Brandon Marshall is your Pro Bowl MVP


Brandon Marshall caught six touchdowns during the regular season. He caught four on Sunday during the Pro Bowl.

Marshall’s six-catch, 176 yard-yard performance keyed AFC’s 59-41 win over the NFC in a game that was just as wacky as the score indicates. Still, Marshall’s highlight reel made it worth it.

We’re not sure there’s any way to make the Pro Bowl more competitive. But it’s pretty odd that players for the winning AFC team will make more money from the Pro Bowl ($50,000 each) than the losing team of the Super Bowl.

UPDATE 1/30/12 6:57 a.m. ET:  Here are some highlights from the game.  It’s a relative term.

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  1. Why do they not have the skills-competitions like they used to, that was arguably more entertaining than the game itself. Whatever, not like I’m kicking myself over missing the Pro-Bowl even if the score was as ridiculous as it was.

  2. I’m a fan who is definitely not “too cool” to watch the PB. No, it’s not often a GREAT game but it’s football and it’s fun to watch some of the guys just cutting loose. This PB was by far one of the best ones I’ve watched. Lots of trickeration, some great effort (minus some of the first and 4th Q) and a game that was pretty back and forth for most of it.

    I also liked Rodney after the game tweaking TB by saying he trusts Eli more in the 4th Q. I’m sure he believes it, but he also knows it will get TB fired up. Thanks Rodney, you still know how to play that disrespect card you loved so much as a player. 🙂

  3. I wonder if Cam Newton mailed Matthew Stafford an “I’m sorry I wasted your roster spot” post card?!?!?

    WHAT A JOKE!!!


  4. It was a Pro Bowl defense, but that doesn’t take away from Brandon Marshall. If his head’s straight he dominates games.

    What would the score look like if they let Rodgers play the 1st half and Brees play the second? Cam didn’t belong – Stafford got hosed.

  5. The pro bowl…I watched paint dry and that was twice as exciting! Can we finally put the fork in the Pro Bowl and call it over and done with. Better yet lets do away with all star games in all sports. There nothing but a complete waste of time and for the most part are meaningless (MLB would the exception). Give Marshall his dinner at Golden Coral or whatever being “Pro Bowl MVP”, what a total and complete joke.

  6. I guess I’ll comment since this is the only story not about the Patriots!!! Is there another team playing in the Super Bowl??? MARSHALL IS A BEAST!!!!

  7. Starving for football knowing this season is just about done I decided to watch the prowbowl. And the NFL decides insult me by hiring a 12 year old pop kid to open the game. Does the NFL actually understand their fan base?

  8. Ahhh…the difference of having a Pro Bowl quarterback throwing you the ball.
    Well Dolphins, this shows you what you got. Now go get him a QB.

  9. You hear that Payton Manning, and the Miami Dolphins,what a great pickup that would be, but also The Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders and of course the New York Jets.

    I know this is about Brandon Marshal, but I couldn’t resist putting Payton Manning in this statement.

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    Has approved this message
    The “Boss of Bosses” has spoken

  10. that was a dandy of a highlight package… reminds me of ricky williams’ dolphins pro bowl appearance where he went nuts by running hard against a defense that just doesn’t give a damn.

  11. No highlight reel would make watching this game worth it. But congratulations Marshall, you finally lived up to your potential in an absolutely pointless game.

  12. One way to make the Pro Bowl more competitive: award the site (hosting city) of the Super Bowl to a city located within the winning conference of the Pro Bowl(AFC or NFC). Currently, the league awards future Super Bowls to cities on an alternating conference basis. Miami(AFC) two years ago, Dallas (NFC) last year, Indianapolis(AFC) this year, New Orleans(NFC) next year. Maybe players would have more incentive to win if future Super Bowls would be awarded to cities only located within the conference of the Pro Bowl winner. MLB does this with its All-Star game and the World Series.

  13. Dolphins fans have yet to witness the side of Brandon Marshall that will be unleashed because of this. Enjoy, while Broncos fans enjoy your other second round draft pick.

  14. They need to make the ProBowl more like Battle of the Network Stars and the QB passing competition.
    1) Events for the linemen like swimming and balance beam
    2) QB Accuracy, distance, velocity competitions
    3) Obstacle course for DB, WR, and RB
    4) A kick off accuracy&distance for Kickers and Punters accuracy into trash cans
    5) LBs and TE have an obstacle course with tackling dummies to block and push

    The AFC and the NFC get scored for the events a score and the highest score wins and is automatically given the choice in the Superbowl for coin toss.

    The current game is too much like flag football anyway. Let’s have some ‘Wipeout’ like competitions or Japanese game show competitions with these miliionaires (assuming if you are in the pro bowl you either are a millionaire or you will be).

  15. with the way goodell is protecting the offense eliminating hard hits, get used to watching the pro bowl every Sunday. that’s what goodell is turning the game into. all offense and hardly any defense.

    because that’s what goodell thinks the fans want…except they don’t. if you watched the game last night, fans started booing at the lack of defense. but I bet goodell didn’t hear them.

  16. Good job Brandon, finally you held on to all the balls.
    Hopefully you can do that next season, instead of dropping half of them. Nice car too for being MVP.

  17. Is this even football? Since this is now played *before* the superbowl (i.e. no superbowl players will be playing), can we just call it what it is “Loser Bowl”?

  18. I watched about two minutes before I almost threw up in my mouth. First NFC running play was so timid I thought they had whistled the play dead. Even the fans in the stands booed. It would be more entertaining if they broadcast instead the Pro Bowl players playing Madden head-to-head. In full uniform, of course, to prevent injuries.

  19. Regarding Brandon Marshall:

    I’m a huge Dolphin fan. In fact I’m a season ticket holder. Normally when a player on your team performs well at the ProBowl you feel a certain sense of pride. If a player on your team wins an award like the MVP of the ProBowl you’ve got legitimate bragging rights.

    In this case..I’m just sick! He didnt deserve to be their in the 1st place. He had the stats only because he whined like a 2 year old to get the ball and like any spoiled rotten kid they kept feeding it to him in spite of his weekly and costly drops.

    Brandon, wasnt representing the Miami Dolphins out their. He was only representing himself.

    He is a microcosim of everything that is wrong with sports today.

    Dear Jeff Ireland, Please ship that jerk out of Miami in a trade during this years draft. His stock will never be higher. Get Him Outa Here!!

  20. You can call it whatever you want but the fact is that everybody there received an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. In addition the players from the winning team received $50,000.00 each. All you got was the right to bash them here and you didn’t even get a tee shirt. Stay hungry my friend.

  21. dolphan13 says: Jan 30, 2012 8:44 AM

    He had the stats only because he whined like a 2 year old to get the ball and like any spoiled rotten kid they kept feeding it to him in spite of his weekly and costly drops.


    Um, source? This is the first I’m hearing of it.

  22. Managed to see a few “highlites” of this “game”. I was too busy cleaning out the garage to actually watch it. It looked like a “red shirt” practice going on with no pads at 1/2 speed. Glad I didn’t waste the DVR on that.

  23. Judging by some of the comments here, it appears some posters were expecting a hard-fought game. Why would anyone risk their career for $50k? Remember Robert Edwards (I’m aware he suffered his injury in a pre-event game on the beach). Any game that has Cam Newton rather than Matthew Stafford is a publicity-driven joke anyway.

    Where was Tebow? lol

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