Cam Newton still wants to be an entertainer

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When Cam Newton said before the draft that he wants to be an entertainer and an icon, it was viewed by many as an indication that he was more interested in becoming a celebrity than becoming a great football player.

But a year later, now that Newton has shown on the field that he’s capable of being a great football player, Newton isn’t backing down about wanting to be an entertainer. In an interview with ESPN’s Hannah Storm, Newton said that he goes into games hoping to entertain the fans.

“I thrive off knowing that people are coming to watch me play. That’s what I thrive off. That’s the entertainer in me. And when they come I’m trying to put on a show. Because it may be that person’s first time coming to watch me play, or it may be that person who said, ‘Cam isn’t what you all think he is,’ and then it may be by the end of the game, he said, ‘Man, Cam’s real.’ That’s why I do it.”

The way Newton played as a rookie was highly entertaining. Especially for Panthers fans.

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  1. Saw the interview. Good stuff. Enjoyed what Cam did last year. Became one of my favorite players because of all the BS before the draft. Do it again next year, entertain, play hard and win games. Just don’t get Rex Ryan-ish and become a blowhard and I’ll say again don’t get on the cover of madden!

  2. Same old Scam… it’s all about ME, ME, ME.

    Give up football and get a gig judging on X-Factor, Newton, if you want to be an entertainer.

    If you want to be an elite NFL quarterback, can the Superman act, quit whining and crying and putting a towel on your head when you’re losing, and start acting like a team leader.

    This guy’s never going to make it to the top if he doesn’t adjust that attitude of his.

  3. Everybody was hating on Cam when he got selected #1. Then he had the greatest season for a rookie QB ever, and everyone was on his jock. Then he has a bad probowl when NONE of his NFC teammates were even trying, and you haters come back out from under your rocks to rip him again. Y’all are a trip man.

  4. As a panthers fan I was entertained since preseason week one…I wanna see all the blown leads turn into wins and see a Playoff birth.. To see his attitude as a winning one, I hope someday more wins turns into a championship

  5. While confessing that Newton outplayed my pre-season opinion of his football acumen, and being happy for him, nevertheless it’s a very bad sign when a person refers to himself in the third person, as he does routinely. This bodes ill for his long-term success due to self-absorption. I sure hope I’m wrong again.

  6. Great football IS entertaining. We don’t need you to do a dance or anything theatrical. Just play ball. It’s getting obnoxious that the league and some of these players think they need to supplement football with extra-curricular activity to make it entertaining. The sport, itself, IS entertaining.

    Just. Play. Ball. And we ARE entertained.

  7. I have the full football package and watch my team every time they are on but I gotta admit the other team I followed was the Panthers because of Cam Newtwon. I watch them with Jimmy Clausen the year before and that was dreadful. Watching Cam bust off big runs, hit Steve Smith for the long bomb, his TE’s in stride was great. He had a couple of games where he looked like a rookie no doubt. They will be a team next year when they get those beast in the linebacking crop back and maybe draft a legit CB.

  8. I thought the whole “I want to be an entertainer” thing meant that he wanted to cameo in movies and maybe have a reality show or really crappy rap songs.

    If he really just means “I want to do awesome at football” then how is that different than every other player? Much to do about nothing? To me a guy like Jared Allen is an “entertainer” because he appears in shows, makes webcasts, and does all kinds of hilarious stuff not directly related to rushing the QB.

    Cam Newton is a good and somewhat flashy player but he’s done nothing really to be an “entertainer” other than play good.

  9. As a fan, I don’t watch games to be entertained by one player. I watch to see my TEAM win. That’s what Cam and some of these other ego-maniac players can’t seem to understand. People watch football so they can root for their team. Thier team represents their city. So in other words, fans root for their city (unless it’s a steeler fan, cuz none of them live in Pittsburgh)

    Some of these players have been coddled and showered with money all their lives, and it shows. Sure glad my team got Andy Dalton. He’s all about team, and that’s why the Bengals made the playoffs while Cam “the entertainer” sat at home.

  10. THE WORST performance by a QB I’ve ever seen at the Pro Bowl.

    He should publicly apologize to his Panther fans for acting a fool, instead of babbling to a reporter about being an entertainer.

    Couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn even with the sissy rules for that game, let alone tuck his shirt in. Too many Mai Tais at Dukes the night before?

    Stafford should have been there instead.

  11. Michael Jordan says that one of the things that motivated him most, night after night, was the thought that there could be someone in the stands that might never have another cance to see him play in person. He wanted them to see the best of Michael Jordan.

    Winning and entertaining are not mutually exclusive. If anyone thinks that Cam doesn’t care about winning, you are not paying attention. The guy takes losing HARD–so hard, in fact, that he’s going to need to learn to be a better loser.

    The guy is probably working out or watching film as I type this. He is driven, and I am very proud that Cam is a Panther.

  12. As a Panther fan, I love Newton and think he will be an All Pro quarterback, but I think there comes a time when you just stop trying to prove to people that you belong…You DO belong, Cam; you’ve proved it… Just play and don’t worry about entertaining or proving your critics wrong.

    I love his confidence and believe he might actually have Muhammad Alli or Michael Jordan qualities about the way he handles his craft, but like anything in life, maturation is the key to success… Having the likes of Ray Lewis as a mentor will help Newton control his desires to play ME football and instill TEAM football to his game.

    Cam has been THE man on every team he has ever been a part of…He now has to understand that every player on a professional team came from the same situation, where they were THE guy on their squad… If he combines his God given ability with some serious maturing and humility this kid has the ability to be one of the all time greats.

  13. Sad to say I was that guy Cam lol I went to your first pro game in AZ and thought you would struggle. I came out of that game thinking this kid IS THE REAL DEAL! LOL Scary Good

  14. Cam Cam Cam. He just can’t help himself. I felt bad for him at the Probowl. Him being boo’d off the field was crazy, and well deserved. He didn’t look like he belonged. Focus on being the best qb you can be and you will entertain. Focus on entertaining and well…. that’s a recipe for disaster. I hope he matures quickly and come back down to earth with the rest of his team and focus on a championship.

    Dalton doesn’t have the arm, but I’m glad Cinci looks to have moved on from the entertainers they’ve housed in the past.

  15. Stafford was probably entertained by Cam @ the Pro Bowl, throwing 3 INTs and showing he didn’t belong.

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