Kevin Faulk hasn’t decided to retire, yet


A week in the Bahamas with the recently unretired Randy Moss has Patriots running back Kevin Faulk not ready to call it a career.


Faulk tells Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald that the 13-year veteran has yet to decide on his future in football.  But if/when Faulk quits playing, he’s hoping to find a way to stay with the Patriots.

“Of course, I’d like to be involved in the New England Patriots,” Faulk said.  “Let’s keep it at that.”

But he didn’t keep it at that.

“I’ve been here 13 years playing and if I happen to retire or they don’t happen to bring me back, I’m still going to be a New England Patriot. . . . I’m very blessed and fortunate that I have a few options,” Faulk said.

Faulk hinted that he’d be interested in a coaching position.  His head coach, Bill Belichick, made Faulk a healthy scratch in Super Bowl XLVI.

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  1. It was pretty obvious that Kevin Faulk was brought back for his lockerrom leadership and it is also apparant that he has lost a step or two since his surgery.

    6ball brings up a great point that if the Pats suffered a serious injury at the RB spot Faulk could be brought back.

    Retire and join Ivan Fears cosching the RB’s. Kevin Faulk has had a great career as a Patriot and will join the group at One Patriots Place in Foxborough.

  2. He was this year’s Troy Brown, a Patriots legend that held on too long and was a shell of himself. It was sad to see. I’d love to see him return as a coach in some way. Maybe as an assistant to Ivan Fears (RB Coach) or even as a kick returner coach

  3. @billybob, while I agree his and Troy’s last year were pretty similar in that it showed they weren’t close what they once were, I doubt BB would use a roster spot on anyone JUST for sentimental reasons nor would he let someone be on the team who he felt was “holding on too long”. As great as Faulk (and Troy B) were as Patriots BB doesn’t “hand out” roster spots to guys for no reason.

  4. True he’s probably held on too long but he’s shown great character in the way he handled being inactive for the Super Bowl. A large percentage would have thrown a full blown temper tantrum and/or made excuses and been downright bitter about the situation. Faulk has handled this perfectly.

  5. When he first came into the league and was part of this team I said “get rid of or trade him”. I didn’t think he was good enough. That was for about the first 2-3 years. Then all of a sudden it was like a light switch was turned on and we saw the guy who personafided what “Mr. Patriot” is on this team. Glad he has been here and like a prior post stated, will look forward to seeing him in 1 Patriot place. I hope they find some kind of spot with him in the organization. Maybe he can join Troy on the tube. He is well spoken and does well in front of a mic. I believe we can stick a fork in him at this point – he is done. But thanks for all the hard work and memories during the past decade.

  6. When you’re 5’8″, 205, 34 years-old and are coming off a torn ACL chances are you’re not long for the NFL. That was Faulk’s scenario coming into this past season. On top of that, your club just used a 2nd round pick on your soon-to-be successor, Shane Vareen.
    Love K. Faulk but it was evident he had lost a step, maybe even two, last year. He’ll always have 3 rings and be a great Patriot.
    But as Chuck Noll used to say, “time to move on with your life’s work.”

  7. Kevin is an all-time Patriot. I used to wonder how other teams and their fans must have felt watching this little guy, not actually even that fast (quick, but not fast) continue to beat them over and over again with big plays on 3rd down. Kevin was terrific on the screen, very reliable in the clutch, great blitz pick-up….man, what a football player! He is, now and forever, a Patriot.

  8. Kevin Faulk is completely awesome.

    He’s also in denial. It’s time to retire. He’s 35 and wasn’t in the biggest game because the team felt they could go without him.

  9. Great player and Patriot. One of my favorite memories is a play where he made Troy Polamalu eat Faulk’s elbowguard on the way to a rushing TD in one of the AFC championship games. It’s the little things sometimes.

  10. “Kevin Faulk hasn’t decided to retire, yet”


    He doesn’t need to.

    I’m sure Terrell Owens’ new IFL team could use a RB…

  11. One tidbit of this piece that is not central but still perhaps significant; obviously Randy is still connected with the Pats.

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