Carolina’s offseason: All about defense

The Panthers were one of the most imbalanced teams in football during Ron Rivera’s first season as a head coach.

The offense was one of the most explosive groups in the league; the defense was absolutely dreadful. Looking at the team’s depth chart, we’d expect G.M. Matty Hurney to spend most of his attention this offseason on the defense.

There really isn’t a spot on the team’s defense that couldn’t use help. They need more depth and talent at virtually every position.

Fans may want another wide receiver, but that should be low on the list of priorities. The team has some young talent behind Steve Smith and the offense will be fine because of Cam Newton, a solid offensive line, and two talented running backs.

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17 responses to “Carolina’s offseason: All about defense

  1. Yea defense should be our top priority. The defense suffered tremendously when Jon Beason went down. We really need a a young pass rusher from this class to replace Julius Peppers and lots of secondary help.

  2. I said it on the huddle. We get edwards back next yr and thats an immediate upgrade. Draft the number 1 dt available in first round. And then send a 3rd and/or 4th to ny for osi. That line would be dominate. Draft a lb in 2nd. Sign griffin or nelson at safety. Draft a cb in 3rd. That would be ideal

  3. Defense. But if a Justin Blackmon is sitting there at 8 or 9, how do you pass him up? I’ve always been a BPA fan.

  4. I wouldn’t be shocked it’s Brockers or Kirkpatrick being selected by us…or by some grace of god Claiborne. I don’t see how Osi or Mario Williams is possible…no cap space. If you ate a heavy follower of Carolina like I am you’d know that Greg Hardy isn’t terrible, he just needs a little work, plus, Rivera raves about him.
    he’s also a fan of Gettis and LaFell, if and that’s a HUGE if, Blackmon is somehow still there idk, they might go that route. However, with the stability of Otah being questionable at best, don’t be suprised if Rieff or Martin come off the board for us…not a sexy pick, but it’s depth.

  5. Edwards and Beason back, We don’t need a DT, Kearse, Shirley and Neblett stepped it up and our run DEF got better as Fua and McClain when on IR, Anderson is a beast at OLB, in the 4-3, from what i seen we look like we our going to run a 3-4, look more next year, with guys like Tuck and Applewhite as our OLB, Hopefully TD, can beat the odds and make a come back. Hogan showed promise in the last 2 or 3 games last year, he was on the pup list most the year. I say draft CB, LB, DE, DT, in all rounds BPA (DEF) only. our offense should be good for another year,

    Gettis will be back, LaFell stepped it up big, Pilares will be a good 3rd or 4th WR, mainly in the slot, Olsen and Shockey and then add in Barnidge, we will be stacked at the TE, and we still have Double Trouble healthy, can’t wait.

  6. We need to find a way to trade for Samuel to pair with Gamble. We draft Burfict. Make a serious play for Mario Williams, and sign Paul Soliai. Not perfect at that point, but it gets the D a ton better, very fast.

  7. And sorry, WR over CB in terms of needs for us? Munerlyn gave up the highest completion% against him of any CB in the league…. We have Gettis coming back as well as LaFell and Smith and Olsen and Shockey (yes, i know, TE’s, but they are important in the passing game)

    Bottom line – this is the sort of analysis I would expect from a 12 y/o who wants to play with the Panthers on Madden 2013, not from someone who is supposed to be knowledgeable about the NFL. Seriously. Pathetic.

  8. Is this the same Hurney who gave the second best RB on the team a lifetime contract, thereby ensuring that the best RB on the team will not get the same money?

  9. Along with a revamped defense, hire a personal coach, too, who can help Cam mature out of the BS “Superman” cultural icon mindset and into a team player who uses a towel to wipe sweat off his face instead of to draw attention to himself.

    Until he loses the ME ME ME attitude, the Cats aren’t going anywhere near the Super Bowl.

  10. @chadmurdigan

    “Until he loses the ME ME ME attitude, the Cats aren’t going anywhere near the Super Bowl.”

    He has shown none of this sort of an attitude this season. He celebrates when he scores. Big Deal.

    Until you lose your ‘I’m a idiot redneck with no ability to analyse the NFL” attitude why don’t you do yourself and us a favor and shut the hell up

  11. Just a few things I feel the need to comment on.

    To the guy that said the Panthers need to find someone to replace Peppers….have you even heard of Charles Johnson? One of the best pass rushers of the past few years, and outperformed Peppers bigtime this last year. Greg Hardy will be a beast soon as well. The only reason those guys didn’t do more, is that there was no push from the interior of the line.

    To the guy that said Cam has a ME ME attitude….obviously the only thing you’ve seen about Cam is the ESPN gushing and his scoring highlights. The dude is humble, won over the locker room immediately with his attitude, and only cares about winning to the point of it being a fault. Like, would brood after games and had teammates telling him to lighten up.

    And lastly, to the guy who said something about his jersey being #1……wtf does a jersey number matter? Only thing that matters is his play and attitude, both of which are phenomenal. Also, he wanted #2, but teh Jimmeh Clausen wouldn’t part with it.

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