Uncertainty, losses haven’t hurt Colts ticket sales

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Colts fans aren’t too discouraged by last year’s 2-14 season. The potential loss of Peyton Manning doesn’t seem to scare them either, at least not yet.

Season tickets are being renewed like it was any other year.

“You can only speculate because there’s still a few weeks remaining before the deadline, but we’re tracking similar to last year and the year before,” said Pete Ward, the team’s COO via the Indianapolis Star.

The Colts have a season ticket waiting list of about 9,000. They have sold out every game since 1999. Losing Manning should theoretically be a drain on the team’s bottom line, but perhaps it won’t matter if the team has a new shiny No. 1 overall pick quarterback in Andrew Luck to sell to the masses.

“It doesn’t seem like [the uncertainty] has impacted us in a negative way in terms of ticket sales,” Ward said.

13 responses to “Uncertainty, losses haven’t hurt Colts ticket sales

  1. Place your future in the hands of one Pac-10 QB, or trade the pick for a lord’s ransom of picks so that in the event your QB goes down, you don’t go 2-14 again?

    I know everyone seems to think Luck is a huge talent, and I’m sure he is. But if that pick can give you enough picks to beef the rest of the team up for the next 4 years, why not consider it?

    Everyone just assumes the Colts will take Luck #1 and they’re probably right but the opportunity to level-up their whole team is sitting right in front of them. Just a thought…

  2. Oh just wait. it WILL happen.

    I (unfortunately) live here in Indianapolis, and am a Green Bay fan. These are THE absolute most fair weather, weak, uninformed, cray-baby fans I have ever came across. Just take a look at that fan picture and trust me that tells the story for 90% of the fans. They are a transplanted, indoor team which further adds to my disliking of them.

  3. Hey – wda628………. you must have eaten too much cheese and are having trouble typing with your sausage fingers……
    TAKE a look in the mirror! what do your fans look like? Stop trolling to have on the Colts loser.

  4. Well, they’re getting a new, big hype QB anyways!!!!

    What cities were you really talking about, St. Louis, Cincinnati???

  5. I’m a season ticket holder and have just renewed. Although it would be great to see Manning continue I feel a talented young QB along with new management and coaching is a nice change.

    Manning would’ve made this team at least a nine win team, but they’ve too much salary in long tenured vets. The quarterbacking was awful. Not to mention Chris Polian’s poor first round drafting for three consecutive seasons.

  6. steelerhypocrite says: Feb 17, 2012 3:37 PM

    Damn that chic in the pic is hot…what is she, 210, 220?

    She’s whatever it takes.

  7. What choice do they have? Watch Indiana Football? the Pacers? The Colts are the only game in town.

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