses, you deserved to lose this game!

  98. Ravens fans don’t you remember that Bengals game when the TD to tie the game was ruled not a TD? Because although the receiver caught in with clear possession even going to the ground, the ball moved ever so slightly and no TD. Soooo. No TD for you. ‘Nuf said.

  99. Vince Young threw for 400 yards against the Pats this year, guess that makes him better than Flacco.

  100. Did any of you morons that are trying to lay this at Flacco’s feet even watch the game? He was the best QB on the field!!!! How many TD’s did the walking vajayjay throw? That would be zero. How many picks did he throw? That would be two, one more than Flacco. Sure, Joe missed on a few throws, but so did Brady.

    Lee Evans lost the game for the Ravens, plain and simple.

    And I love how the Steeler fans come out and talk crap. Where were they yesterday? Oh that’s right……..

  101. 1) Pats got really really lucky
    2) Brady was not that good
    3) I thought Flacco played great… certainly good enough to win
    4) Raven’s defense is overrated… The much miligned Pats D played just a well.
    5) Sterling Moore???


  102. Ravens were lucky to even get to this game. If Texans did not drop that punt return at the 1 yd line giving Ravens easy 7 pts last week, that game goes into OT, then who knows ??? Houston defense and Foster gave Ravens all they could handle. Loss in Foxboro fits them just right.

    Go Steelers !!!

  103. Funny reading through these comments. As a Ravens fan, my head is held high. We played well and should have won, but didn’t. Yes it stings, but NE knows they were fortunate to win in the end. To win a title you need breaks. They too played a good game and in the end deserve the win. They performed at the very end we didn’t. Joe Flacco played an excellent game. Given the week that lead up to it I am very happy for Joe.

    Looking at next year, the road gets harder. The Texans should be stout. The Bengals will improve. The big smack talkers (apologies to Deb) the Steeler fans should have some worries. Major salary cap issues. Your defense will need to be re-tooled accounting for the fact that Polamahu and Harrison no longer dominate from beginning to end. They are still very good players, but there is an adjustment the whole unit has to make when they cannot physically dominate each and every play as they have done in the past. Quite a few players will be gone. You need Oline help and a RB.

    For Ravens, draft priorities: OLine, LB, S, RB. Birk likely to retire. Maybe Ed Reed. And YES, a new kicker. It will be hard for Cundiff to come back. He really had a very bad year relative to 2010 before yesterday. Icing on the cake yesterday! Key FA to re-sign: Rice, Grubbs, maybe extension for Flacco now. In Oz I trust. Great year fellas. Thank you!

  104. @ravenshaterssuckdonkeydick:
    “And I love how the Steeler fans come out and talk crap. Where were they yesterday? Oh that’s right……..”

    sitting in the players only section as spectators….pay attention during the SB, you may see a few of your Ravens there too…..no field access though. those are for participants and other high profile figures

  105. bensstinkyfingers says:
    Jan 22, 2012 7:10 PM
    Clearly the AFC north was well represented by it’s best team. Evans makes the catch and they go to the big game. Nothing to be ashamed of, unlike the Steelers who squeeked into the playoffs via wildcard and got Tebowed big time.

    “Best” team? You were handed the two games against Cincinnati by the refs — really HORRIBLE calls in the last game. You lucked out that Roethlisberger got crippled or the Steelers take the division. And face it, you squeaked by the Texans only because they gave you a gift muffed punt — Houston outplayed you badly.

  106. Whew. I’m glad it’s over. Both teams screwed up mightily down the stretch, and either team could have won. Brady better pull it together in time for the Super Bowl. Congrats Ravens on great season.

    Steelers fans… really? You’re camping out on here just to rub it in on the Ravens? You lost to Tebow, please zip it.

  107. @bunkmcnulty …

    Thought you were being way too hard on Billy, but just checked his stats, and his FG percentage declined significantly this year–from 89 percent to 75. That’s just slightly higher than Suisham’s, and I’d like to replace him. It breaks my heart to see any team lose a championship on one man’s mistake. I actually jumped out of my seat and hollered in shock when that kick went awry. It wasn’t a slight miss, but such a wacky kick. So strange. And knowing the kicker won the game for the G-Men must have made it worse for Cundiff. I wouldn’t do that job for any amount of money.

  108. @Deb

    Most of his misses were 50+, which I don’t hold that much against him. He was injured at the end of the season. I wonder if there wasn’t something with that. But that last kick looked like some of my golf shots….ewwww!

    For some odd reason, I feel so much better this year than after last year’s loss to the Steelers. Hey this is bitter…make no mistake. But last year we jumped ahead and then just “imploded.” This year’s game was back and forth. We stayed in it and could have (maybe should have) won. Last year, we simply sucked in the second half!

    I agree, much better to lose because of a made play (even if by the other team). This was an unforced error. Feel terrible for Billy and the SF punt returner.

    As always, thanks for being a Pittsburgh voice of reason and friend this year. Best of Luck!

  109. I blame the coach and bad time management. They had a time out left. They had a 3rd and one on the right side of the field. Go for the first down. Or At least get the ball in the center of the field. Call a time out to get your kicking team out there in an organized fashion. What were they saving the time out for? The entire field goal play just seemed rushed and it did not have to be. Yes, the kicker should have made it, but a good coaching could have made the kick easier.

  110. “Best” team? You were handed the two games against Cincinnati by the refs — really HORRIBLE calls in the last game. You lucked out that Roethlisberger got crippled or the Steelers take the division. And face it, you squeaked by the Texans only because they gave you a gift muffed punt — Houston outplayed you badly.


    Oh, but the Pats didn’t win because of a “gift” dropped TD by Evans or by a “gift” missed FG?

    Steelers don’t get by Ravens in last years playoffs with out a “gift” fumble by Rice. They don’t get by the Ravens in the AFCCG without a “gift” personal foul penalty by Stone. I could do this all day.

    I just want to know why the Ravens can win games like vs. Houston and everybody says the Ravens got lucky. However, when the Patriots win a game like Sunday and it’s because they’re good?????

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