Sidney Rice underwent surgery on both his shoulders


Sidney Rice was one of the biggest names on the free agent market last year. He was seen as a big-time risk because of injuries, but he still scored a huge deal from the Seahawks.

One year later, Rice’s rep as an injury prone player has not improved.

Tom Pelissero of reports that Rice underwent surgeries on both his shoulders after the season, not just the shoulder with a torn labrum.

Rice also struggled with a knee injury during the season and he finished the year on injured reserve with a concussion. He wound up only playing nine games during the season with 484 yards.

Paid $18.5 million guaranteed, Rice should be in Seattle to stay. He was a risky signing and thus far the Seahawks have to be concerned they won’t get a great return on their investment.

26 responses to “Sidney Rice underwent surgery on both his shoulders

  1. I’m surprised he didn’t wait until training camp like he did with the Vikings…… That way he could collect another seasons check without having to do anything.

  2. The ‘hawks need to add depth because of Rice’s injury history.

    Need to bring in Braylon ‘hands of stone’ Edwards as a free agent to improve the receiving corps and the locker room chemistry. And, since he is a certified Diva, he can sing the National Anthem before each game.

  3. Rice played through those injuries two concussions are what ended his season. So that face that both of his shoulders were injured yet he still played shows he’s pretty tough.

    Also Vikings fans still ripping T Jackson yet last he went 7-7 as the starting QB with the Seahawks and I forget how many games did the Vikings win with McNabb and Ponder? 3-13

  4. I think if I was a Vikings fan I wouldn’t be worrying about Rice’s injury…Isn’t your WHOLE offense have his knee rebuilt?

  5. For every Hutchinson we take, you’re welcome to take guys like N. Burleson, S. Rice & T Jack. Not that I’m keeping score, but looks like Minnesota 3, Seattle 0 to me. Just saying…

  6. Am I missing something? What is so special about this guy? He had one good year with Favre and ever since then he’s been bad or just injured. What do people see in this guy?

  7. TJ likes to wait for receivers to be wide open before he throws them the ball. So you get the defense and the ball getting to the receiver about the same time. Makes for some nice hits on our receivers.

  8. Nothing more satisfying for a Vikings fan than seeing the Seahawks picking up the Vikings trash at a premium price. First it was Nate Burleson in retaliation for Steve Hutchinson, then it was Sidney Rice.

  9. It’s a shame, because Rice has talent, and a great set of hands. If he could ever stay healthy and have a good QB throwing him the ball, he’d be an All-Pro.

    Right now, he looks like a very expensive mistake for the Seahawks.

  10. Yeah, why dont you Viks fans do Seattle another favor, and get your sh*t together before you lose another team to LA. It’d be best if the Rams ended up returning to LA for sure.

  11. Nothing more satisfying for a Vikings fan than seeing the Seahawks picking up the Vikings trash at a premium price. First it was Nate Burleson in retaliation for Steve Hutchinson, then it was Sidney Rice.

    Ummm Nate Burleson was far from trash in Seattle which led him to get a big deal in Detroit. But keep believing that with your 3-13 team because yeah they’re really good.

  12. How about you Viking fans make sure AP is ok before you start talking noise ever heard of Karma..? Trust wit tha way AP runs a re-injury isn’t out the question.
    2nd of all let’s get this straight signing Hutch from tha Hawks hurt us more than it helped your team. If it wasn’t for Green Bays bionic man coming to town all you have to be happy about is what Culpeper & Moss did.
    The future in Seattle is looking GREAT with all this talent our way & I’d take Tavares over Ponder anyday & Sid over… Oh yea you have no #1 receiver now, my condolences on filling more holes on your roster than a block of cheese from Wisconsin lol!!!

  13. Sidney Rice still has time to show what he can do. When he was temporarily healthy last year, he was the real deal. Keep your pants on and put out the fire on your head, let the former fans rant, and we’ll see how Rice comes back this year. The fact that he got the surgery as early as humanly possible tells me he’s coming back with a vengeance and a chip on his shoulder next year, in which case I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to show us what 18.5M guaranteed plays like at full throttle.

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