Peyton can’t be pleased with latest “report”


Lost in Wednesday’s report regarding a previously unknown fourth “procedure” on the neck of Peyton Manning and the possibility that he’ll need yet another “procedure” to clean out bone spurs is the timing of the news.

The item from Don Banks of came only a day after Colts owner Jim Irsay backed Peyton into a corner on the simple question of whether Peyton wants to remain with the team.  Since it’s unlikely that Peyton’s camp would be putting out information regarding the true nature of his overall health condition, Peyton easily will suspect that the Colts leaked the details to Banks in the hopes of demonstrating the basis for not wanting to pay him another $28 million on March 8.

That was the subject of one of the items discussed during today’s PFT Live, which included a fairly simple yet obvious example of how an owner who actively uses Twitter to respond to reports with which he disagrees can be a problem when the owner opts for silence in response to a fairly significant nugget of news.

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  1. I agree Manning can’t be thrilled that his medical history is being “leaked” but the reality is they are both getting what they want. Manning wants out of Indi because the Colts are a mess. Irsay wants him gone because he wants to draft his new toy. They are both getting what they want they are just both worried about the PR hit. Irsay made his case as to why he is not paying him (injury), Manning won’t look like the bad guy when he goes somewhere else and dominates. I doubt Manning isn’t pleased.

  2. Just watching Peyton work makes a game exciting. I hope he gets back.

    If he is smart, he will move on (assuming they release him). Not only are the Irsays bumblers, but that team is disintegrating to the point that even Payton can’t make it a winner. He would be much better off working his magic on another team.

    So, is he arrogant? Maybe. Has he earned it? Yes. Shut up!

  3. I’m not an Irsay fan at all, but he paid a lot of money to Manning in 2011 with the understanding that in all probability he would not play. Give him credit for that.

    I am a Manning fan, but the Manning’s have clearly demonstrated over a long period of time that they are quite familiar with and willing to use the Manning P.R. machine to get their way (see; Manning Eli, San Diego/NYG) and bolster their image. In my opinion it is very reasonable for Irsay to not want to sit back and be portrayed as the bad guy here. Whether he is accomplishing that by his methods is far less clear though.

  4. Want another reason to dislike Jim Irsay? He owns Jerry Garcia’s Tiger guitar. Jerry had tried to will it to the guitar’s builder Doug Irwin but lawyers argued all Jerry’s guitars were owned by the band and therefore GDProductions. They won and the guitars were sold at auction with Irsay getting the winning bid on Tiger for $850,000.

  5. Say what you want about Irsay, the man hasn’t been afraid to attach his name to anything. Makes me think Polian might have been the source for the Banks story

  6. This probably came from the Irsay camp … where they seem bent on destroying their relationship with Peyton for some reason.

    I don’t know why he can’t just say we’re moving on … we love the guy … but it’s a business. And then release him.

    He’s not looking good with this negative publicity blitz. It’s doing him no credit.

  7. Eli Manning didn’t want to go to San Diego because they’re a mess … a dysfunctional franchise. It wasn’t arrogance. And it wasn’t some weird power trip by the family.

    The Giants stunk before he got there. They were not a contender. But they were stable, and had a history of treating their players decently.

    You want proof of the soundness of the decision …look at the difference between Eli’s career and Philip Rivers’.

  8. Why this owner is ducking and dodging the obvious is the key I think. True, paying a man 26 mil and getting Zero, Zipp, Nada return has to sting – even for cazillionaires. Reality: The Colts, and unfortunately Peyton’s neck, makes player and team so non-relevant at the moment it’s not worth mentioning. Let’s pick something else apart. Hey, how ‘about them Knicks!

  9. Irsay may be winning this battle, but other players in the NFL are watching Peyton get alienated. Who would want to play for an owner like this? Indy may be the next San Diego…

  10. You realize your readers will take this SPECULATION as firm news. Claiming the Colts intentionally leaked the news without any evidence to support that is highly questionable for any journalist to do.

  11. Thank you, PFT…

    …for pointing out that Irsay likely leaked a confidential medical report to Don Banks and Sports Illustrated in an effort show cause for dumping Peyton Manning.

    What a great owner Irsay is…NOT !

    Why can’t Jim Irsay man up and just say, it’s his decision to let Manning go because he is drafting Andrew Luck?

    It is time that Irsay stopped with the leaking reports, twitter tag and using the sports media to carry his dirty water.

    Irsay’s bizarre behavior is enough to wonder if Jim is once again in a battle with his demons from past.

    Just man up, Jim…

  12. I thought there were laws protecting the privacy of medical records?

    HIPPA is a federal law maybe someone who is talking needs to get locked up and have there smart phone taken away.

    The colts are doomed poor andy luck going to a team that is run by a bigger fool the JJ in tx.
    This kid has to be saying what did I get myself into.
    Maybe he can pull an Eli and find his way to a better team.
    We all know how the Eli deal worked for the Giants and the Chargers.

  13. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 “HIPPA”
    It’s entirely possible, in leaking info from an employee medical record, violates Federal Law.
    Tweet that Mr. Irsey!

  14. How do you know for sure? There are so many reports out, I reallt don’t cre id mr. huge head plays again. He is a smug know it all, his team should be penalized for throwing this past season anyway.

  15. Jim Irsay is not the worst owner in the history of football. That one goes to Bidwell. And second is Irsay’ old man. By the way, did you have to steal the Colts logo when you did your midnight sneak out of Balt?
    But Jim Irsay carries on the tradition…I heard he refused to give up the marks when the new Balt team came into being, and told them he would sell the marks for $30 milliion (hey, almost Peyton’s roster bonus!). Stay classy, Irsay family.

  16. I just don’t see Irsay being a social genius, muchless on the same level of most of us.

    There are basic human interaction structures that I just don’t see him getting, not to say he isn’t great in other areas as obvious proof by his product and success.

    Some people, literally, just aren’t smart enough to realize the structure of some of the more basic and/or public interactions. Despite Irsay’s experience with speaking both publicly and candidly, I don’t see him realizing what is happening in a ‘grand scheme’ type of understanding.

    Will it affect the outcome of who wins the PR battle? Only if Peyton starts reacting to what Irsay doesn’t even know he’s doing, which I don’t see Peyton doing. Peyton clearly understands the structures of social interaction, he isn’t just a “field general” on the field, as obvious proof by his massive presence and his composure.

  17. It doesn’t make sense that Irsay would leak this info a day after he offers the olive branch to Peyton. The public knows already that Peyton’s health is precarious. The public knows that the Colts won’t pay Peyton another $28M under these circumstances. The public doesn’t need to know he had a 4th procedure to connect the dots: Can’t throw the ball = no $28M.

  18. Do you have any evidence that the Colts leaked it?

    Is the report true? If so that is valuable info for both the Colts and interested teams.

    Lastly is this rampant speculation in order to milk another story?

  19. stop everyone! i think we can all agree jim irsay is a clown, but this is pure speculation that the colts tipped off a reporter about a 4th procedure. stop hating on peyton, stop hating on irsay. this will all be over in less than a month anyway. then you can go hate on your favorite teams for their lack of FA signings

  20. “”xli2006 says:
    Feb 16, 2012 5:20 PM
    You realize your readers will take this SPECULATION as firm news. Claiming the Colts intentionally leaked the news without any evidence to support that is highly questionable for any journalist to do.””

    Yeah, what xli2006 said…and to add my own thoughts – quoting or referencing a Don Banks piece isn’t very far from quoting some random blogger, especially when, as seems to so often be the case, everything hinges on some “unnamed source”.

    How many times have we seen that crap, only to read later it was just some PR stunt or fantasy rolling around in someone’s head?

  21. This, boys and girls, is why players are always right when they hold out and/or fight for new contracts. Where are all of the “come on Colts, you signed a contract, honor it!” cries? When you can’t be Peyton Freaking Manning and have your contract honored then it proves you get what you can, when you can, and maximize leverage always. I understand the injury, but I am merely stating that public opinion needs to be equal when it comes to sports contracts and “honoring” the dotted line.

  22. As far as this story goes I believe it is a case of contributory negligence. They both have leaked information and have acted unprofessionally immorally and unethically. In addition the HIPAA angle is interesting because if PM did not authorize in writing that his personal Medical Information could be released (to anybody) then that could be construed as a violation of HIPAA regualations. Better call the Law Firm of Dewey, Cheatum and How.

  23. At the end of the day, Manning said he would give any other team in the NFL a great deal. I don’t understand why he doesn’t do the same for the Colts who paid him $25 mill to be a cheerleader last year.

  24. I said it when this whole melodrama started, and I’ll keep saying it until he eats crowe and fesses up.

    He’s done. D-O-N-E quit jerking everyone around and call it quits guy.

  25. slickzmoney says: Feb 16, 2012 4:37 PM

    Want another reason to dislike Jim Irsay? He owns Jerry Garcia’s Tiger guitar. Jerry had tried to will it to the guitar’s builder Doug Irwin but lawyers argued all Jerry’s guitars were owned by the band and therefore GDProductions. They won and the guitars were sold at auction with Irsay getting the winning bid on Tiger for $850,000.
    Let me get this straight, you hate him because he has money?

  26. Why won’t peyton give the Colts a Deal? He is under contract, but the colts have done little in recent years to prove they want to do what’s necessary to help peyton IMO

  27. Dear Peyton and Mr. Irsay,
    For the love of God please end this madness! Peyton, you’re a sure first ballot Hall of Famer with a wife and kids. Thanks for all of the memories. Why risk your health? You’ve nothing else to prove. 4 time league MVP, Super Bowl MVP, countless other accolades. Enjoy your life with your wife and kids. Relish the moment that your bust is unveiled at the Hall of Fame and the day that the thousands of fans show up for you when you go into the ring of honor. You will have a brilliant future in anything you decide to do after football. You’re a proven winner.
    Mr. Irsay as a season ticket holder who intends to keep my tickets regardless of who is on the field. I ask that you just man up and release the face of the Indianapolis franchise for the last 14 years. We know as fans that it is a difficult decision. We don’t want to see him play for another team either. Waiting until the 8 of March isnt going to make a difference other than season ticket invoices are due in full prior to that date. Don’t worry about the backlash. The stadium that Peyton built will stay full. We fans thank you for bringing the franchise to a state that was better known for basketball and the greatest spectacle in racing. We thank you for the memories of the great teams that we have enjoyed watching over the years. But enough is enough. The franchise is starting to look like a joke. If we’re going to move on let’s move on Full Speed ahead and not look back. But please end this madness!

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