Jaguars need Gabbert to get better

Mike Florio gives the Jacksonville Jaguars an offseason to do list, including focusing on making Blaine Gabbert a better quarterback and upgrading at wide receiver.

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3 responses to “Jaguars need Gabbert to get better

  1. Correct!! The Jaguars Gene Smith needs to bring in a solid Veteran back up to step in if Blaine continues to struggle…I seriously doubt this will happen because it seems like Gene lacks either the courage, intellect or is just too damn arrogant to admit his own mistakes.

    Last year he was so hell bent on the fact that his receivers could get the job done (when the rest of the entire world knew better), that he refuse to go after any legitimate receivers. That arrogance resulted in the whole team struggled to win games and the offense being one of the worst in the league even with the top rusher.

    Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.
    William Pollard

  2. Oh yeah, a rookie QB that was thrown into the fire because of Garrard’s injury, with one of the worst offensive lines (esp Guy Whimper), and the worst receiving corp in the league isn’t ‘any good’. Way to preliminarily write Blaine off already.

  3. Blaine’s struggles didn’t start in the NFL. The terrible pocket presence and lack of poise facing the rush was a problem that he had in College. No one knows if it can be coached out of him but there needs to be a backup plan in the event he cannot overcome this fatal flaw. Allowing him to continue losing winnable games and struggle though another season would not be fair to his teammates or the fans that pay their hard earned money to see an NFL caliber QB on Sunday!

    No one is calling him a bust yet, but every class has one and so far he is the worst in his draft class..

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