Pouha not expected to be tagged

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Nose tackle Sione Pouha will be a priority for the Jets this offseason, but he probably won’t be franchise tagged.

Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that Pouha is “not expected” to get the tag. The Jets are aiming for a long-term deal.

The Jets don’t have a lot of cap space, so a multi-year deal for the 33-year-old makes a lot more sense. Because of his age, Pouha may be willing to take a relatively affordable deal before free agency starts.

Still, the big man has a ton of leverage. He’s one of the keys to Rex Ryan’s defense and run stuffers like him don’t become available often. We still wonder if the Jets would risk losing Pouha on the open market, but perhaps they are confident they can get a long-term deal done before free agency starts March 13.

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  1. Most underrated NT in the NFL and has only seen major play time in his last three years. Never broke down in that time.

    Whoever gets this guy will automatically have a stout run defense.

  2. PLEASE! Pouha is a good player, but was never a great player. He came into the league older than most and hasn’t gotten any younger. Its not like we’re talking Mario Williams.

    The Jets would be better served with the NG from Miami. With Miami switching to a 43, they aren’t going to invest much in Soliai. Soliai is 28 compared to Pouha 33. The Jets also drafted Kendrick Ellis last year to play the nose.

    Resign Pouha for a team friendly deal, but don’t lose sleep if he bolts.

  3. How do the Jets not have a lot of space space when there’s over $8 million to roll over from last year?

    One thing we’ve learned over the past few years is that you absolutely CANNOT rely on guys like Schefter and Clayton (Clayton annually projects doom and gloom for the Jets cap every year there is a a cap) when talking about teams’ cap situations. Its amazing how they never get called out on how often they’re wrong about it/how little they seemingly understand it.

  4. @drewbu22:
    Not saying Clayton or Schefter are that reliable, but by all accounts(including jets capologist) they’re not in great shape capwise. Jets were over the cap before the roll over. They’re prob slightly under and need to hold on to $ for their rookie pool. Not much there for free agants, their own or other help they may need.
    Pouha is underrated and a good fit in that D. Jets need to try and keep him, unless they think KEllis is ready to start.

  5. The Jets are already over the cap by $8 million but have roughly $8.5 million in roll over so they are barely under the cap.

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