Who’s to blame for Super Bowl loss?

In segment 2 of PFT Live, Mike Florio talks with CSN New England’s Tom Curran about the mood around the Patriots after losing in Super Bowl XLVI and some of the key plays that should have been executed to win the game. Curran also answers whether he believes Randy Moss will be a Patriot again.
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3 responses to “Who’s to blame for Super Bowl loss?

  1. Hey Tom, losing Super Bowls really sucks but this story is now 10 days old, we’re in the midst of Super LINtendo, the Red Sox are reporting to Ft. Myers and Patriots fans have moved on.

  2. This guy sounds like a total Patriots homer, making excuses for plays the Pats didn’t make, and how they “should have” won. Wow, get over it already. The Giants made the plays the Patriots didn’t make, and the Giants won because of it. End of Story.

  3. Curran is right about the Welker drop. It was a tough catch but catch-able. There are always a number of things to point to in a close game like this, any one of which could have changed the outcome. The biggest reason to me is the redundant theme of a D that can’t get the game winning stop.

    But going in, when your greatest weapon is lame you’re fortunate to have a shot at the win.

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