Goodell grateful: “It’s the only place I’ve ever wanted to work”

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The five-year extension for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell inspired a lot of quick reaction from PFT Planet, much of it not overly positive. (Then again, a comments section isn’t the place to search for sunshine and light.)

Goodell’s reaction to the news, of course, is rather positive.

“It’s the only place I’ve ever wanted to work,” Goodell said via NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. “I’m grateful to owners, staff, players and coaches . . . truly a team effort.”

The 32 NFL owners released a statement together:

“The commissioner has performed his duties in an exemplary fashion since his election in 2006.”

Goodell stubbed his toe occasionally since taking over, but I tend to agree with the owners. He took over an extremely successful league and things have only grown since 2006.  The lockout ended before major damage happened. We’re guaranteed ten years of labor peace.

It’s not an easy job and it shouldn’t be for the insane money Goodell makes. Ultimately, Goodell seems to keep his eye on the best interests of the league while keeping his 32 bosses happy.

21 responses to “Goodell grateful: “It’s the only place I’ve ever wanted to work”

  1. Oh Goody!!
    By the time Goodell’s had his mitts on the game through this extension the players will be throwing cotton balls at each other instead of making a tackles.

  2. Never liked this guy. Whether it’s trying to jam 18 games down the players/fans throat or trying get a team in Europe or being his own judge jury & executioner. This guy only cares about HIS agenda.

  3. If he can rig games and make the money needed why not extend him. I’m pretty sure nobody wanted to see Houston Vs. Detroit they need to investigate his crooked a…

  4. Is what Roger Goodell does, considered work by anyone other than, a rich kid raised on the silver spoon?

  5. I think hes good at making more money for the rich owners. But hes selling out the game of football and the fans.

    The on field product is not what it used to be. In the long run, he is turning a sport that everyone loves, and just trying to wring every left penny of profit out of it.

    Its sad.

  6. Grassketball fans unite!

    James Harrison style hard fouls will soon result in extra point style “foul kicks” from the 30 yard line. Helmet to helmet hits will be an automatic 2 foul kicks. QB hits will be 2 also.

    Income disparity will soon be 3/1 between Offensive and Defensive players, as no elite athletes will opt to play Defense. There are no advantages for them. There will be no fantasy points, no jersey sales and an extra $300-$500K will have to be set aside every year, just to feed the Fine Merchant. At least there’ll be “Fairness” because the glory boys on Offense will not be allowed to celebrate any positive play for fear of “showing up” the Defensive player. Sounds like a FUN Game!

    Maybe I’m overreacting, but the thought of seeing this smug former Jets employee ruining the sport for another 6 years is nauseating. Luckily for him, he came into the job just as HDTV was becoming ubiquitous, the NFL Network was founded and sites like this put the NFL in the news cycle on a 24-Hour a day basis. He had ZERO to do with any of that.

    Then again, being sycophant to Billionaires (not disparaging them, wish I was one…Billionaire, that is) is probably second nature to him. In that respect, he is perhaps more suited than almost anyone else for his current job. If he would just quit trying to make the game “better”. A lot of like it as it is!

  7. Sorry, Mr. Rosenthal, but I will have to disagree with you. Players and coaches are getting fined for screw ups by the NFL and referees whenever they are making them accountable. That is unacceptable.

    I am also opposed to Goodell sending potential home games overseas to places like London and Toronto. This is the NFL and should only be in the United States. To say otherwise is selling out the game and traditions this league and its players have worked hard to preserve.

  8. What he really meant
    “This is the cushiest job where I basically have to do nothing but jump to my masters bidding”

  9. This might date me a little but “he ain’t no Bowie Kuhn” and “I ain’t no senators son”

  10. Oh boy another five yrs of Uncle Rodger, so that measn another five yrs of “Peter Pan Flag Football”. Good going 32. Is it true Nike is already installing the flag pocket on the right hip of every pair of new football panties?

  11. When I read the idiotic posts that you collection of jag offs leave here everyday it makes me wonder two things:

    1. How far is your West Virginian heads stuck up your asses?

    2. How long will McDonalds continue to employ you if you dont get your act together.

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