Sandman enters SportsTalk

We had a great week in Indianapolis, creating 16 total hours of NBC SportsTalk content and another five editions of PFT Live.  But no interview gives me more cred with 15-year-old Florio Jr. than the last one Russ Thaler and I did.

Adam Sandler joined the show to discuss his next film, That’s My Boy.  Also starring Andy Samberg, James Caan, Leighton Meester, Vanilla Ice, Rex Ryan (yes, Rex Ryan), Dan Patrick and the Danettes (yes, the Danettes), the movie opens Father’s Day weekend.

During the interview, Sandler conceded that the movie is a little “dirty.”  After the interview, Mrs. PFT told Sandler that, as a result, 15-year-old Florio Jr. won’t be permitted to see it.

I’ve got a feeling he’ll find a way.

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15 responses to “Sandman enters SportsTalk

  1. I feel sorry for your kid. first he has you as a dad then can’t go see a Adam Sandler movie? your wife must not know that your son is the target audience of most Samdler movies. don’t deprive the kid take him yourself.

  2. People still think Adam Sandler is funny? And I’m more surprised by vanilla ice being in the movie than Rex Ryan. It was only a matter of time till attention loving Rex got into movies.

  3. Why does Adam Sandler have to promote his movie?

    It could be him sitting next to Rob Schneider farting in a jar for 80 minutes*, and still gross $120 million domestically.

    *When this happens I demand a producer credit

  4. t16rich says:
    Feb 3, 2012 8:55 PM
    Happy Gilmore owns Dodgeball
    Only because he wore a Bruins sweater.

    “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

    Nothing in there about Bob Barker beating your ass.

  5. Adam Sandler was on the Rich Eisen Podcast a while back – I think in this movie Rex plays a die-hard Patriots fan – should be fun just to see that

  6. Andy Samberg = Adam Sandler 1.5

    Samberg started out looking, talking, and acting like Sandler. Hell, he probably even changed his name to match. What a total tool. A rich tool, but a tool nonetheless.

  7. Nothing could be less interesting from a football perspective as listening to the guy who starred in the movie “Jack & Jill.” Wait make that any perspective.

  8. Are you honestly promoting Adam Sandler movies on PFT now?! Saw this on my blackberry and came upstairs to get my computer for the sole purpose of commenting to tell ou this is ABSURD. Don’t go hollywood on is. Nobody that reads this wants to hear about Adam Sandlers new movie.

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