Paul Posluszny out until camp after shoulder surgery


Until the final game of the season, Paul Posluszny’s first season in Jacksonville was one of his healthiest as a professional player.

The linebacker had to leave the season finale with the Colts early after tearing the labrum in his left shoulder and the injury is going to keep him from full participation in the team’s offseason activities. Posluszny had surgery to repair the injury this month, Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union reports, and the rehab will keep him limited until training camp.

With Mel Tucker returning as the team’s defensive coordinator, Posluszny won’t miss too much during his time on the sidelines. The team’s defensive scheme figures to be the same as it was this year, when Posluszny was a key cog in the machine. He led the team with 119 tackles and picked up two sacks and two interceptions.

11 responses to “Paul Posluszny out until camp after shoulder surgery

  1. Here in Buffalo he was known as the man of glass. He reminded this city of the Samuel L. Jackson character from the film Unbreakable. The man can’t stay healthy.

  2. @jennifer:
    It was the bills change in defense that made him play worse. He’s a very good 4-3 linebacker, and wanted to go to a team where he could flourish, so of course he looks better in JAX.

  3. really jennifer?

    Poz played 2 less games last year with the Bills and had more tackles, more passes defensed, moreINT’s, and more forced fumbles, is that better????

    go make me dinner

  4. @ecarlso8 on a horrible defense. Jax was a top 5 defense the whole year. They got hit with the most injuries in the league yet still finished 6th in defense. Point being Daryl Smith being next to you will take away some tackles, forced fumbles and INTs. Both those guys are studs.

  5. real talk? POZ is pedestrian in every way. I’m a Bills fan, wanted to love him, wanted him to be what he was ‘supposed’ to be.
    What is he?
    An above average LB.
    Nothing wrong with that, but not nearly as bad as not keeping London Fletcher. Right Jennifer?

  6. I don’t know what film people are watching when they say Poz is an “average” linebacker.

    As for deficiencies in his pass coverage skills, I think they were grossly overstated. He played exceptionally well for the Jags this year, and despite the injury in the last game, was the essence of consistency in his play and approach. Hopefully he can perform at a similar level going forward.

    I don’t understand the need to “trash” a player once he leaves your team in FA. Not every business or personal relationship is going to last, and often times neither party is to blame (see no-fault divorce).

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