Tom Coughlin likes how the Giants play with their backs to the wall


At his final public appearance before the Super Bowl, Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Friday morning that as he looks back on this season, he’s been impressed with the way his players have performed when the pressure was greatest — which sounds like a good sign that they’ll be ready to go on Sunday.

“We’ve had our backs to the wall,” Coughlin said. “Players have performed very well under that circumstance. Our leader, our quarterback, has been a very cool customer and has done very well late in the fourth quarters of many games this year and put us in a position where we might win.”

In another season, these Giants might not have even made the playoffs — plenty of nine-win teams have failed to qualify for the postseason. But in the NFC East in 2011, nine wins was enough, and Coughlin said that the Giants always believed they were in the title hunt.

“A big factor in our ability to win the division this year was knowing we were in contention through the good and the bad,” Coughlin said.

With just a couple days to go before the Super Bowl, Coughlin said he has a detailed plan heading into Sunday, and that he’ll “coach them right up to the kickoff.”

With Coughlin’s comments, the media appearances for both teams are over, and the countdown to kickoff can begin.

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  1. With Coughlin’s comments, the media appearances for both teams are over, and the countdown to kickoff can begin.

    So that means we won’t here from the Giants til preseason

    30 Pats

    24 other team because nobody remembers who lost

  2. Tom Coughlin likes how the Giants play with their backs to the wall


    The best part is when Tom starts talking about
    when he was stationed at the Alamo:

    “There we were, me and old Davy Crockett.
    Shoulder to shoulder and backs to the wall.
    ‘Davy’, I says to him…”

  3. Ugh, more “whoa is me/we’re the underdogs/ no one is giving us a chance to win” nonsense.

    Face it, EVERYONE is picking you to win on Sunday…why do you need to use the disrespect card?!?

    I hope the all the Giants whining becomes self-fulfilling and the Patriots destroy them.

  4. “Mr. Wright 212 says:Feb 3, 2012 9:52 AM

    The Giants are in good hands.”

    You were probably calling for Coughlin to be fired a few weeks ago too. IDIOT Gints fan.

  5. “With Coughlin’s comments, the media appearances for both teams are over, and the countdown to kickoff can begin.”

    thank god. this has been a long two weeks…

  6. Coughlin must be worried then. Considering Giants have been the media darling for two weeks, are the “best in the NFL” according to many talking heads and are being picked to win by a huge majority, their backs are hardly “against the wall.” Nice try at trying to play the whole underdog card.

  7. How are the Giants “backs to the wall” at this point?

    A bunch of them have predicted a win already. Some want to fight. Some are planning the parade?

    How exactly does that classify as underdog status?

    GO PATS! I don’t think it’s going to be close when all is said and done. Pats 30 – Giants 18.

  8. thelawfirm42 says:Feb 3, 2012 10:12 AM

    Will the giants have guys lay down and fake injury again when the pats no huddle has them against the wall?

    The question is: “Will the refs have the guts to call a penalty when they do?”

  9. I watched them build Giants stadium from my high school English class window. Later in life I used to be a season ticket holder for the Patriots. I don’t live in either area right now. From my perspective I see that the Giants have spent a lot of time trying to recreate their memories and routines of 2008, thinking it will be the key to winning again. They are sounding like the Jets, in that “say it and it will happen” type of thinking. The Giants are better than the Jets. I didn’t expect this, but the Giants sound as bad as the Jets. It comes from Coughlin all the way down. Coughlin isn’t nearly as bad as Ryan but overall, the teams are sounding similar. Coughlin already repeated his “Talk is cheap, play the game” comment at the Super Bowl (why do that Tom? That was so Jets game 2011. The Patriots are not the Jets) and is painfully trying to act like the loose Tom Coughlin from 2007-2008. It seems disingenuous. Same goes for the Giants defense. I really sense some anxiety coming out of the Giants side, even though Manning has been playing well and had some inexplicable good luck. I also sense things swinging toward the Patriots and I am not the only one. Some Giants pundits are starting to admit they are worried. They feel the same thing I’m feeling. It’s not partisan. The Patriots just seem to be aligned with the God force in the universe. Don’t hate. I’m just sayin’ the obvious.

  10. I must say as a die hard Giant fan, I am disgusted at the ‘boasting’ my team is doing. Now I feel like a Jet fan and I do not like it. I understand they fought to get here but they still have to play Brady and Belichick. I hope they win but if they don’t they should be embarrassed. And quite frankly, I’m shocked TC would let it get this bad. This is why a week off between the SB stinks.

  11. By da way we been talkn smack since da skins loss at home n we bakd it up ever since i wish we talkd more smack especially if we dominate da opponet nuthin wrong with smack talk if u imposin ya will on the opponent

  12. The giants are now officially the most annoying team in football. Rex will have a hard time being more annoying next season, but I wouldn’t rule him out yet.

  13. What’s wrong with a bunch of you? Did Coughlin go on here and enter his thoughts personally? Why don’t you look at the quotes, check out where they came from and find out who put them up. For starters who wrote this article? If you don’t like hearing about the Giants talk to the people that quote them. Man, you can’t say anything without babies crying.

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