Seahawks add Marquand Manuel, Kenechi Udeze as coaches

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The Seahawks announced on Tuesday four new coaching arrivals.  The quartet includes a pair of former NFL players.

Former safety Marquand Manuel, who played for Seattle among other teams, will serve as assistant special teams coach, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times.  Former defensive end Kenechi Udeze, a first-round pick of the Vikings in 2004 who later battled leukemia, has been hired as a coaching intern.  Udeze will work with the defensive line.  He played at USC for Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

Also, Keith Carter has joined the team as quality control coach for the offense.  John Glenn will work as a coaching assistant.

Finally, the Seahawks announced that V.P. of player personnel Will Lewis will not be back.  The 12-year member of the team’s front office had one year left on his contract.

8 responses to “Seahawks add Marquand Manuel, Kenechi Udeze as coaches

  1. Good to see Udeze land on his feet. Always seemd (from a distance; don’t follow the Vikings) like a solid guy who got totally hosed by circumstance. Cancer is an evil bitch.

  2. Glad to see Udeze is doing well and a part of football in one way or another. It’s to bad his career was cut short because of Leukemia. It’s just another one of those bad things you wouldn’t wish upon anyone. It’s such a good thing to see that he’s winning his battle with it, and able to enjoy football yet. He was always a stand up person.

  3. As a USC fan it was definitely demoralizing when the news broke about Kenechi Udeze. Such a young person and great person too. Thankfully Peter Carroll loves to give back to his former players and this will hopfully set up a bright future for Udeze.

  4. I wish him the best as well, but its not fair to target the NFL for disability payments, or to pretend they are somehow responsible.

    The reality is that while cancer is a nasty illness, it isn’t incapacitating until the later stages. I’ve had several family members die from it, and all of them lived with it while fully functioning for years. Meaning, Udeze is not disabled – he’s still a fully functioning person able to hold down employment in many other fields.

    The NFL is a business, not a charity, and as long as he has the ability to earn a living then by definition alone the NFL shouldn’t be held accountable.

    The NFL already offers Severance Pay and other savings plans to players:

    Under the Severance Pay Plan, if a player is released by a team and has two or more credited seasons in the league, he will receive termination pay of $12,500 per credited season. Under the NFL Player Annuity Program, a player with four or more credited seasons in the league is eligible to receive a $65,000 annuity program contribution from which he can begin receiving annual distributions at the age of 35, or five years after his last credited season in the league (whichever is later).

    I think $65,000 annually for 4 years of service is a hell of a deal.

  5. Umm, $65k anuity (total, not per year) isn’t that much considering the broken body you are left with and the average length of an NFL carreer.

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