Pat Shurmur talks up Colt McCoy


The Browns may be in the market for an upgrade at quarterback this year and will surely keep a close eye on Robert Griffin III beginning this week at the Scouting Combine. But publicly, they’re giving incumbent starter Colt McCoy a vote of confidence.

Browns coach Pat Shurmur said today that he still thinks Cleveland will win games with McCoy starting at quarterback.

I think he can be very good if he plays at a high level like I think he can and makes the improvements he can to help us put the ball in the end zone win football games” Shurmur said, via the News-Herald. “I’m expecting that he will. The thing that’s encouraging to me is he a guy you know is going to work at it.”

Two years and 21 starts into his NFL career, the Browns haven’t seen enough of the “very good” McCoy. With career stats of 20 touchdowns, 20 interceptions and a 74.5 passer rating, McCoy has a lot of work to do. Shurmur acknowledged that as well.

“I think it’s fair to say [McCoy] has some things he has to improve on,” Shurmur said. “They’re quantifiable, whether it’s footwork, a better feel for the progressions, a better feel for the targets he’s throwing to. I think all that is refined when you have an offseason [program] to help.”

The question is whether McCoy’s offseason work will be as the presumed starter, or as the guy who’s just holding onto the job until a rookie newcomer is up to speed.

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  1. My girlfriend told me that I was a really awesome guy and she was lucky to have me.…right before she gave me my unconditional release.

  2. Translation – “We might be stuck with him if our QB plans don’t pan out so let’s talk him up to help boost his confidence, just in case.”

  3. Drafting RGIII won’t improve the situation at all. He and Colt have almost identical physical frameworks. In order to compete in the division, we need to find a QB that’s AT LEAST 6’4”

  4. The Browns don’t want to spend any money to make their franchise competitive. They’re trying to convince their fanbase they don’t need a QB and that McCoy is great. McCoy is not great. And you fans will keep buying tickets to their games. The Browns are the most consistent 4 win team ever.

  5. He is 6-15 as a starter with no weapons around him. What’s it going to take to get the man some talent around him ? Heckert is not really big on picking offensive players in the first round. I hope for the sake of McCoy and the Browns that changes significantly this year.

  6. McCoy would be perfect in Dallas. Put him as a backup for 2 years behind Romo, then let him take over if Romo doesn’t get in the playoffs (likely) or to the SB. Wasn’t Romo’s fault last year, but he is running out of time. McCoy has had no WRs to throw to, even a good TE, and Hillis was hurt most of the year.

  7. Where the hell is all their money tied up anyway? Would think they would be one of the top teams in terms of cap space but haven’t heard them mentioned.

  8. I really hope we don’t get RG3. I’ve been saying it for the last year, let’s go with the Trent Dilfer model. Yea, remember him? He won a Super Bowl. Let’s finish what we started and build a great D. Get Claiborne at pick 4 or trade back a few spots. Get another pass rusher opposite of Sheard and an upgrade at OLB. Then get the right side of the o line fixed and another wr for colt. Then if he still doesn’t play well, then we get a franchise qb next year. Also resign Hillis and see if him and Hardesty can get the job done.

  9. Get the man Justin Blackmon, and let’s evaluate him then. He’s had absolutely nothing to work with, other than a good year from Peyton Hillis.

  10. I agree with BrownsTown’s comment.
    The HH(Holmgren/Heckert) crew are merely posturing for trade pick negotiations. By playing up McCoy and lowering their stated desire/hope for new…they hope to have more leverage.
    Their record does indicate that they will not trade the farm for RGIII.

  11. I have said it before and I will say it again. If RGIII falls in our lap at #4 then by all means take him. If he is gone then I would either take Blackmon, Reiff (LT out of Iowa-line him up on the right side opposite Thomas) or Kalil (if Minnesote doesn’t take him). I am not against giving Colt another shot if the prefered QB doesn’t come to me, but under no circumstances do I trade the second first round pick for what could amount to Mike Phipps. We need too much.

  12. Make or break year for McCoy. he either stpes up now or goes from team t team competing for jobs. Probably ending up as the backup. Then be a starter again in a decade.

  13. I don’t buy the argument that all Colt needs is a better group of wideouts. The main thing Colt needs is the ability to throw deep. This past year defenses played up close to the line of scrimmage, taking away both the running game and the short passing routes, because they knew he couldn’t beat them deep. What he needs isn’t WRs, it’s a stronger arm. Unfortunately, that’s something you can’t draft.

  14. Browns should give McCoy another year especially after the lack of weapons he has around him. In order to do so, Browns should give McCoy a legit wr in the draft (Justin blackmon). Look at Aj green. He did wonders for Andy Dalton in Cincinnati

  15. Colt is the most pitiful QB my beloved Browns have ever brought in.
    Slow, no arm, and seems overwelmed while on the field of play.
    You can say it is all about weapons, but Tom Brady does it year aft year with no defense, and no receivers. Welker is good, but Welker is a possesion guy.
    As a lifelong Browns fan, I say cut Colt!!!

  16. As a Browns’ fan, I agree that this is smokescreen BS. If RGIII really grades out as a franchise QB, then they better do what they can to draft him. Screw building the defense or getting better talent around Colt. In this era, you don’t win SBs without an elite QB and Colt is NOT elite. You can have an average defense, a mediocre running game, and still win the SB with a franchise QB. I say, Browns trade up, give up the 22nd pick in the first round, throw in another mid-level pick or two and get this guy if he really looks like a franchise QB. I’m tired of Colt/Charlie Frye/Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn/Tim Couch/Kelly Holcomb merry-go-round at QB. If Holmgren/Heckert don’t get this decision right, they will be gone in two years or less – as they should be.

  17. I may be in the minority, but I think Colt McCoy could be a decent QB in the NFL. He just needs another year or so to develop and some decent talent around him at WR/TE.

    That being said, I still think they take RGIII

  18. For those who think Colt “deserves” another year, did you watch any games last year? He just doesn’t have the arm, especially with the wind blowing in off the lake. He is a great guy with incredible leadership skills, but he just can’t throw mid to deep—at all.

    RGIII, like any player, could be a bust, but you have to make the move for a real QB when you can. Dilfer is the exception that unquestionably proves the rule (especially considering he played in the pre-passhappy nfl with a defense that is miles ahead of the Browns).

  19. Colt is a great QB playing for a crap team. Geez people, Payton Manning of 3 years ago couldn’t win with this offense. Get him some help and see what happens. I would take Colt over rg3 anyday. People are always looking for new when their problem lie’s else where.

  20. Colt McCoy threw for more yards and more touchdowns in college than RGIII at a better Texas school. He brought his team to the BCS championship…RGIII did not. Both are unproven in the pros right now. I don’t see Shurmer selling the farm to get a similar type of player than he already has.

    I say he goes with Blackmon or Richardson.

  21. I don’t think this is a smokescreen on Shurmurs part. I honestly think he’s so stupid and unprepared to be a HC that he will doom the franchise for years because he thinks he knows better

  22. Goyzzo: slow compared to who? He’s got good scrambling ability. He had to with their terrible right side of the line.

    We could have had aaron rodgers at QB last season and he might have won 1 or 2 more games.

  23. Wait, I’m confused. Tebow and McCoy have both played two years. McCoy has a better passer rating, better completion percentage, more yards and more TD’s but he’s a bum and Tebow’s GREAT? Doesn’t McCoy also have more wins?

    Gotta love today’s media!

  24. It stinks that Colt had to go to the Browns.

    Maybe he can get out to a better team with this RG3 mania.

    Teams like the Browns kill potential good/great QB’s.


    but umm yess Colt isnt very good his arm is weak WR’s or not he cant go deep & cribbs,little and Mo-Mass can go deep so whats the excuse???
    the defense needs help badly a d-back to help haden and better safety then s-brown and more LB’s & we need offensive line help on the “right side” and some depth at skill positions!!!

  26. McCoy was a third round pick from a huge school. It is impossible to fly under the radar at Texas. He was a late 3rd round pick, meaning all 31 other teams past on him twice. He is stop gap at best. He is a marginal qb, you can take it to the bank the Browns will go after RGIII

  27. Completely correct rascalmanny! The Browns either need to get a OL and a playmaker or two, or send McCoy somewhere else. With a desent team he would do very well. Let Rg3 come in and run for his life a few years and see what they are saying about him then. Teams like the Browns always use the media to blame the few big names they get for all the problems. Then they just bring in another few and sell more tickets and let them take the next fall.

  28. Drew Brees during his first three years:
    2001–55.6 Completion %, 1TD 0INT
    2002–60.8, 17 TF 16 Int
    2003–57.6 , 11TD 15int.
    Average Completion Percentage is 58% with 29 TDs and 31 interceptions. Colt McCoy is better than Drew Brees (at this point in his career).
    I’m not a Browns fan (Bengals, actually), but cut the kid some slack. Give him a chance to grow and learn the NFL game. Weaker armed quarterbacks take more time. It was 4 years before the lights came on for Brees. Just sayin’.

  29. Remember how McCoy played his rookie year? The way he handled Patriots, Saints, Jets, Steelers was spectacular. I know Hillis was good, but did he any WR? So, I think McCoy played better in a non-WCO system. He adapted very well in WCO too, but he had no help. Hillis bailed out, and the WRs played worse than last year. So I would say McCoy is a good QB.

    RGIII is not going to be a good fit for WCO. Drafting him would be a big waste of his talent. He could be an upgrade over McCoy but they have to provide him protection, WR, and RB. Browns cannot afford using their #4 pick (or both 1st round picks) on RGIII. If possible, they should trade any of their 1st round picks to get more picks and address all the holes in offense. They can use one of their additional picks on Tannehill or any other QB.

  30. Let’s not forget that since being drafted straight out of college, the kid (Colt) has had to learn 2 different types of offense, under 2 different Head Coaches and 2 different Offensive Coordinators.

    Give Colt a legitimate chance of learning what the Browns want. (Remember, there was NO preseason last year)

    After the last 10 yrs, we need some consistency. Yes, it may turn out that Colt is not the answer but give him a legitimate chance!

    We have enough holes to fill with those picks in the mean time.

  31. People are forgetting that McCoy with very little offensive talent around him and 0 running game for a majority of the season was actually STILL PRODUCTIVE (face it, Denver makes the AFC Title game had they drafted McCoy instead of Tebow). Holmgren and Shurmer have pretty much hinted that lack of an off season hurt the team more than bad play which points more and more to the Browns possibly going into free agency for another QB to battle McCoy in the off season instead of giving up draft picks and big money for another QB who will have the same receivers who lead the league in drops to throw too along with 0 protection on the right side of the line.

    Combine that with there pretty much being no way a guy like RGIII would win a west coast offensive battle (you know since he doesn’t play it) all signs point to McCoy getting another shot in 2012. Expect the Browns to pull yet another super mega trade to get out of the #4 spot.

  32. First the Browns need to figure out WHAT they want to do on offense. McCoy is way better than those around him.

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