PFT Live: Steelers talk with Joe Starkey

PFT Live is back on Monday. And it’s actually live.

Florio welcomes Joe Starkey from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review to go over the latest with Hines Ward, Todd Haley, and the gang in Pittsburgh.

I will also join the show to talk about Randy Moss, Peyton Manning, and anything else Florio wants to surprise me with.

Watch the show live right here at noon.

3 responses to “PFT Live: Steelers talk with Joe Starkey

  1. Sounds like Ben is blaming his WR’s for his laziness.

    He doesn’t want to learn a new offense. He doesn’t want change. He doesn’t want Hailey, He doesn’t like the fact that ownership says he needs to tweak his game, He sounds like a crybaby.

  2. Have never had a problem watching PFT Live before, but have hit that download button and downloaded whatever it is 10 times and still can’t get anything to play. Who has time for this nonsense? I’m with mitchitized: FAIL.

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