Arizona State’s Osweiler claims he has sprained foot

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Brock Osweiler of Arizona State is not considered an elite quarterback prospect like Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck, so he stood to benefit from participation in passing and athletic drills at this year’s Scouting Combine.

Osweiler is not participating, however, and he told reporters Saturday that it’s because of a sprained foot.

Osweiler alleges that the foot injury occurred during the Sun Devils’ Las Vegas Bowl loss to Boise State, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. This is the first we’ve heard of the injury.

Quarterbacks were permitted to bench press on Saturday, and Osweiler didn’t take part. He’s not going through a single drill in Indianapolis, not even the ones in which his performance would be affected in no way by the supposed foot ailment.

18 responses to “Arizona State’s Osweiler claims he has sprained foot

  1. my 2 steals are DE MELVIN INGRAM of south carolina,dude is resiliant after the QB & the other is QB KELLEN MOORE of boise state. MOORE is just is so surgical with his accuracy & understands defenses , i dont care about not having the strong arm or height alas DREW BREES accuracy & timeing in NFL is huge

  2. right in less you hear of it can’t possibly be true. he is not doing everything he can to help himself because he just doesn’t feel like it,yea makes sense to me. how about you guys actually do a little bit of reporting once in a while besides just giving your opinions and tossing stuff out there? nope that would be to much like being a journalist and we can’t have that can we?

  3. @metalhead65… Huh? Seems to me like there is some reporting going on….
    For all the people who come on here and rip this site and the reporting… my advice… DON’T VISIT THE SITE!… Get so sick of the bitching! Stop punishing yourselves….

  4. If it were just a foot injury he would be doing drills that it would have no effect on. Either he has something worse than just a foot injury or he is receiving some REALLY bad advice.

  5. Okay, I’ll ask the obvious — how can a sprained foot still be curtailing his activity weeks later?

    He may be trying to play down a much more serious injury or he is not abiding by the recovery/rehab plan or he has some other physical condition that is effecting his healing rate — or he is flat out lying.

    In any case, he just moved himself to pretty much every coach’s “Only If There Is No One Else” list.

  6. stories like this are what make this site look so unprofessional.

    thanks for HALF THE STORY, jack@sses.

    osweiler, not feeling 100% (wouldn’t you want to be 100% if you were perfroming at the combine?) WILL BE PERFORMING ALL OF THE TESTS FOR NFL SCOUTS AT ASU’S PRO DAY ON MARCH 30th.

  7. I can’t help but believe he’s going to have some health troubles down the line as well. He might be really tall, but that didn’t help Gheorge Muresan (sp) stay healthy. He’s freakishly big like Gheorge (old Washington Bullets Center) was but when someone’s freakishly big, it often leads to leg troubles. I think height does help a QB see his receivers better, but he’s so big the height may be a negative.

  8. too tall? you’ve clearly never seen brock play. he’s only two inches taller than big ben, he’s extremely mobile/athletic (offered to play hoops by gonzaga), and never missed any action in college due to injury so . . . that’s just a lazy comment. do a little research.

  9. How is 6’8″ freakishly big? That’s about the average height of a NBA player…and a Gheorghe Muresan comparison, really? Dude was 7’7″.

  10. It’s better than what Andre Smith did!!!

    Hopefully, his pro day doesn’t feature man boobs and fat hanging over his shorts!!!!

  11. Is it bad if I cannot find any highlights on this guy? I found a couple but it was a lot of John Beck passes. If the REDSKINS are looking at this guy, you already have a dude on the roster just like him, but shorter. HTTR!

  12. I mean a sprained foot wouldn’t affect his drop back, plant leg or anything else would it? I mean he should go out there and do these drills, who cares if he has a bum foot. This may be the last we see of Brock Osweiler…. (Sarcasm)

  13. If he goes there and does nothing that will irk me. People can interview you and do the medical stuff another time. Why take up a spot from a guy who would be willing/able to do all the drills? Look at how many kids are at those regional combines competing. I’ve heard that there are the most guys ever who look like they could have a shot to be NFL players. Give the spot to someone who will COMPETE.

    I’m tired of hurt people or people who refuse to do everything going to the Combine.
    Look at Newton, He had the guts to throw last year and even though he didn’t do that well I give him credit for DOING IT. And it sure didn’t hurt him now did it?

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