Patriots prepared to lose Matt Light, Dan Koppen


In the weeks since the Patriots lost the Super Bowl, we’ve passed along reports noting that tackle Matt Light could retire, and that center Dan Koppen could leave via free agency.

The Patriots are prepared for both scenarios.

Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe reports that the Patriots are satisfied with where they are on the offensive line even if both Light and Koppen depart this offseason.

New England expects veteran right guard Brian Waters to return for another year and to sign center Dan Connolly to a new deal before the free agency period starts on March 13. The Patriots also like what they have in young offensive linemen Nick McDonald, Ryan Wendell and Marcus Cannon, and they’d be satisfied with Nate Solder and Sebastian Vollmer as their starting tackles.

It’s still far from a sure thing that Light will retire at the age of 33. But if he does, the Patriots think they’ll be just fine without him.

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  1. It would be good to see Matt come back for one more run at a title. He had a great season in 2011, and was terrific in the playoffs and Super Bowl. I thought he was their best and most consistent OL all season long, and he provides leadership and stability on that unit.

  2. Light had a great 2011 and for that matter was better in 2010 than he was for about 2 or 3 years prior. With Vollmer injured for much of the year is was great having Light back for another season. Hopefully, he comes back for one more season.
    As far as Koppen….well….it may be time to move on and find a bigger, stronger player at that position. Would not be suprised if a center is taken by the Pats in the first or second round.

  3. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for you. It’s been great but time waits for no man. God speed to the both of you.

  4. Light played the best of his career last year and I hope he comes back for one more run. The Patriots need the depth, especially when you saw how much time Vollmer lost because of his back injury. Come on Matt, one more year!

  5. Light’s best days are well behind him, and the Pats have Solder, Vollmer, and Cannon that can all play tackle on both sides.

    I don’t know where Dan Koppen thinks he’s going. A 32 year old center that missed just about all of last season. But I expect the Pats to address the interior offensive line early in the draft either way.

  6. I had hoped Light would play out the last year then retire. They have depth issues if he retires, and Volmer missed so much time last season I would be worried if they had to try and keep him upright all year.

    Definitely have to use some of those 1000 draft picks on the line again this year.

    The starters are fine, depth isnt.

  7. Heading into 2011, I would have expected Light to be close to retiring. But after the excellent season he had, I’m not sure anymore. He was fantastic this past year. I hope he sticks around for another year or two.

    If we could stop Mankins from being abused like a redheaded stepchild against speed guys, that would be very beneficial. If HE retired, it wouldn’t be as much of a loss on that line….crazy to think, but it’s true.

    As for Koppen…I think the younger Connolly is the way to go. Kop has been great on the line since he came in for Damien Woody in 2003…but he’s allowed a lot of pressure up the middle recently. If he’s not back, I certainly wish him well!

  8. sj39 says: Feb 28, 2012 8:36 AM

    Patriots prepared to lose.

    There, fixed that heading for you.


    Yup, 1 losing season in the past 15. You sure know your stuff. Keep at it!

  9. As a Patriots fan that would be sad to see them leave. Both were key parts of the Super Bowl champion teams. All that would be left from those teams would be Brady, Branch, and Faulk if he doesn’t retire

  10. I’d like to know just where this knowledge of what the Pats are prepared for comes from. Does Bedard sit in on the meetings of the Pats top people? Do they come out of those meetings and tell Bedard everything that was discussed in those meetings? Inquiring minds want and have the right to know. If Bedard has access to the inner sanctum Pats fans have a right to know this.

  11. .

    This retirement talk is bizzaro. The man is only 33 and plays an integral position at a high level on a very competitive team. Unless this is about money, it doesn’t make sense.


  12. Although I’ve really enjoyed watching Matt Light play all these years, I hope he calls it a day. Thirteen seasons on the line in the NFL causes a lot of damage to a human body, and the longer one plays, the worse the long term damage is, near as I can tell.

    Light’s had a great career, so if he’s been smart with his money, I hope he packs it in and spends time with his family and a new career if he feels like working or else just taking it easy for awhile.

  13. If Light leaves, it is to retire. Koppen is no real loss. Connolly didn’t make the line calls, but he can learn. He does everything else better that really matters. They will probably add to the O Line later in the draft if they need to do so.

  14. dspyank2k11 says:
    Feb 28, 2012 8:31 AM
    Sweet! Matt, Light the way to Buffalo my friend!!!


    You want him in Buffalo as a coach? Doesn’t the article clearly state that he is considering retirement? Usually (by usually I mean every player ever except for Brett Favre) when players retire they don’t go play for other teams.

  15. How in the hell did the Chiefs let Brian Waters leave? That dude.. with Will Shields was straight money..

    Once again.. Pats prepare for the inevitablity of dudes wanting too much cash.. or time to cut the rope while its slacking.. Saints.. take the hint.. you gonna pay Carl Hicks WHAT??

  16. Thats what happens when you fleece other teams for draft picks. You have replacements and don’t have to panic and jump into free agency or trade the patriots all your picks to get one particular guy.

    Lolling at the Falcons, Redskins, and Raiders.

  17. The Pats have a lot of picks again and can do some real dealing to shore up the defense and be more competitive next year.

  18. The Giants just showed the Pats (again) what happens if you don’t protect Tom Brady and their answer is to let go of two of their best offensive lineman? Hmm…

  19. Richard, I think they should be more mad they gave a big contract to know, the guy who actually had a crap SB game…AGAIN.

    Waters outplayed him pretty heftily this year in his first year in NE. He even installed the KC silent count. He was tremendous as was Light. A fair amount of us Pats fans have been thinking new center for a couple years now. Kop has made the most of what he is and was steady for years but it’s time to move on I think. I’ll miss Matty if he leaves.

  20. “Patriots prepared to lose Matt Light, Dan Koppen”


    I wonder what dirty trick they’ll pull in order to fix this situation…

  21. The Giants just showed the Pats (again) what happens if you don’t protect Tom Brady and their answer is to let go of two of their best offensive lineman? Hmm…

    Ahem, Koppen is one of the Patriots best offensive linemen?
    Run that by me again?
    Then please watch some Patriots football games before commenting further.

    All due respect but Koppen almost single-handedly lost the ’07 Super Bowl for N.E.
    I’m sure Justin Tuck and Jay Alford very much appreciate him, though.

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