Costas, Brady talk Super Bowl from the site of it

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At halftime of Sunday night’s Pro Bowl, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady visited with NBC’s Bob Costas from the floor of Lucas Oil Stadium.

If you missed it, you’ve got another chance to see it.

I liked the part where he said Rodney Harrison should have been MVP of Super Bowl XXXIX.  Brady may not have said that if he’d heard Rodney say during the Pro Bowl game that he trusts Eli Manning more than Tom Brady right now.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

5 responses to “Costas, Brady talk Super Bowl from the site of it

  1. He also suggested that Harrison lighten up on players and try remembering that he used to be one. And he said it’s a lot easier sitting on that side of the screen. No doubt.

  2. @arpy,

    I’m thinking that if you think TB looked like a clown that you missed what Spikes and Welker were wearing.

    @ Deb,
    I was actually surprised he said that being that Rodney was his teammate and he knows Rodney can’t “lighten up” about anything…EVER. His intensity has intensity. 😀

  3. arpy – wouldn’t you love to have 1/10 the money he probably spent on those threads? You are GREEN, dude.

    Settle in for a long week and then you’re gonna have to listen to him being humble when he wins his 4th Ring.

  4. Great story on the “Belistrator” by Jackie M. on “another major sports site” today. 6 days…! Getting closer…. actually happy for the SB bye week this time, so Bibi can massage out the kinks in Gronk’s ankle.

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