Mike Sherman and Kevin Coyle are your Dolphins coordinators


New Dolphins coach Joe Philbin has settled on his two biggest hires.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Dolphins have agreed to terms with Mike Sherman to become their offensive coordinator and Kevin Coyle to become their defensive coordinator.

Both men were viewed as favorites all along for the respective positions. Sherman taught Phiblin in prep school and the two men worked together in Green Bay. Philbin said he doesn’t plan to call plays in Miami, so Sherman gives him an experienced coach to assist him.

Coyle has been the secondary coach in Cincinnati, spending his last nine years with the Bengals. He knows Philbin personally and reportedly attended his son Michael’s funeral. Coyle has 35 years of experience of coaching, although he has only been a coordinator at the collegiate level before.

Coyle worked in a 4-3 defense in Cincinnati. His hiring could be a sign that the Dolphins defense is in transition after all.

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  1. Nice Hire, Sherman gives him a former head coach to go to when he needs advice. Coyle will help the phins get some turnovers on the D. Something to get excited about!

  2. Good hires by the fins.

    Moving to a 4-3 is not as tough as it appears. On the line we have good, versatile personnel but should resign either Langford mor Solaia to help shore up the interior.

    At LB we need another body.

    Misi is the wildcard. Do you go line or lb with him.

    If our qb is settled going into the draft then Ireland goes for either Copples or Upshaw with that first pick IMHO.

  3. The Sherman hire is GREAT!! I know that Coyle is a very good secondary coach, but I dont know how that will transition to DC.

  4. I love the selections. Chemistry is often overrated, and these guys’ existing relationships should go a long way in bringing some cohesion to the team.

  5. Yeah, Ross should sell the team because anonymous sources have been vocal about disliking the way he conducts business.

    Sounds logical to me.

  6. I thought for sure that Philbin would gut the Packers assistant coach’s, but the way it turned out I guess he doesn’t like any of them.

  7. Can’t say I’m too excited.. Guess I’m numb at this point.

    Let’s get after what’s important, QB…

  8. Im exited about the decision being made. Now there is one last piece of the puzzle that needs to be added so the Phins can get back to being respected, and thats a QB.

  9. It strikes me as incredible that Joe Philbin has taken the offensive track and risen to the level of head coach in the NFL without ever calling plays in the league — and he doesn’t plan on starting now. Not saying he won’t be a good head coach, it’s just surprising to me.

  10. I wouldn’t get too excited about Sherman. I couldn’t stand him when he was with the Packers. Awful GM and a mediocre HC. Maybe it’ll be a different story with him focusing on the OC duties. His years with GB were wasted years in my opinion, talented teams and he couldn’t even coach them to one NFC championship game.

  11. wtfru2 says:
    Jan 27, 2012 12:07 PM
    I thought for sure that Philbin would gut the Packers assistant coach’s, but the way it turned out I guess he doesn’t like any of them.

    Philbin said that he did not want to raid the staff because of Green Bays family like

  12. At least it seems that Ross/Ireland have calmed down a little. This team needs stable leadership and I hope that’s what this trio of new coaches can provide. Ireland has not done that bad of a job of getting some decent players (except for the numerous Cowboys rejects). Hopefully this team can get some more playmakers. An edge rusher opposite Wake for the defense (maybe move wake around to get decent match-ups). A versatile TE who has speed and good hands is almost essential for the west coast offense that Philbin/Sherman will employ. Fasano is decent but is not the typical TE for that offense. Bush should continue to improve as well.

    I’d like to see them move Sean Smith to FS (move Wilson over) since he is a decent playmaker when he is facing the play. He gets beat when he turns and runs as a CB but he has the speed and length to make some plays at FS. Jones is a capable backup at either safety position and can replace Bell down the road. This team has more good players than people think. A franchise QB is always a priority but Moore showed enough that it isn’t supremely necessary this year.

  13. Interesting.

    Sherman/Philbin seems like a clash of styles at this point.

    Philbin seems to be pass-first, where Sherman’s O at it’s best was physical, run-first.

    Curious how this will turn out.

  14. Interesting.

    Sherman/Philbin seems like a clash of styles at this point.

    Philbin seems to be pass-first, where Sherman’s O at it’s best was physical, run-first.

    Curious how this will turn out.
    They’ve been close for awhile now. I’m sure they’ll find a happy medium.

  15. Im not sure if Coyle is a upgrade from Bowles & Nolan… and Not sure Sherman is a upgrade from the outstanding job Daboll did…


  16. Mike Sherman? Buyer Beware is all I can say. He was given a Championship caliber team in Green Bay and ran it into the ground. Packer fans had to launch FireMikeSherman campaigns to get him out of here. He then goes to the Texans, convinces them to sign Ahman Green for a ridiculous contract and ultimately gets fired. He then goes to Aggies, has some success but is fired again! Hope this time works out better for him. Nice person for sure, however is he a great coach? Jury is out on that….

  17. “I’ve been a Dolphins fan for 40 years and I have cautious optimism. I haven’t felt that way in quite a while.”

    As a Packer fan, I remember people wanting Bill Parcells over Mike Holmgren and Brad Childress over Mike McCarthy. Things seemed to have worked out just fine. I think Philbin is a guy who flew under the radar and in the long run, will be a better choice than Jeff Fisher.

    Sherman is a guy who was promoted beyond his ability when given the GM title. He’s a good X’s and O’s guy and having Favre and Ahman Green probably made him seem like a better coach than he was. I think his failings as a coach occurred with his inability to work with all personalities (Freeman, Walker, McKenzie, various coaches). O-coordinator seems about at his level.

  18. Other than not making as much money as a head coach Mike Sherman got a pretty good consolation prize after getting fired. Miami isn’t a bad place to spend what would have to be one of his last jobs before retirement.

  19. @farvite, Sherman wasn’t run first in Green Bay. I think they complement each other as both like the West Coast offense.

  20. Even though Sherman was in over his head as a HC, then HC/GM, then again as HC in Green Bay… He did do one thing exceptionally well. While he was there, the O-line was considered the best, or near the very best, in the league. Power running game.

    If Miami has or can get the horsepower to do it, they could have a nice running game in the near future.

    I don’t see the Philbin/Sherman as a clash. You can only be a pass-first team if you’ve got a really good QB pulling the trigger.

    Miami could develop closer to the original style West Coast Offense.. more run, dink/dunks, screen. At least until they get established. They’ll have a good foundation while they search for a QB. In the meantime, a good QB will be only need to manage the game, make a handful of throws, and not do something stupid.

  21. as a long time bengals fan, you got a good DB coach. He has done an excellant job here in cincy, he developed both jonathan joseph and leon hall into starting corners. He wanted derelle revis, but the jets jumped ahead of the bengals and drafted him. We ended up with hall instead, but he still turned out good. Coyle has a great eye for DB’s. Unfortunately, for guys like pacman jones, some guys just can’t be taught or WONT be taught to play the position properly. Nate clements had a decent year, and even morgan trent got another job after we cut him. Best of luck to you coyle, you were a possible choice for DC when we fired breshnahan, and if it hadn’t been zimmer Id have wanted you. Go make the bengals proud, and get them fins back to having a great defense! whodey!

  22. farvite says:
    Jan 27, 2012 1:17 PM

    Sherman/Philbin seems like a clash of styles at this point.

    Philbin seems to be pass-first, where Sherman’s O at it’s best was physical, run-first.

    Curious how this will turn out.
    I would say that it depends on whether or not the fins have a qb that can pass.

  23. It does not matter much whether you go to 4-3 from 3-4. As long as you keep 11 men on the field and they are good men with good coaches. It will be a nice change to see what happens next season with the West Coast Offense and 4-3 defense. Now bring Flynn down here NOW, do you hear me, N O W!!!

  24. The new staff is certainly a step in back in quality, but that comes as no surprise with this regime. It’s hard to be optimistic when the head coach AND defensive coordinator are both in over their heads. Add to that the fact that Ross has the illusion that Peyton Manning would want to play for his organization, it now seems that some people are in for a BIG letdown next year.

  25. Don’t accept this idea that Daboll-ocks has done a good job with the offence.Bush has had a decent season and that is it.Personally I ‘ll be glad to see him go,hope Sparano takes him to New York if he is that wanted.

  26. Sherman wasn’t a bad head coach. His biggest problem always was getting conservative before the game was decided and allowing the other team to get back in the mix. And when you have a RB like Ahman Green in his prime and the O-line the Packers had back then it’s pretty smart coaching to do a lot of running. Their running game was pretty hard to stop back then, unlike now.

  27. Its a proven fact the Dolphins can win with Matt Moore, inspite of poor RG and RT play through out the season. After 4 yrs of rebuilding the OL the Dolphins are back to square one. The greatest need is OLmen. Theres no need to sell the franchise looking for a franchise QB. Moore is very serviceable, if Marshall, the king of the toilet bowl,,,sorry, pro bowl, decides to catch passes thrown to him. If Marshall can show off, he will catch the pass, but if no ones looking,,well, another story. Marshall is a very needie, self obsorbed, me first player. And depends on his pouting attitude. Marshall lends new meaning to the word,,,Diva

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