Giants won’t move out of downtown madness


The weekend has arrived in Indianapolis, and the crowds have swelled to nearly unmanageable numbers.

To put it in perspective, there is security with hundreds of fans just waiting to see who walks inside . . . the media hotel. The Giants are only two blocks away, right in the middle of the madness. And they aren’t moving anywhere.

“I don’t know why there’s a lot of concern about us being where we are,” Tom Coughlin said yesterday via the New York Post. “We’re isolated, and the second floor is completely secured for our players and our personnel. Our floors are off-limits to everybody, and they’re well-secured.

“There is a great build-up to this game, and there are more people in the street than I can ever remember, which reminds you of what an exciting time this is for this great city and people who are coming to the game,’’ Coughlin said. “I think it’s just a part of it. I don’t have any problems or fear of that.”

Coughlin said those comments Friday morning. The streets of Indianapolis were much much crazier Friday night than anytime before during Super Bowl week. It was amateur hour. Thousands of wasted fans, most of which made me look old, bounced around the city in a massive mob, taking full advantage of the open container laws.  I haven’t seen anything like it in a Super Bowl city.

Forget the Giants moving. There’s no way any player would want to step outside their building because they would be swarmed.

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  1. Indy knows how to host big events. They have been doing it forever.

    It started with the 500. Next the Pan Am games that went off without a hitch and had great attendance and volunteer participation. Then the NCAA BB Championship that is now on a permanent five year rotation in Indy.

    Now the Super Bowl is being hosted and every talks about how awesome Indy is as a host. Sure the weather has helped out this year, but there is something about having everything right downtown and in easy walking distance that makes this one the best ever – by far. Even the media likes that they don’t have to drive 45 minutes in every direction to attend an event. I never would have thought that Indy would host a Super Bowl…now I think they may get another one….is a permanent spot in the rotation a possibility?

  2. I think cities with downtown stadiums should always be in consideration simply because everything is so easily accessible and the atmosphere is much more electric.

    Unfortunately some of the best stadiums and/or warmest locations simply have nothing but parking lots and sprawl around them: Cowboys, Cardinals, Chargers, Dolphins…

    Let’s see a few more Super Bowls in denser areas with more to do. Detroit had their chance. Indy’s getting theirs. If the Vikings stay downtown and get their retractable roof, I see them getting one. Being in a cold weather/small market should not prevent you from holding this event if you have enough going for you.

  3. Under rated city. Been there many times on business. People couldn’t have been nicer.

    One night I flew into town for an emergency meeting and I didn’t have a room. I was sitting at a bar near Conseco (can’t remember the name of the bar but it was inside the harness factory lofts). I mentioned to the bartender that I didn’t have anywhere to stay and in 5 minutes four different people were calling hotels looking to see who had a room available. I’ll never forget that.

    Anyway, I knew they would be a great host city. I wish I could have gone.

  4. I’ve had the displeasure of visiting Indy a couple times on business. Hard to find a more boring, depressing place to visit. People are nice enough…it’s just nowheresville…big time.

    That said, give me a crowd, open container & some music & I could have a blast in an open field. I guess you can put lipstick on a pig after all…at least for a week anyway. Then it’s back to being the same old awful place it usually is…

  5. I find it funny that people from Baltimore (or at least Ravens fans) are making fun of Indy.

    I travel all over and have spent time in every major city, and I can’t think of many that are more dreary and uninspiring than Baltimore.

    All of the so-called “hot spots” are over rated tourist traps, led by the plastic and ridiculous Inner Harbor, which is completely deserted after 9 pm during the week once the tourists waddle back to their hotels- unless there’s a Orioles game, in which case the 15,000 “die hard” fans will spend a little more time down there drowning their sorrows after another loss.

    Of course there’s always Fells Point and Canton, where you can spend waaaaayyyyy too much money on a tiny house and pretend you live somewhere that matters.

  6. @realitypolice

    I’ve spent most of my life in Indy. Born here, raised here, moved away for a couple of years when I was in middle school and then moved back. Indy is boring. There’s not much to do or to see especially if you don’t like racing. the Pacers suck, I don’t like the Colts and never have, no one cares about our minor league baseball and hockey teams or our WNBA team. There’s not much to do here. Not much interesting history or culture. The only thing that there really is to do is get drunk and wish that you were somewhere else. Sure it’s a great city if you’re just here for a weekend or a short business trip, but when you live here it’s really boring. Once I graduate from college I’m definitely moving out of here.

  7. @reality police – your comments reveal you to either not have been in Baltimore for about 20 years, or you’re simply too ignorant to find your way out of the tourist traps. At least we have tourist traps because we at least have enough character (almost none of which you would find in the cliche areas you identify) to have tourists…Indy doesn’t even have that! Sorry dude, but you just can handle the truth. Baltimore is loved by those that call it home for a reason…it’s far from the greatest city, but boring & non-descript it ain’t…

  8. Funny…I moved to Indy for a job after college and have loved it. And I have been to nearly every major city in the States…and Europe twice. I always live coming back home. And there is plenty to do in Indy. If u cant find it that is your fault. Indy 500, Indianapolis Art Museum, Broad Ripple, Mass Ave., White River State park, Zoo, a mall downtown, Victory Field (yeah it is AAA baseball but a cheap night out and fun)…need I go on? Indy is a great place to live. mswravens sounds bitter…entertainment to Baltimore residents is dodging bullets from the nightly shootings in one of the worst crime ridden cities in the country…rotting at the core. Indy has problems but nothing like Baltimore. Sorry we took your team 25 years ago bc you didnt give two craps about them…Now we take your defensive coordinator. Ouch. And we are hosting the Super Bowl…something Baltimore will never do. And nice anti Indy slant…PFT. “Amatuer hour?” really? a few minor injuries and 3 arrests from a crowd of 150k? And the city has already made changes to help prevent a repeat of last night…not bad for Indy’s first time…funny how most major media has given Indy glowing reviews…

  9. Realitypolice: that bar is simply known as The Pub…big hangout before and after Pacers games…glad to know you were helped…thats how we do it here.

  10. @cmgww

    Don’t like racing. Been to the art museum, the zoo, and white river state park way too many times. They’re not really exciting any more after you go to one of those places every single year for a school field trip growing up and they weren’t really that exciting the first time. Well the zoo was really cool the first time, but I was 5 so there’s that. Broad Ripple is pretty cool. Never cared for Mass. Ave. but that could just be me. In the end a mall, a crappy museum, an ok zoo, a park, some bars , and a couple of crappy minor league teams aren’t anything really special or exciting. The only thing that I’ll miss once I move to Baltimore or where ever is Shappiros Deli. And I’ll be sure to take my bullet proof vest.

  11. if you like Indy that’s cool. But I’m a senior in college. I don’t know anyone my age who wants to stay in Indy and they ALL say the same thing. It’s boring and there isn’t anything special about Indy, unless (like I’ve mentioned a couple of times) you like racing, which I do not. Now all I did was state my opinion. I did not criticize or say anything untrue. All I said was that Indy is a boring place to live, and in my opinion it is. Some people may like it but I do not. Now if you want to call me a “bottomfeeder slug” thats cool, but all I did was state my opinion on the matter after having lived in the city we are talking about for 20 years. I would think that would give me a better perspective than most people on here, but maybe I’m just crazy.

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