Philip Rivers happy that Chargers kept Norv Turner

On any normal NBC SportsTalk episode, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers would be the headliner.

On Friday’s show, he was one of many big names that joined Florio on the set. Rivers talked about the continuity in San Diego and being a finalist for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

That award will be given out on Saturday night on NBC. In the meantime, you can watch Rivers’ interview below.

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16 responses to “Philip Rivers happy that Chargers kept Norv Turner

  1. I don’t buy it for a second. Turner is the reason this very talented team has not gotten over the hump. This rant by Rivers is just a big bag of excuse making.

  2. Philip Rivers is one of the the primary reasons Norv Turner is still head coach of the Chargers. It’s no secret that he openly advocated for Norv to the Spanos family. I appreciate that kind of player loyalty, and is one of the reasons I agree with Dean Spanos’ decision to retain Norv for 2012.

  3. sure be is because Turner is t the type to actually demand more out of his players especially the QB.Any other coach woe be working them like dogs for their past lackluster performances.You think a Bill Cowher or Belichick coached team would have had any slumps like they do every year?The Chargers seem to be ok with just being above average and never getting to the next level.

  4. I’m a Raider fan have been since the 60ty’s but I’m also a big NFL fan, I agree with River on this Norv is good coach firing a coach ever other year and the Raiders case ever year make it hard for the players to know the plays as good as they should , it like moving into a new house ever other month do you know where ever light switch is right away I don’t think so, I’m glad that Allen got 4 year contract. Look at the team that have stay with the same coach over the years Pitburge you don’t see them going 4-12 very often and Norv hasn”t either. find players that want to win play as a team not being a Diva. Injury has a big part of it also free agents. The Nfl has change big time from the 60ty’s. Allot of oweners mine are still in the 60-70 free agent has change the NFL. so yes look at the Gaints everyone wanted the coach fired just about ever year and look where their at now, so it not always the coach fault. There are coach in the NFL that are only good at being coordinators and Norv may be just one of those coachs.

  5. Fans from other teams think there is such a bounty of talent on the Chargers and that Norv wasted that talent and messed it up.

    Most Charger fans know that despite the presence of a few stars, the talent level is just “okay” overall and actually weak in some spots. It makes sense to let Norv have another chance to see what he can do with an improved roster.

  6. reason they kept norv also accoriding to is they inquired about cowher, and other coaches and they didnt want to work with aj smith! i think next year will be a year where alot of coaches decide to coach again..and if the chargers falter norv will be gone along with aj smith opening the door!! i tend to agree in the above comment as i see it the same way! where coughling was almost fired in NY ,they kept him then the next year they upset the pats in 07 superbowl.. rumors of him being fired again and he’s in the superbowl again!! lol he may not be popular but any team would love to be in 2 superbowls under a coach they dont like!

  7. Everyone is missing the point, here………Yes, Norv Turner needs to be a better coach, but the REAL problem with the Chargers is AJ Smiths lack of spotting/drafting NFL quality players, his philosophy of not signing free agents that are in their prime, and letting quality players go. ie: Drew Brees, Michael Turner, Wes Welker, and the list goes on. If Smith was even remote capable of spotting talent, why do the Charges need (a) two quality CB, two starting LB, a defensive rush and middle, offensive line depth and another quality (3rd) running back. No….this team is in this condition because of AJ Smith, Dean Spanos for “not liking confrontation” to make a change at GM and HC, and Norv Turner for not being creative on the offense, and doing something other than run on 1st down. When Spanos decides to create a superbowl team, instead of crossing his fingers, than we will see change. If he doesn’t see still see $125 ticket prices.

  8. Spanos is ultra cheap and didn’t see an awesome candidate out there.
    No coach with dignity would accept working with a douche like A.J. Smith.

    Seriously…did they think Mike Zimmer would come in and fix everything? No offense to Zimmer.

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