Jets hope to sign Jarret Johnson


Most of the talk surrounding the Jets this offseason has been about potential changes on offense, but coach Rex Ryan thinks one of his old players in Baltimore, Jarret Johnson, could be the right man to bolster the defense.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets are interested signing Johnson, a free agent outside linebacker who has played his entire nine-year NFL career with the Ravens. That includes six seasons when Ryan was one of the Ravens’ assistant coaches, so he and Johnson know each other well.

Johnson has started all 16 games for the Ravens for five consecutive years, and the Ravens have said they’d like to have him back. There’s also talk that new Colts coach Chuck Pagano, who was the Ravens’ defensive coordinator last year, may want to sign Johnson. So he has a good chance of making good money when free agency begins on March 13.

After the Ravens’ defense pounded the Jets last season, Johnson was named the AFC defensive player of the week.

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  1. Here and I thought that the Raven’s didn’t have any defensive talent. That the whole thing was due to the outstanding coaching of Sexy Rexy. Here we go again. Rex can’t figure out with Tannenbaum how to draft good players, so he has to come and take from the Ravens.

    I would prefer to keep JJ. But someone will overpay him and he is a good guy, so I really hope he breaks the bank. Preferably, the Jest bank.

  2. He’s a younger version of Bryan Thomas (2 years) that’s great against the run but can’t rush the passer. He probably can bolster the run defense but it might cost the Jets too much then what they can spend. They have other needs that need to be addressed first (S, WR, RT, G)

    Good safeties can allow Rex to go back to blitzting 50% of the time to apply pressure (they’ll never get a pass rusher)

  3. You can’t fault the man if he goes after the money, but if he wants to use his remaining years playing for titles, then he will work it out with the Ravens.
    JJ is a fan favorite in Baltimore and would be missed.

  4. Hold the phones…..The Jets are looking for another defender to come from the Ravens to their squad? Say it ain’t so. That being said, JJ is a good player who would fit in well wherever he goes.

  5. Has there every been a Def of Player that left the Ravens and stilled played at a high level???….Bart Scott (will be Cut) Ad. Thomas (Where is he?) Gary Baxter (career over) the list go’s on.

  6. You can’t keep them all and if Rex or Chuck Pagano wants to pay ‘da man, he would be unwise not to take the money and run.

    That said, keep in mind the cautionary tales of former Ravens (Bart Scott, Adalius Thomas, Duane Starks) that found that the only thing greener in other climes is the money. Most former Ravens never perform at nearly the same level as they did when they were in the Ravens nest!

  7. Have the Jets been given “special” permission to carry 100+ players this upcoming season? It seems I’ve read where the Mighty Jets want to acquire EVERY elite player up for free agency! Rexy still talks the talk, but just has no true hold on reality.

  8. Love JJ, but if he goes to the Jets it’ll just be for the payday. I don’t blame him for that at all but he’s not the last piece to their championship puzzle and in a few years he’ll be forgotten like Bart Scott and Jim Leonhard.

  9. Hate to see JJ leave, but he needs to go where the money is. Jets are the trash heap for Ravens castoffs, so that’s where I’d expect to see him.

  10. rayvens says:
    Mar 1, 2012 12:44 PM
    Has there every been a Def of Player that left the Ravens and stilled played at a high level???….Bart Scott (will be Cut) Ad. Thomas (Where is he?) Gary Baxter (career over) the list go’s on.


    Not one of those guys you listed was Defensive Player of the Year.

  11. @brstevens

    Leonhard is pretty important to the Jets, actually. It’s no coincidence that our defense was gouged to the tune of 45 points each time we lost him for the season, before NE in ’10 and then before the Eagles game this past season. He’s a big part of Rex’s defense, because he’s the “QB of the defense.” With names like Eric Smith and Tracy Wilson, Jim is probably the only competent safety we have.

  12. As others have said, JJ is a big fan favorite here in Baltimore, a true iron man when it comes to not missing games, and he arguably the best OLB at setting the edge and controlling the opposition’s run game and is no slouch in coverage either. That said, he has never been a great pass rusher and he is on the downside of his career, Indy or the Jets will likely overpay him. Much respect for all he has done for the Ravens, but in limited time Paul Kruger has already shown that if he can get a little stronger in defending the run, he is already 3 times the pass rusher JJ ever was

  13. Other than the Whines Hard thrashing from this past season my favorite JJ moment was when he stripped McNabb of the ball and flipped it up to himself and took off downfield in one smooth motion. That one play got McNabb benched so that Ed Reed could return the longest INT in history in the second half(shout out to Kev Kolb)
    Good luck and Godspeed JJ.

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