Fisher, Whisenhunt, Murphy added to Competition Committee


Rams coach Jeff Fisher, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt and Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy have been added to the NFL’s Competition Committee.

Fisher was the co-chair of the committee from 2002 to 2010, while he was head coach of the Titans. He stepped away from the NFL for a year in 2011 but is now back in the NFL and back on the committee. He will apparently not be resuming the position of co-chair, however; Falcons G.M. Rich McKay is now listed as the sole chairman of the committee.

Whisenhunt has served on the coaches’ subcommittee of the Competition Committee, which advises the full committee on the viewpoints of NFL coaches. Murphy was an NFL player for eight seasons before going into management.

In addition to McKay, Fisher, Whisenhunt and Murphy, the members of the Competition Committee are Dallas’s Stephen Jones, Cincinnati’s Marvin Lewis, the Giants’ John Mara, Baltimore’s Ozzie Newsome and Houston’s Rick Smith.

8 responses to “Fisher, Whisenhunt, Murphy added to Competition Committee

  1. First order of business: You actually came up with an overtime rule that’s fair to both teams, then only applied it to playoff games. Immediately enact the rule to apply to all regular season games , starting with 2012.

  2. Nikhil Balakumar says:Feb 14, 2012 3:43 PM

    rules have limited so much of what players can do, 1st order of business.
    1)change the kickoff rule back to normal
    2)stop protecting the QB so much
    3)bring back celebrations


    the kickoff rule was oringally where its at now. tough to hear i know. Ask the Lions kicker, it was at the 35 when he was a rookie, saw it change, and now back to the 35.

    i agree about the QB comment

    and not all celebrations are celebrated equally…

  3. The Packers’ Mark Murphy is getting a lot of important assignments with the NFL. He is rising star and becoming a big power broker in NFL circles. Last year it was CBA negotiator.

  4. Just glad Napolian is gone. He won’t be able to twist all the defensive rules around to accommodate the Colts anymore.

  5. Defensive PI needs to be a 10 yard penalty at worst. No more hucking up the ball 50 yards and hoping some ref feels like extending the game a bit and calls PI.

    They’ve GOT to get some leverage back to the D side of the ball. I enjoy watching a good CB/WR battle much more than what we’ve had.

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