Pro Bowl draws 12.5 million viewers


It may be a glorified exhibition, but the Pro Bowl is still NFL football, which means it still draws big TV ratings.

Last night’s Pro Bowl got 12.5 million viewers for the AFC’s 59-41 victory over the NFC.

To put that in perspective, the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star game had 11 million viewers. Baseball’s All-Star game is usually treated as a great sporting tradition while the Pro Bowl is usually treated like a second-rate game of flag football, but in the end, more people watch football. At this point, the NFL isn’t capable of drawing anything other than strong TV ratings.

34 responses to “Pro Bowl draws 12.5 million viewers

  1. would of had about 16 million if Matthew Stafford was there instead of the turnover box cam newton!!!

  2. It’s rigged for the O, calling it flag football is a kindness. The D doesn’t even try, it’s a joke. I didn’t watch it, none of my friends bothered, it’s really bad football.

  3. There is absolutely no way that 12.5 million people etched any more than 15 minutes of the Pro Bowl. McCoy’s “walk to the line of scrimmage” and the lines playing patty cake was enough to make me turn it off after five minutes. Terrible TV.

  4. For the first time ever, I tuned in to the Pro Bowl. After watching O and D lineman play patty-cake with each other for about 10 minutes, I turned it off.

    Seriously – name the “all-star” players at the end of the year – give them that recognition. But please, just kill this silly, useless game.

    These guys are too valuable to risk injury, so I understand the half-speed attitude. It’s just silly to make them go through the motions. Might as well put flags on their hips.

  5. I know its an all star game, but the d linemen werent even trying. Literally standing up and not moving. After Revis allowed Fitz to catch that second TD I turned it off.

  6. Everyone realizes this game is a joke, but how does a QB who throws for 5,000+ yards in a season NOT get invited to play in this game???

    5,000 yards!!!

  7. The MLB All Star game is played in the middle of the summer, while the Pro Bowl is played in the dead of winter. You tell me which event is likely to attract more couch potatoes.

  8. Do you really expect anyone to believe 12.5 million people watched that trash they called football yesterday. Cut me a brake

  9. I watched about 2 minutes. Seeing the lines stand up and waltz after each snap, made me wonder why they even bother playing the game. I’ve seen powder puff football with more hitting and intensity. Just name a pro bowl team, cut them a check and be done with it. No one will bow out from the check.

  10. maybe 12.5 million viewers in the first 5 minutes…then it probably dropped down to like 5 after everyone realized the game was being played in super slow motion

  11. If Stafford had played, i would have watched something else. So i’m glad he didn’t play, it was a fun game to watch. Stafford would have been chasing Dalton back to the locker room all huffy about his strong handshake.

  12. Very nice to see Brandon Marshall CAN catch Touchdowns. Now how about doing it for the Dolphins! His praise of the Pro Bowl QBs was stupid. How about the fact that nobody covered you. I’m 50 and I could have thrown those.

  13. Bad as the Pro Bowl was this year, it’s still better than this year’s BCS Championship game. College football is a joke.

  14. Who? I hang with many hardcore football junkies and not one watch this mess. I have a hard time believing this is accurate.

  15. Why are the writers on this site so friggin obsessed with comparing the NFL to the MLB in every other article. Seriously, we get it. Football is more popular in American than baseball. Just because people follow the NFL, doesn’t mean they can’t follow the MLB as well. Let it go already.

  16. Pro football needs an all-star game just have it be anything but a football game. A golf tournament, baseball game, basketball game, monopoly. Have the stars compete. Just don’t let them play fake football.

  17. Hilarious.

    I am actually a baseball fan, not as much as football, but still.

    But how humiliating that a meaningless exhibition game that featured offensive and defensive lineman standing around with their hands on their hips while QBs waited for recievers to come open, and a QB attempting to drop kick an extra point would out rate the MLB All-Star game, which DETERMINES HOME FIELD FOR THE WORLD SERIES.

    Takes me back to the summer time, with all of the outrage about the lockout and all of the people on here angrily proclaiming that they were done with the NFL forever.

    How’d that work out for ya?

  18. In the beginning they were waltzing. With Cam Newton playing in the 4th quarter, the AFC linemen were really getting after him. There were a lot of big hits in the 4th quarter. Cam Newton was under constant pressure, and you could really tell the AFC wanted that extra 25k.

    ..but I guess you guys wouldn’t know since you only watched 15 minutes of the game.

  19. Joke as it might be, the Pro Bowl will continue to be played as long as they fill (or mostly fill) the stadium and they get the TV revenue. Its all about money for the NFL. On the other hand, they don’t want a star player getting a torn ACL in a meaningless game, hence the modified rules and lack of effort on the part of the players. Its a bigger sham than the preseason exhibition games. At least in those games, you’ve got rookies and bubble players seriously playing for a job.

  20. Yeah right, 12.5 million people turned on their TVs, realized the Superbowl is on next week and changed the channel. Sorry MLB, no one cares.

  21. Moving it to the ‘off’ week before the Super Bowl was a great idea. Plenty disagreed but, that’s two years in a row with respectable ratings.

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