Starkey talks about power struggle between Steelers, Roethlisberger

Joe Starkey of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review joined PFT Live on Monday to elaborate on an excellent column delving into the current tug-o-war unfolding between the Steelers and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Between firing/”retiring” Ben’s good friend Bruce Arians and hiring Todd Haley, Ben may not be thrilled with the current state of things in Pittsburgh.

As Starkey points out during the interview, Roethlisberger timed his first interview of the offseason to coincide with the same hour that Haley was introduced, and Roethlisberger’s assessment of Haley’s arrival was lukewarm at best.

Though Starkey believes coach Mike Tomlin made the decision to hire Haley, the bigger question moving forward is whether and to what extent Roethlisberger will embrace it.  If he doesn’t, things could get awkward in Pittsburgh.

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20 responses to “Starkey talks about power struggle between Steelers, Roethlisberger

  1. Looks like some in that org are stuck in the football stone age.

    When was the last time a run first team won the Super Bowl?

    Get with the times!

  2. he has two choices. Suck it up and learn a new system or retire.

    My bet is that he is going to suck it up and learn the new system. Ben is not that important to the team.

  3. Maybe if you keep talking about a power struggle, maybe people will actually start thinking that there is one.

  4. Don’t listen to Joe Starkey, he has ZERO credibility.
    I once heard him say that a pitcher’s control has nothing to do with mechanics. Meanwhile, anyone who knows anything about baseball knows that control is ALL about mechanics. and this guy gets paid to babble about sports?

    [There are two times in my life that something I heard on the radio almost made me drive off the rode: When it was reported that Magic Johnson was HIV+, and that moronic statement from Joe Starkey.]

  5. I am sure there are a multitude of workers in the US that would love to pick and choose their bosses, so Big Ben should take his $11,000,000, shut his yap and just play football.

  6. There is no power struggle. Ben is the QB but has now power or bragainign position. Haley will be `100 times better than the idiot in Arians, and Ben will get it. Manning and or Lucl are the ones that are screwed with Screen Pass Arians coming to Colt-Ville. Arians is the master of running on 2nd and long and throwing to a 5 yard receiver when you need 14 yards. Ben thinks he will moss Arians, but you never really miss your 3rd grade teacher, you just tell him or her you do.

  7. @nebster21

    I was with you until you said that Roethlisberger is not that important to the team. Are you kidding me? He’s a top 5 or 6 quarterback in the league and his backups were Charlie Batch and Dennis Dixon. That’s pretty much the definition of important.

    This team will be fine. Media these days is out of hand. Roethlisberger will play well in this system. It will be more balanced than in previous years which might actually HELP his numbers, believe it or not.

    And I agree on Starkey. Not exactly the most highly respected radio/print guy in Pittsburgh. Just trying to create a fire, that’s all.

  8. Looks like some in that org are stuck in the football stone age.

    When was the last time a run first team won the Super Bowl?

    Get with the times!

    Super Bowl XL and XLV come to mind… Yup, the Steelers were still developing the passing game, especially in XL, and were a run-first team. The XLV team was a little more balanced, but still a little run-heavy.

    A run-first offense is really based more around a great defense, not the offense. That is something the Steelers have and will have for years to come, as their second string D-line is set to take over for the aging Smith and Hampton. Keisel still has three good years left in him.

    Anyways, who says they will go run first? I think they are shooting fir a more balanced approach and Haley would be stupid to not exploit the talents of the three young WRs (Wallace, Brown and Sanders) with a sprinkle of Cotchery.

    With Arians, he was way too pass-heavy once he got those new toys. He simply overdid it and teams learned his offense near the middle of the season. I see the “O” having a 45/55 run-to-pass percentage next year and being tops in the league overall.

  9. Batch & Dixon were 3-1 when the team didn’t have big ben.

    Steelers went to a superbowl with that larry brown throwing magnet, been to a ton of conference title games with Tommy Maddox and Kordell Stewart…

    If anything, ben should be thanking his lucky stars that he’s part of a great consistent organization that knows football, guys like Jay Cutler /or Alex Smith would kill to be in his shoes.

  10. The league may have gone to a more pass oriented style, but the RB position is still key in killing the clock and time management. The feature back type O no longer exists, but the dual back system does.

    As for BR, he needs to realize his position on the team as far as being a player within a system. BA ran his system while he had no sense of situational playcalling at peak moments.

    While I question the hiring of Haley, his 2010 Chief’s team with Charlie Weis as OC … was actually balanced. The team did win their division.

  11. Starkey has said there’s no power struggle between Tomlin and the Rooneys. I’ll agree that Ben’s pouting. But if he ever thinks he’s going into a power struggle with the Rooneys, someone needs to hand him an organizational depth chart and Peyton Manning’s phone number.

  12. Deb, I have to tell you how much I appreciate your comments on the whole, not to mention the way you handle the Steeler haters. I am sure that you have noticed as I have that many of our Steeler compatriots are not as lucid and even handed as you have shown to be,

  13. axespray says:
    Feb 13, 2012 6:10 PM

    Batch & Dixon were 3-1 when the team didn’t have big ben.


    And the offensive was pitiful in those 4 games. Are you really that delusional to think either could replace Roethlisberger? There’s a reason that the Steelers came close for many years before they could finally win another SB– they lacked a QB of Roethlisberger’s caliber.

    It’s mind boggling and extremely frustrating to know that there is a minority of Steelers fans that truly believe that Roethlisberger is not a great QB.

  14. @northsidesteel …

    Thank you so much. I love the team but try to be realistic.

    @nickster2k …

    I often criticize Ben’s attitude, behavior, and work ethic. But I remember every agonizing season between 1983 and 2004. People who don’t realize what Roethlisberger brings to this team don’t understand the role of the quarterback in professional football. They will–when he retires.

    In the Super Bowl era, only San Francisco and Green Bay have been fortunate enough to replace championship quarterbacks with championship quarterbacks. The odds of us being able to do that are slim. That’s why we need someone like Haley to push Ben to his full Canton potential … while there’s still time.

  15. Too bad the Rams don’t need a QB.

    If I ran the Squealers, I’d trade old Tastelessberger
    and Pittsburgh’s first pick to St. Louis for
    their first pick and then take RG3.

    Heck, I’d even send them another pick if I had to.
    Anything to get that diva/PR nightmare outta town.
    If I was a fan of that team, I’d want him gone.
    Just look at all the shame he’s brought to the team…

  16. @quitsburghstoolers …

    Yes, with a username like that, I’m sure any action you’d take would be in the best interest of our team. 🙄

  17. cup1981 says:
    Feb 13, 2012 6:04 PM

    Super Bowl XL and XLV come to mind… Yup, the Steelers were still developing the passing game, especially in XL, and were a run-first team. The XLV team was a little more balanced, but still a little run-heavy.

    I invite you to look up the TOTAL contribution made by Steeler running backs during BOTH playoff runs. It comes to basically ONE big run in Super Bowl XL.

    The Rooneys aren’t dumb. They know that “run first/defense” is fine for the regular season week 3 vs. Cleveland, but won’t cut it come playoff time when the better teams shut down your run. Roethlisberger was the missing piece of the franchise QB playoff passing puzzle — and make no mistake about it, playoff runs are won by passing, not running and not even so much defense.

    Again — Cowher tried it for 15 years before Ben, with defenses that were WAY better and an o-line that was superior to anything Ben ever had. He tried it with O’Donnell, he tried it with Kordell, he tried it with Maddox. Nothing worked til Ben came alone, then boom! Two rings in four years. Anyone who thinks that’s a coincidence is smoking some heavy-duty weed.

    The Rooneys aren’t dumb. They know what wins championships. Say what you want even about this year, Roethlisberger had the Ravens beaten late until the defense blew it… he did his part. Win that one, the playoffs are different. Get him an o-line that won’t get him crippled, and things are even better.

    I’m all for Haley btw, because the Arians/Ben relationship had gotten too chummy. Arians never put together game plans to exploit the other team’s weaknesses — anything will be an improvement. Hey, I don’t care if Ben and Haley scream at each other on the sidelines weekly — so did Simms and Parcells. You don’t have to be golf buddies to work together and succeed.

    Power struggle? In the end the franchise QB will always win. And anyone who doesn’t recognize what a franchise stud Ben is, is a numbskull. Fact is, what he does with this pathetic excuse for an o-line is beyond excellent… Brady and Rodgers would FAIL with lines like that.

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