John Abraham makes a moon shot


Defensive end John Abraham has played 12 seasons in the NFL.  He has 112 career sacks.  And now he wants to make $12 million per year.

Actually, Abraham wants more than $12 million per year.  He disclosed his expectations during a Thursday appearance with Ryan and Doug Stewart on 790 The Zone in Atlanta.

“Check out the five top ends,” Abraham said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  “Everybody is getting 12-plus.  I made $8 million last year.  Everybody is saying, ‘Oh, he’s so greedy.’  How am I greedy when I’m just trying to get paid the same thing they are getting paid?  There are guys out there getting more money than me, but my production is the same as theirs or at least close.”

The problem is that Abraham turns 34 on May 6.  Other defensive ends who have broken the bank did so at a much younger age.

Moreover, Abraham’s production in 2011 didn’t put him among the “top” defensive ends. He had 9.5 sacks, and the Falcons had him on a pitch count in order to keep him healthy.

Per Ledbetter, Abraham’s agent will meet at some point with the Falcons over the weekend in Indianapolis for a “do-or-die” negotiation.  Unless Abraham is merely puffing about his demands, our money is on the Falcons telling Abraham’s agent to eat horseradish and die.