Report: Moss isn’t looking for guaranteed money

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The still-in-park comeback of receiver Randy Moss may have gotten a boost, thanks to a report that Moss is willing to sign a contract with no guaranteed money.

“This is not about money for him, he wants to play,” a source close to Moss told Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.  “He’ll want to be paid if he makes the team, but nothing up front.  He’s not trying to grab a check.”

That would reduce dramatically the financial risk a team would be taking by signing Moss, since he could be cut before the start of the regular season, without receiving anything other than his offseason and training camp per diem.

Moss has said in his “Moss TV” Ustream sessions that he’s not broke, and that he’s not returning for the money.

Last year, former Pats V.P. of player personnel Scott Pioli told PFT Live that the team decided to trade for Moss in 2007 after he didn’t blink at the news he’d have to dramatically reduce his pay if he were to play for the Patriots.

Still, before anyone will assume the P.R. risk of bringing Moss to town, he’ll have to show up and prove that he can still run like, as former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden once said, “a scalded dog.”  If he can’t, even a willingness to play for free wouldn’t get Moss another opportunity at the NFL level.

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  1. His reputation about quitting on teams and not going full speed is working against him………. at this point in his career.

  2. What make you think Moss can’t be a good possession receiver if he wanted to? He is big, pretty good hands, smart. I think he could play another five years as a short area and red zone target, if he wanted to.

  3. Other than the PR nightmare his signing would likely cause for any team, this is pretty low risk.
    I’d guess he’ll garner some interest from at least a couple of teams. Who knows, he may even light ’em up one more time.

  4. I truly believe he’s going to play next season and play really well. I mean last year when he wasn’t producing, it wasn’t because he lost anything, but just his attitude. I wouldn’t give up on the guy, he still could be extremely dangerous. He’s got motivation and something to prove, and we all know how Moss does when he has a chip on his shoulder. I’m telling you, whichever team signs him won’t regret it.

  5. Why is everyone so sure that he will not be back with the Pats?
    Randy would like it.
    He didn’t burn bridges too badly on the way out.
    He has never disrespected Bill.
    If he can still run, Wes, Gronk, and Hernandez would certainly benefit.
    Brady would probably be hip with it.
    What am I missing?

  6. Moss-Jackson-Maclin (Phi)
    Moss-Johnson-Jones (Hou)
    Moss-Johnson (Det)
    Moss-Colston-Henderson (No)
    Moss-Boldin-Smith (Bal)
    Moss-Fitzgerald (Ari)
    Moss-Green (Cin)
    Moss-White-Jones (Atl)
    Moss-Cruz-Nicks (Nyg)

    These line ups are insane…

  7. I really hope he gets signed, I want to see some more one handed catches. And thats a pretty funny ass pic

  8. Moss is such an enigma. Here’s a guy with more physical ability than just about anyone that’s ever played the position. Probably a top 10 wide receiver to ever play the game yet there were plenty of times where he just didn’t seem like he cared on the field. As great a career and as awe inspiring as he was on the field I always felt that he underachieved. Terrel Owens as bad a cancer as he was seemed to always be giving his all on the field. It seemed like he maxed out his talent. Moss on the other never seemed to max out his talent yet is considered arguably the best wide receiver of his generation. I think a motivated Moss can contribute to any team. 35 is not ancient for a wide receiver. But he has to be motivated.

  9. If I were Randy Moss, I’d be offended that Trent Edwards (Captain Checkdown) was signed before I was. I’d be really motivated to shred the NFL one last time.

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