Stevie Johnson talks about the end of his endzone celebrations

Stevie Johnson joined Florio and Russ Thaler on NBC SportsTalk Friday to talk about the Bills season and his infamous touchdown celebrations.

I could tell you what he said, but then you might not watch the video below.

I can tell you that Florio told me after the interview that Johnson “smelled nice” but he didn’t ask what cologne Johnson was wearing. I am not making this up.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

17 responses to “Stevie Johnson talks about the end of his endzone celebrations

  1. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot after mocking someone for shooting themselve in the foot. Note to Stevie Johnson, a bit more like Fitzy and Megatron and less like TO and Ochocinco..

  2. I thought you actually had to CATCH the BALL to score a TD & do a dance
    Butterfingers, doesn’t back up his trash talk

  3. Any time I hear his name, my first thought is of his celebrated end zone drop in overtime a couple of seasons ago.

  4. Ohhhh, now I get it. When Stevie told his coach to step up in contract negotiations, I commented that it was hypocritcal to tell you coach to step up when you’ve repeatedly let him down. But my comment was censored umpteen times. Guess we’re not allowed to criticize players you guys are planning to interview 🙄

    Glad he’s finally decided to show some class on the field. But he will never be Larry Fitzgerald.

  5. I really hope he hits the open market. As a player, he is tremendous at what he does (despite “the” drop), & hopefully so I would love to see him in teal next year catching TD’s from Gabbert & giving his 2 thumbs up celebrations, although MOJO would most likely teach the kid a thing or 2 celebrating the “Eisen” way!!
    Good Luck Stevie

  6. I still don’t see a problem with endzone celebration and trash talk. If you are not physically harming a player outside of the parameters of the game, I could care less about some other player’s wounded psyche. Don’t wanna see a dance? Stop the TD. Don’t want to hear trash talk? Shove it back down the opponent’s throat. It makes the game more entertaining, as a spectator, when trash talk/celebration ramps the game up another notch. When TO stood in the star at Dallas, then Emmitt Smith scores and reclaims the star and all that ensued afterwards, made for one of the NFL’s greatest moments. Now everyone has to be likable? That certainly is not the way the real world is. Personalities clash and that makes life dynamic. Wussification of this sport/country continues.

  7. FYI – I am old school – I am an old fart and proud of it.

    I have been watching pro football for 50+ years and in MY time (old fart talk) anyone who acted like that would have been ‘disciplined’ by his own teammates.

    The baddest m-f who ever played was Jim Brown. He scored a hell of a lot of touchdowns and every time he did he would just hand the ball to the ref and head for the sideline.

    The message was clear – I’ve been here before and I’ll be back.

    If you want to celebrate, fine – just wait until you win the game.

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