Pat Hill agrees to coach Falcons’ offensive line


Former Fresno State head coach Pat Hill is heading to the NFL.

Alex Marvez of reports that Hill has agreed in principle to become the Falcons’ new offensive line coach.

Hill spent 15 seasons at Fresno and built a solid program that went to 11 bowl games, although the team struggled recently and he was fired at the end of a 4-9 season in 2011.

This isn’t Hill’s first stint as an NFL offensive line coach; he previously coached the line for the Browns from 1992 to 1995 and the Ravens in 1996.

The Falcons fired offensive line coach Paul Boudreau after the season.

11 responses to “Pat Hill agrees to coach Falcons’ offensive line

  1. Unless “Matty Ice” (thanks espn) improves this is like throwing a rock into The Grand Canyon. It won’t matter!

  2. Wow – nice “get” for the Falcons.

    His coaching @ Fresno produced Logan Mankins for the Patriots; one of the best Guards in the NFL.

  3. Sorry but Logan walked on @ Fresno State. Credit Coach Simons from Clovis High. Hill failed to land any of the local talent the last 6 years and surrounded himself with third rate assistants.

  4. As a graduate of Clovis schools I must agree states line coach is pretty good. But hill was born to coach in the nfl. I am really happy to see him get a chance. My guess is the guy has a head job in 3-4 years if he so chooses.

    And the falcons have talent on the oline, perhaps with better coaching they will be a more solid unit

  5. He hasn’t coached a group of offensive linemen in 15 years! He hasn’t been a position coach for 15 years! This ain’t like riding a bike. Techniques,concepts, schemes have all changed a great deal since he was a coach in the league. Mike Smith is in serious territory here, because the franchise will be playing behind this line, and he ain’t no Big Ben.

  6. rdrs68 says:
    Jan 29, 2012 7:43 AM
    What about cut blocking?

    Right you are. The falcons cut blocking all together out of their play book this year.

  7. Congrats to the Falcons. Pat Hill is a hell of a coach. He’s excelled far beyond what anyone could have hoped for at Fresno St. and their limited resources. If he’s given the talent, he will produce.

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