Kyle Williams: I take full responsibility for my mistake


Give 49ers receiver Kyle Williams credit for this: He’s not hiding from the heat he’s taking over his disastrous performance in the NFC Championship Game.

Williams who set up the Giants’ game-tying touchdown with a muffed punt and the Giants’ game-winning field goal with a fumble, talked to reporters after the game and then talked to reporters again on Monday, and he said he realizes he didn’t do his job well and will be criticized for it.

It’s one of those things you have to take accountability for,” Williams said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “Everybody is responsible for what they do on the field. It’s something that I was responsible for and I made a mistake, and it’s time to own up to it and move forward.”

Williams also insisted that the shoulder injury he suffered isn’t an excuse.

“I take full responsibility for the mistake that I did make,” Williams said. “You have to play with what you got. I was dinged up. Everybody was dinged up. That’s just football. Nobody is going to be 100 percent. I was going fine.”

On Twitter, where Williams got death threats, Williams hasn’t responded, other than to thank Kurt Warner and Deion Sanders for telling him to keep his head up. It sounds like Williams is doing that.

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  1. Fair play. He had an absolute shocker on sunday at the worst possible time but has manned up admirably. Those so-called “fans” that sent him death-threats are a disgrace.

  2. You really have to feel for this guy. It’s good to see that he’s got his head on straight. And to anyone giving death threats over a football game…well, you must have one pathetic life.

  3. That would be mistakeS there Kyle. But it is nice that you are going to take responsibility for your actions especially since you own them.
    Btw Williams has a history of choking in the clutch. He did the same thing in college in a big game against Arizona.

  4. Who else is responsible? Does that make him a hero in the PC world, by him owning up?

    Bill Buckner. Scott Norwood. Trey Junkin. Billy Cundiff and now Williams.

    Fans can be upset but no death threats. The kid was in over has head and let’s hope that’s not the defining moment of his career. The Niners need an upgrade at the WR position, this showed how short their bench was. Crabtree is their best and he is average.

  5. It’s always a culmination of things. The 3rd down efficiency was incredibly horrible-that didn’t help. The completion rate to wide receivers was horrible-that didn’t help. Why didn’t they keep attacking with Frank Gore_that would’ve helped. No one should even think about picking on Kyle Williams-it’s ludicrous. However let’s remember it is hard to hide when you’re the only one back there returning punts………….have a good day!

  6. Much respect to Kyle for his candor. He will succeed and life goes on. IT IS JUST A GAME.

    I do question why so many punt returners refuse to get out of the way of a wayward punt that bounces funny. Use to teach them all to get the heck out of the way.

    The only punt you can stay near are the ones that bounce end over end.

  7. I love when people screw up, and then they announce they are taking responsibility, as if there is a chance, it could be someone else’s fault.

    BTW, mistake(s). “S”

    We all make em. Please though, don’t be Captain Obvious.

  8. Poor coaching. If I am the coach, I take him off punt and kick returns after the first muffed punt. That being said, I am glad we don’t have to hear about Harbaugh vs Harbaugh for the next 2 weeks.

  9. Yeah Williams, Cundiff, and especially Evans, all made glaring mistakes for all to see. But what I’m not hearing about are apologies all the missed blocks, missed tackles, blown coverage, etc. that others committed that led to points on the boards.

    It’s real easy to blame a special team player for obvious mistakes but the devil is in the details.

  10. The fault is in the 49ers fans.

    The fans should step up and take responsiblility like real men…

    But 49ers fans are not real men.

  11. Interesting. He owns his actions while his coach whines incessantly about a fumble (clearly the correct call btw) and generally pouts. Tough times reveal character. It’s clear who has it and who does not on the Whiners.

  12. He will bounce back from this. He seems sincere. The death threats are coming from the typical Facebook Gangsters. They’re all Idiots

  13. Stay classy Williams.

    Can’t fault him for trying to make a play because no one else on 9ers offense was or able. Blame QB and 1 catch WRs. Joke.

    Thank you for the gift. Sincerely, a giants fan.

  14. Harbaugh needs to take some of the blame, too. The kid was having ball control issues all day. It was clear that the kid was not up for the duties that day. So what does Harbaugh do? Sends him out in OT to try again. It’s the players job to do what the coach tells him to do. It’s the coach’s job to put the best players on the field in any given situation. Harbaugh failed there.

    I’m glad he’s not pointing fingers, but there are plenty to be pointed. The atrocious third-down conversion rate would be a good place to start. Williams is the fall guy, but c’mon. The loss isn’t his fault alone.

  15. Sad thing is HARBAUGH is responsible for putting an injured player at PR, but he is too busy being a CLASSLESS CRYBABY to man up like Williams. Coach of the year my ass I’d vote for kubiak.

  16. slowclyde86 says:
    Jan 24, 2012 8:24 AM
    Interesting. He owns his actions while his coach whines incessantly about a fumble (clearly the correct call btw) and generally pouts. Tough times reveal character. It’s clear who has it and who does not on the Whiners.

    Easy for you to say. You didnt get bounced around like a pinata like Eli Manning did (6 sacks) – its clear, these fools hit anything that moves all day, and it was a bitter loss.

    The only thing worse than the whining, are the queefs that keep pointing it out.

  17. big players make big plays in big games. unfortunately we all saw that williams isn’t quite ready to be a big time player. good to see him man up and take responsibility for his mistakes. those fans making threats are idiots. 49ers had plenty of chances to win the game so the two fumbles were not the only reasons they lost but they did contribute to the loss in a big way.

  18. good on the kid for manning up!! but where s the blame on the special teams coach?
    If your starter is out, why on earth are you allowing a backup to take that much responsibility?? I dont care if he had a 30 yard gap, YOU FAIR CATCH IT!!!!!!
    Problem solved, 49ers are off to the Superbowl!

  19. suprinelolskins says: Jan 24, 2012 7:56 AM

    It could be worse.

    In Baltimore, Cundiff has to take the death threats seriously


    I get the humor, but with the way SF fans have been over the last year I think Williams is lucky he made it out of the parking lot!!

  20. The only thing worse than the whining, are the queefs that keep pointing it out.
    Correction the only thing worse than whining (withouth the comma splice thank you) are the queefs who want to ACT like their HEAD COACH IS NOT WHINING.

  21. I love how everyone wants to blame him, but his returns also set up the Niners later scoring drives especially his 40 yarder for the go ahead TD.

  22. Sup-skins, the death threats that cundiff has been receiving has been from within his own locker room.

  23. Give this man credit. Manning up for his mistake. The true losers are the fans who r sending him death threats over it. Grow up.

  24. Kyle… if you read this i can tell you that the criticism you are getting is from guys that do not know what a jock strap is much less having put one on and played the game.. Your team lost because the offense sucked… 0-13 on third downs…. you won’t win doing that… you are a good person and that is what matters..

  25. Every fan base has a section of their fan’s that are an embarrassment to the rest. They’re faux fans. These were the same guys saying 2 weeks ago that Alex Smith can’t take the 49ers anywhere and now they’re the ones sending Kyle Williams death threats. Classless.

    Kyle Williams didn’t lose that game. The 49ers were terrible on 3rd down, the offensive line did a poor job of handling the Giants 4 man pass rush, and they played into the Giant’s hands by trying to pass it more instead of dictating the game and time of possession by continuing to run it with Gore.

    Hats off though, to the 49ers and the Giants. Think this game showed that the two best TEAMS in the NFC were playing in the championship game. As a 49er fan, the loss really stings, but never would have imagined a season like this. Jim Harbaugh did an amazing job of bringing these guys together and honestly, this is probably the worst 49er team we will see in the next 4-5 years so there’s a lot to be excited about.

  26. no offense to the youngster, but i think that “i take full responsibility” is one of the most annoying statements in sports.

    as for williams…he’s a 6th rounder in only his second year and he was filling in. he’ll get past this. the QB, who was a number one overall pick, and is in his 7th year, is much more responsible for the loss than williams is. no team that puts forth a defensive effort like the niners did should ever lose that football game.

  27. One has to wonder how DeSean Jackson might have reacted had he been the one to lose two punt returns and cost the Eagles a trip to the Super Bowl.
    Would he have blamed it on his contract status?

  28. I think the game was lost when the 49ers were up 14-10 and had the ball in Giants territory and couldn’t come away with points. A good QB would have put the Giants down 21-10.

    49ers don’t have a QB that could engineer championship drives. They’re the Baltimore Ravens, pre-Roeslisthberger Steelers. Pound for pound the best team in the NFL, but will always get knocked out of the playoffs because with their QB they have a real small margin of error it’s hard to play perfect games deep in the playoffs. You see the Saints, they committed 5 turnovers and it still took a heroic comeback to beat them. They have a QB that compensates for mistakes.

    Need a true franchise QB to win a championship. I know 49erFan will point to The Saints game and say that Alex can get it done, but any QB should be able to get it done with 5 turnovers. He still almost lost that game.

  29. The blame should be on the special teams coach. After 1 muffed punt in a game that can take your team to the superbowl you either put someone else back there to return, or have 2 guys in back for support. Its one thing when your main return guy muffs a punt like Ginn, you give him another chance. But when the backup return man does it, its not worth the risk.

  30. If Williams has something to be really ashamed about, it’s being part of a wide receiving corps that put up a grand total of three yards receiving in a conference championship game.

    If the WRs make plays, this game probably never makes OT.

    The Niners cut Braylon Edwards just last month in spite of their shortage at the position.

    Ted Ginn was hurt.

    Josh Morgan, the #2 wideout, was on IR after breaking his ankle on a deep pass play that took place in the fourth quarter of a game the Niners were leading 41-3.

    Can you imagine a coach who gets the #2 receiver hurt for the year on a deep pass play when his team is ahead by 38 points in the fourth quarter? What’s his deal?

  31. Kyle Williams was targeted by the Giants coaching staff specifically because his history of concussions, this coming from Giants’ special team players Williams and Devin Thomas.

  32. Kyle Williams was an absolute disaster in the game, 2 muffed punts and a fumble on reverse qualifies for the goat of all goats !!!

  33. There was the muffed punt but there was also the punt where he made a diving fair catch. After that Harbaugh should have definitely pulled him and just put someone back there who could have handled the pressure and made fair catches. Nice to see though that both genius Harbaugh brothers gagged at the end of the games (John not caling TO to let Cundiff get settled instead of the Chinese fire drill that I saw!)

  34. My whole beef is you learn in Pop Warner football (the earliest level of football) to STAY away from a rolling, bouncing punted football.

    Now this idiot RUNS up to and into a rolling bouncing football.

    He is a professional football player making hundreds of thousands dollars to play the game.

    Has any of the media even asked him , “Why did you run INTO the rolling punted football and NOT stay away from it as you are trained to do?”

  35. Mistake(s). He was hideous back there. Did a lousy job of fielding a punt and then a lousier job of securing and running with the ball.

    If I’m a Niner fan, I don’t want to see this kid in a red jersey next year. I don’t care what his upside is. He singlehandedly gave the Giants the game.

  36. Everyone made mistakes in the game…his just were huge and had a major factor on the outcome. Of course if he had run it back no one would be mad at him.

  37. I said it before and I will say it again….as a Dallas Cowboys fan, I wish Terrence Newman showed the humility that this guy has shown. This guy stood by his locker and answered any and all questions, while Newman ran away and has not been seen since the Giants game.

    Niners fans, I understand you being mad at this guy (not life threatening mad, but mad) but at least he attempts to give you answers. (If this helps any…)

  38. I could handle a bone jarring hit that pops the ball out or a down pour rain soaked fumble.

    But a run into a bouncing rolling punted ball (that he should have been 10 feet away from) and a barely touched swipe at the ball fumble is totally unexcuseable at the NFL level in a NFC Championship game.

    The 49ers organization best cut this kid and cut him fast. He can go work for Daddy as a “gopher”.

  39. 1captain1 says:Jan 24, 2012 8:23 AM

    The fault is in the 49ers fans.

    The fans should step up and take responsiblility like real men…

    But 49ers fans are not real men.

    Responsibility for what? Idiot

  40. trollhammer20 says:
    Jan 24, 2012 9:53 AM
    If Williams has something to be really ashamed about, it’s being part of a wide receiving corps that put up a grand total of three yards receiving in a conference championship game.

    Trollhammer, Thank you! You are the first person I’ve seen on here point this out.
    Ever since the death threats directed at Williams, which were pathetic and unwarranted, the popular thing to do is bash anyone who is blaming Kyle Williams for the loss.
    There were many reason for the Niners loss. The bad Alex Smith made his expected return, the game plan that stopped running Gore, the defense that had 2 INTs gift wrapped but ran into each other instead, and the wr’s that couldn’t get seperation and had a combined 1 catch for 3 yds.
    Having pointed out all that the Niners were still in the game. The turning points were Kyle Williams two turnover. If you combine the 2 turnovers with the fumble he had on a reverse, which wasn’t lost, and the fact that he was one of those horrible WR’s that did nothing then Kyle Williams should take a lot of the blame for this loss.

  41. I think death threats are unwarranted (obviously) but before his first return blunder the 9ers were ahead on the score board. Don’t underestimate the power of momentum in an NFL game.

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