Jaguars won’t be as aggressive in free agency this year


Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith has signed some notable hits in free agency (Paul Posluszny) and a few significant misses, including Aaron Kampman.

Smith spent big money on a number of defensive free agents last year, but warns that he won’t be as aggressive this time around.

“What took place last year won’t be the case this year,” Smith told Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union. “It’s not a place we want to be overly active year in and year out.”

Jacksonville wants to build through the draft. Of course, they wanted to build through the draft last year and they built largely though free agency. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Jacksonville make a big signing or two, but Smith doesn’t want to sign so many starters this time around. Smith says new owner Shad Khan is on board with the approach.

“I think he understands the philosophy is to build your team through the draft,” Smith said. “I think most teams have figured that out. Where you don’t want to be is in pro free agency year in and year out. That’s not our philosophy. It’s to supplement the college draft.”

We’d argue they need starters at wide receiver, defensive end, and cornerback. They also need a backup quarterback and depth on the offensive line.

If Smith keeps his word and bids cautiously in free agency, he will need to have one terrific draft class.

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  1. i thought the goal was to be a competitive team and actually try to win the super bowl every year??i guess thier stategy is the reason the jags sell out every game. o wait!!

  2. I think the operative word in this headline is AS aggressive. Last year Gene took the defense from the lower depths by picking 5-6 players that ended up being starters. Taking the defense to a #6 ranking…..With that in mind, he could get 2-3 offensive free agents(that could also end up as starters)….Not AS aggressive, but still.

  3. We signed 5 starters on defense last year plus an offensive lineman for depth. I’d expect to see at least 1 huge FA signing such as Mario Williams, Vincent Jackson, Marques Colston, etc. and then maybe 1-2 other free agents. The Jags have money to spend and Khan has said he’s willing to spend to the cap. There will be signings. Fear not, fellow Jags fans.

  4. If the Jags lose money one year and are under the league average in revenue the following two years, Khan can escape the Stadium lease. Which may, or may not be his long term goal.

  5. Posluszny was a free agent hit? It was pretty much a celebration in Buffalo to replace him and Whitner with Nick Barnett and George Wilson this season.

  6. Agree. He’s right that you can’t looking to fill so many spots in free agency every season, but you also aren’t a historically bad passing offense every season. This offseason, like last, is one of those times that you’ve got to spend some money and get some good players. Those defensive signings last season turned that defense around, and they need to do the same with the offense with WR’s and some backup OLs. They’ve got plenty of money and cap space to do it. Get it done and you won’t have to worry about FA’s or so many draft busts when you actually field a respectable team for once.

  7. Just think, they could’ve kept Garrard for a year and then would be in prime position to trade up for RG3 or pick up Matt Flynn in FA. Instead, they’re stuck with Blaine Gabbert for at least another year and expect to “build” through the draft without a 2nd round pick.

    Good luck selling tickets next season.

  8. Only in Jacksonville are the signings of Paul Poluszny and Aaaron Kampman considered to be agressive in FA……….and only in people in Jacksonville probally have a good idea who 85% of their free agents are

  9. That’s not where we want to be, but that’s where we are. We have needs. If we spend in FA this offseason, then we have the freedom to draft BPA and continue our process of building the right way.

  10. Paul Posluzny was a hit? Watch him play! Makes most tackles 5 yards downfield. Can’t cover. Makes no game changing plays. Grossly over-rated and overpaid. But good for him. He is a nice guy.

  11. babyhorsemorgan said–if they lose money one year and are below the league average in revenue for the next two years Khan can escape the lease…uh, where do you get the last part…..They have to lose MONEY for three consecutive years…Hasn’t happened yet, with down economy and mediocre teams….stop manufacturing reasons for the Jaguars to leave Jacksonville!

  12. Do yall haters feel better now that you all got the ‘funny’ misinformed and tiresome LA remarks, and preliminary Gabbert disses?

    I’m a true Jags fan standing up for my team, so on and delete my post; Only control freaks delete cordial and inoffensive posts.

  13. thepatriotsaregay says: Feb 28, 2012 11:15 PM

    LOL have the jaguars ever been agressive in anything?

    Losing and releasing quarterbacks days before the regular season.

  14. You people regurgitate the same comments every Jaguar topic. Doesn’t matter what the topic is all you write “tarps, LA, sellouts and Gabbert sucks”. At least come up with some new jabs people. A little creativity please.

    This is the false perception that the media has portrayed about the city of Jax and the Jaguar organization. Especially when it comes to tarps and attendance. Although I blame them for not having any facts behind to back up their stories and just piggybacking off what everyone else says or writes about Jaguars, I also blame Wayne Weaver for just sitting around and allowing every single sports news outlet bash your business/company. By continuing to keep the same people in the same positions and watching your business go from once a great organization to the butt of all jokes is his fault. So enjoy it while it last people. In due time.

  15. Funny how so many people can talk so much! Like the guy from Orlando that claims to be Phin.. Like your team is any better. Jags sold more tickets then both the Bucs and the Phins. Go jags.

  16. lumas101 says:Feb 28, 2012 10:11 PM

    Posluszny was a free agent hit? It was pretty much a celebration in Buffalo to replace him and Whitner with Nick Barnett and George Wilson this season.

    Yeah, I guess that’s why the Jaguars with Poz were the #6 defense in the league, and the Bills without Poz were #26…

  17. Fact check: The Jags only had 5 draft picks last year. The 6 defensive free agency moves they made took their defense from 28th to 6th. Bash away at that I guess.

    All he is saying is what everyone else is, the draft is very deep through 3 rounds. They will still bring in a big FA or 2, but not 6.

    Yep, looks like that one positive Jags article last week was enough. Back to leading the mindless sheep in Jag bashing! Tarps! Moving to LA! Gabbert is a bust!

  18. There has to be some smoke here. The owner says on record he will spend to the cap and has a thousand fans up to the stadium where he shows a picture of someone pushing stacks of chips forward at a poker table. The owner says he is ALL IN publicly and Gene floats a comment that they won’t be as aggressive. I interpret this to mean they have a couple high priced targets that could slide in as starters. Signing Super Mario and Colston or Stevie J would please the fanbase and plug some holes. They will get another starter with the 1st Round pick whether it be CB, WR or DE. Mincey might not want to price himself out of reality.

  19. “POS” WAS a good FA pickup…from watching every game – the dude was all over the field – sideline to sideline – with good speed and quickness.

    Those tackles 5-7 yds down the field were usually made shutting down plays that could have turned into bigger gains…his tackling was something the Jags definitely needed.

    We need a DE End…some help in secondary – but most pressing need is for more weapons on Offense.

  20. Tossing Garrard a week before the season and signing a McCown were just 2 of many Del Rio gaffes. The first rule in the GM handbook should be “If you sign a McCown,you’re going down.”

  21. honestly, Poz was considered a hit? yikes… i didnt know how bad their oither signings were…. i cant express the collective sigh of relief that occurred in Buffalo when he signed somewhere else…. (plus just the absolute SHOCK that someone else wanted the guy)….

  22. To quote the biggest dork in sports radio (Jeff Prosser of Sports Final Radio) “This is the biggest non-story in football!” Jags owner Shad Khan has repeatedly stated he believes in building through the draft. With that said, you don’t “plug holes” with the draft. If a team tried that they would always have holes with players retiring, being cut or leaving free agency! The Jaguars defense improved from the mid to late 20’s in defensive rankings as a result of quality free agent signings in which the offense was totally ignored. The Jaguars offense is like the ugly girl in high school you don’t want to be seen with for fear being laughed at. Shad Khan is a smart business person and he knows that you have to have a good product if you want to stay in business. Another point of Khann is to make the Jaguars known internationally, and he doesn’t want to be known internationally as a bad team that can’t score points or win games. The Jags will make a big splash in free agency with at least a few top tier players and if Khan wants to sell tickets to make those tarps a distant past like he’s stated then he needs to have a PR meeting with Gene Smith behind closed doors because this is the time of year when fans really start to look toward next season. Can I get a Amen?

  23. just trade all your picks for tebow and call it a day, he’s better than the blonde bomber you have now and fans up there love them some tebow. Sell tickets + ????? =Profit

  24. Is he Fnn Serious….? Cancel my season tickets, I swear if they don’t sign some help they can take my money out of their bank accounts…. Calling right now to cancel, so sick of GS and his dumb as.. way of thinking….! Go Broncos…..

  25. Translation: Most of the players that they would be interested in are either being resigned or franchised.

    There are several teams with the same cap room as the Jags, and the few high-caliber players who do hit the market will be severly overpaid.

    I see that trend continuing to happen with the salary floor in place next year. Teams who have managed the caps well will have to overspend on some players just to reach the minium.

  26. “raqaiw says:
    Feb 29, 2012 6:59 AM
    Tossing Garrard a week before the season and signing a McCown were just 2 of many Del Rio gaffes. The first rule in the GM handbook should be “If you sign a McCown,you’re going down.””

    How was dumping Garrard a gaffe? If anything, it was a great move. He wasn’t going to play because of his back injury. He wasn’t going to pass the exit physcial because of the back but he signed the injury waiver anyway. It saved the team from paying a QB that wasn’t going to play. Now that money rolls over to the 2012 cap.

  27. It’s so funny how uninformed some people are and how they just keep spewing the same nonsense over and over.

    Releasing an injured and washed up Garrard wasn’t really a nice thing to do, but it was the best thing to do.

    Poz was a fantastic signing and a rousing success. The guy was all over the field and anchored one of the best defenses in the league. You can’t argue the statistics.

    The Jaguars have the worst WR corps in the history of the NFL, so tell me again how bad Gabbert was? Just having more TDS than INTs (12-11) should be considered a successful rookie season with those bums he was throwing to. And don’t forget the kid came out of college a year early, so 2011 was basically his senior year of college.

    If you don’t know the NFL or aren’t smart enough to understand basic facts it may be best to keep your mouth shut. I know a message board such as this allows a certain level of anonymity, but come on people. You’re really showing your ignorance of the game. It’s OK to criticize, but it’s not OK to keep spewing inaccurate facts over and over and over.

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