Garay is expected to hit the open market

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With all the talk about Chargers free-agent-to-be receiver Vincent Jackson, not much attention has been devoted to the team’s other potential free agents.

Among the free agents is defensive lineman Antonio Garay.  According to a league source, it’s unlikely that the Chargers and Garay will work out a new contract before March 13.  Which means that Garay will hit the open market.

Garay, who entered the league in 2003, joined the Chargers in 2009.  A career backup, he became a starter in 2010.  Last year, he appeared in 16 games with 13 starts.

He has experience in both a 4-3 and 3-4, but he most recently has played in a 3-4.

17 responses to “Garay is expected to hit the open market

  1. He’ll be a good fit in Indy or Houston, maybe KC.

    They all need Nose tackles.

    I say he goes to Indy if Peyton stays then if not Houston and last option KC.

  2. If he has a high motor and a run stopper we will take him in Indy, we have his former D-coordinator here now burt whats on thethe back ofin his head? Lol. A pumpkin face?

  3. Or, you know, he could stay with the Chargers.

    Just because he hits the open market doesn’t mean he can’t re-sign with the team.

    With all the potential upgrades on the FA market this year, it’s smart to save cap space in the hopes of landing a game changer.

  4. My Chargers wishlist:

    *Pick up Carl Nicks to replace Dielman
    *Pick up Paul Soliai from Miami
    *There are a lot of legit FA DE’s they SHOULD go after
    *Keep Tolbert
    *Release Cason and pick up another CB
    *Do not resign Steve Gregory and get a new safety

    The Chargers are sooo weak at every position, hence that’s why I think they should pick up anyone and everyone they can in free agency

  5. I love Pouha for my Jets, but Garay and I went to the same high school and my brother used to wrestle with his…so I can’t fight this urge to wish there was some way Pouha could grab a great contract elsewhere and the Jets snag Garay.

  6. He’s a NJ State wrestling champ (that’s not easy).
    I practiced on the same mats as this dude. He is built like a damn machine. Scary.

    I’d like nothing more than for this dude to come home to the GMeN and help us defend our title.

    GO HOME!!

  7. garay had a great year in 2010, but really fell off the face of the earth in 2011

    but maybe with a fresh start somewhere else he can rejuvinate his career like sproles did

    familiarity = lack of production in sd

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