Chargers plan to cut Luis Castillo


We noted early this month that defensive lineman Luis Castillo would either take a pay cut or get cut, and it appears that the Chargers are going with what’s behind Door No. 2.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the Chargers are planning to release Castillo.

The move is no surprise: Castillo is owed a $1 million roster bonus in March and a base salary of $3.9 million. With Castillo coming off a season in which he was lost for the year after suffering a broken leg in Week 1, he’s too big a question mark to commit that kind of money to.

It’s still possible that the Chargers and Castillo will work out a new contract that allows him to stay in San Diego, where he has played his entire seven-year career. But first he’ll be able to test free agency.

16 responses to “Chargers plan to cut Luis Castillo

  1. The Raiders could use a NT since it looks like they’re going to a 3-4 this year.

    Come on over to the dark side, Luis.

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    jenniferxxx says:
    Feb 27, 2012 12:42 PM
    First he has to talk to the Eagles … which is required by all free agents.


    And then he has to become really good…which is required by all Ex-Charger free agents.

  3. the team that makes most sense is Carolina, need at DT (which he can play) and of course Ron Rivera (former chargers DC)

  4. sounds like a great fit for buffalo….all fans of pft if you want a good, NO, great laugh, go to buffalo rumblings the bills sb blog. there is a guy, a typical bills blind homer that actually says the saints are not as talented as the bills! i am really digging the giants lately.

  5. 7 years too late on Castillo.

    But then again, it took Norv and A.J. six years to destroy John Butler and Buddy Nix’s work building a contender.

  6. There will without a doubt be a bidding war for his services! He is the quintessential team player on and off the field. Hopefully his bad luck is behind him with regard to his injuries. Fortunately all of his injuries are not lingering and he is 100 percent. Look for him to become yet another ex Charger like Brees, Sproles, and Michael Turnner to once again expose A.J. Smith for the fraud that he is.
    All of the fans (myself included) watched this guy give 200 percent every time he stepped on the field. He was without a doubt a major fan favorite and will be missed. Watch the Cowboys, Buffalo, Colts, and Jets swarm all over him. Players with his type of work ethic are few and far between. He will be an intrical part of someone’s defense next year!


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