PFT Live: Brandon Lloyd, Ed Bouchette

We’ve speculated on PFT about Brandon Lloyd’s future in free agency. Now we can ask the man himself what he is thinking.

Lloyd joins PFT Live to talk with Florio about where he expects to land in 2012.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will also go over all things Steelers.

Watch the show live right here at noon ET.

3 responses to “PFT Live: Brandon Lloyd, Ed Bouchette

  1. Gotta have Steeler talk. (Oh, brother)

    Of course, seems a waste of time to me.
    Just how many different ways can you
    say that their “window” has closed?

  2. @ steelcurtains:

    They should have done better than 12-4 with
    that easy schedule they had.

    Don’t know what their schedule looks like for
    next season. But if it is tougher than this past
    season’s was, they are in trouble.

    The other teams in their division look to be
    improving & are younger, too. Pittsburgh is
    extending contracts in an effort to hold the
    current roster of slow, old vets together. The
    problem with that is sometime in the next couple
    of years they will wind up in salary cap hell, just
    like what happened to the 49ers & Titans years ago.

    Then it’ll be rebuilding time with several years
    of crappy records and high draft choices.

    Needless to say, I can hardly wait…

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