Irsay, Manning drama continues

In Segment 1 of PFT Live, Mike Florio talks Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning drama, the Cowboys not being interested in an unretired Randy Moss and Tony Romo taking away time from improving as a quarterback to play golf.

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3 responses to “Irsay, Manning drama continues

  1. Come on now, you guys know the reason the Cowboys didn’t make the playoffs was not Romo’s play. Any other QB in the league throws for 30 TDs and less than 10 INTs, nobody says a word about what he does during his time off.

  2. I would never say that Romo is a bad QB, he is not. But he makes bad decesions at critical times and some of the most unexplainable interceptions that some times looks like he does it for a reason. No I don’t think hes gambling but what ever he is, he is never going to be Payton Manning. Even at the end of his carreer. If Jones has a chance to get him for even 2 or 3 years it would be worth it to lose Romo!

  3. After reading this post again I have to wonder how much Irsay is paying for this publication! He seems to keep saying he wants to keep things private, but keeps putting this stuff out

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