Ed Reed tells Ravens he’ll be back


Two years ago, Ravens safety Ed Reed put his chances of retiring at 50-50.  This year, the odds of calling it quits are slightly lower.

G.M. Ozzie Newsome told the media on Friday that Reed already has told the team he’ll be back.

“He met with [coach] John [Harbaugh] and he told John that he is going to get himself prepared to come back and play in 2012,” Newsome said.

Reed turns 34 later this year, but he continues to be one of the best safeties in the game.  And if the Ravens plan to bust through to the Super Bowl in 2012, they need him.

12 responses to “Ed Reed tells Ravens he’ll be back

  1. I hope Ed Reed returns.There are not alot of elite safeties in today’s NFL and without Ed Reed it will make less elite safeties in the NFL I can say I hate the Ravens but at the same time it is hard to hate the Ravens with 2 of my favorite players on that team.

  2. No question about it, Ed > Troy. Anyone who disagrees is just a hater. Ravens are going to sweep the Steelers again, bank on it! Who got Tebow’d out of the playoffs? Oh thats right, it was the Steelers.

  3. It’s sad when an athlete can’t walk away from the game on top. It’s better to leave a year to early than a year to late. Players never think it will end. Move on Ed it’s over.

  4. for those of you who think ed reed is done physically are probably the ones who said ray lewis was done in 2006. shut up haters

  5. All bias aside, is there a safety playing that’s better than Reed? Collins from GB is good, but I don’t think he instills the same kind of fear into OCs and QBs that #20 does. Rolle and Phillips in NY are good but aren’t as good as Reed. The hairball in Pittsburgh is good from 15 yards and in, past that he’s meat in pass coverage(see SB45 & 2011 Div. Playoffs for examples) Not sure who else warrants discussion. Maybe the kid in Buffalo? Byrd i think it is?

  6. The only time Ward blows anyone up is when the ball is 35+ yards away and his target is looking the other way.
    Reed = legitimate playmaker
    Ward = cheap shot artist and asshat. As voted by NFL PLAYERS.

    So I hope Reed has a couple more years in him. He is not as good as he once was. But he is still better than 97% (or more) of the safeties out there.

  7. This year…next year – he retires without a ring because defense can’t win Championships by themselves with the Polian-Manning rules in place. Ozzie never got a good enough QB.

  8. The only one keeping Ed Reed out of the HOF is Ed Reed. He’ll have to retire and wait 5 years. Before long, the talk won’t be of position logjams but of Ravens logjams getting into the HOF. Welcome back Ed. Now, let’s get the Lombardi!

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