Jim Tressel heads back to college, but not to coach


Jim Tressel spent 2011 as a game day replay assistant with the Indianapolis Colts and was thought to be a candidate for their head coaching job before the team settled on Chuck Pagano.

Tressel won’t be sticking around for another year in the booth for the Colts. The former Ohio State head coach is headed back to the college ranks at the University of Akron. Tressel’s return to college is a but surprising since he was slapped with a show-cause penalty for the scandal that engulfed the Buckeyes before his departure. That means a school would need NCAA approval to hire him as a coach, but that’s not something Akron has to worry about.

Tressel announced at a press conference Thursday that he will be the vice president of strategic engagement at Akron. According to the school, the job responsibilities include interacting with alumni and the local community to help students succeed at the university. During the press conference, Tressel said that he thinks his on-field career is likely over and that he has no interest in coaching an NFL team.

“I cannot have day-to-day contact with the football team,” Tressel said, via the Columbus Dispatch. “But they don’t need another coach. I’ll have my hands full getting excited with the visions we have here.”