Victor Cruz doesn’t want Super Bowl run to end


Of all the players we’ve seen at the Super Bowl so far, Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz seems the most grateful to be here. He’s not trying to hide what a magical run this has been for him personally.

He said he has to talk to a lot of teammates just to keep him sane.

“Just being here, seeing all of this is just amazing,” Cruz said. “Never in a million years did I think I’d play in the Super Bowl. It’s just been an amazing experience.”

Cruz even looked for guidance on the little things.

“My biggest thing, I didn’t know how to dress throughout the day. Did we have to wear a suit the whole time we’re here? Thank God we don’t,” Cruz said. “Just seeing all the pictures and banners around the hotel. I’ve already taken like 50 pictures. I want to soak it in. I don’t want it to end, but I know it has to at the end of this week.”

Cruz’s individual story this year is almost too good to be true. From Combine reject to Super Bowl star.

He appreciates every second of it. That makes him one of the most likable players here in Indianapolis.