Titans sign Lavelle Hawkins to multi-year deal


The Tennessee Titans are back at work re-signing players who were slated to become free agents.

Today’s news is that wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins has signed a multi-year deal with Tennessee. The contract was announced by the Titans, but terms were not disclosed.

Hawkins, the Titans’ fourth-round pick in 2008, had 47 catches for 470 yards and one touchdown in 2011.

The Titans have previously announced deals with tight end Craig Stevens and offensive tackle Mike Otto, both of whom were also going to become free agents on March 13.

12 responses to “Titans sign Lavelle Hawkins to multi-year deal

  1. Good for Hawk. He’s a good and dependable receiver with fantastic hands. He doesn’t have the top end speed, but is certainly fast enough to get that extra step.

  2. Finnegan wants to be a Bengal where he can play opposite Leon Hall and form one of the best cb duos in the league. Plus the first round cb we get with the 17th (thanks Raiders) or 21st pick. Janoris Jenkins or the Denard kid would be nice.

  3. honestly i like what the FO is doing right now signing all the little fries so they can calculate cap room and offer Finnegan a better number i’m thinking at least 9mil a year Griff can take a walk That dude has all the physical attributes you look for but his head is what screws him up..

    any way GO TITANS

  4. I beg to differ with many of my fellow Titans fans–Finnegan and Griffin used to be gamers, but the past few years they’ve been suspect. (Disclaimer: To some degree, Finnegan seemed to make somewhat of turn for the better last season, but I’m not convinced.) Griffin used to absolutely rock anyone and everyone he could get his pads on. Now? He hasn’t been the same same since Mark Sanchez (yes, THAT Mark Sanchez) took him head on at the goal line and disposed of him a few years ago. These days Griffin reminds me more of Deion Sanders when it comes to hitting. Hawkins, meanwhile, started to emerge.

  5. Stevincinci- “plus the first round cb with the 17th (thanks raiders)”…… Really?? One of those great draft picks u guys always come up with?? He’ll be in jail by the end of his rookie season!!!!

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