Ndamukong Suh stays humble after disappointing season

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Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh exploded onto the NFL scene as a rookie in 2010, earning Associated Press Defensive Rookie of the Year honors while leading all defensive tackles in sacks (10) and becoming the first rookie defensive tackle to garner first-team All-Pro accolades since 1951.

But 2011 was a different story. Suh missed two games due to a suspension, only recorded four sacks in 14 starts, and didn’t even make the Pro Bowl.

Appearing on KTAR Radio in Phoenix, a humbled Suh was asked whether he believes he’s the best defensive tackle in the NFL.

No, I don’t,” said Suh, according to Sports Radio Interviews. “I think I have a lot of work ahead of myself to even be considered in that group. But I’m definitely not going to hold myself down in any means in terms of having an opportunity to be up there with some of the greats.”

Suh returned to the Lions’ facility last week to watch game film and attempt to perfect his craft. He changed the subject when asked about his controversial on-field conduct.

“I think the biggest thing is just moving past everything and looking forward to the 2012 season,” said Suh. “Like I said, I was lucky enough to be back in Detroit doing some different things earlier last week and preparing for the upcoming season. … That’s where my focus is and I think that’s the most important thing.”

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  1. Personally I have a hard time labeling his season disappointing.

    I know you media types only look at sacks, but beyond the boneheaded suspension he was still a force in the middle. Look at what guys like Avril were able to do while Suh got double teamed on every play.

  2. Who was disappointed in his season? The Lions we’re 10-6 and went to the playoffs. He was a disruptive force and will make Avril a multimillionaire by colapsing the pocket all season.

  3. I’ve seen every snap of his NFL career and the bottom line is this…. the defense is lesser when he’s he’s not in the game. Period.

  4. I also have a hard time calling his season disappointing. The pressure up the middle is what helped free-up the defensive ends.

    I think if you ask Cliff Avril, he’ll tell you the interior defensive line deserves a lot of credit for his steller year.

    But putting all of that aside – Suh said the things you expect an NFL professional to say in an interview. That shows a level of maturity that his critics frequently don’t give him credit for having.

  5. People will probably jump in here and start bagging on him again, which is a shame, and proves nothing about Suh only about the character of the poster. Let a guy live down his mistakes and finish eating his man-size slice of humble pie.

  6. +100 thumbs up @waitingguilty…

    Suh is displaying a work ethic and humility. Congratulations, Lion fans. This man will kill for you now. Ok not literally, you know what I mean.

  7. Like everyone else, I also have a hard time calling his season disappointing. I think anyone that watched the Lions can appreciate how dominant & disruptive he can be. He’s the defensive heart of the Lions and he can only get better.

  8. He wasn’t disappointing. Teams just adjusted. The guys on the other side of the ball are pros too. 4 sacks for a DT is still solid, and DTs tend to contribute in ways that don’t show up on the stat sheet.

    If Suh could take his off-field humility and maturity and apply some of it to his on-field conduct, he might help his team for a full 16+ games next season. It is clear listening to him talk that he is smart. I don’t know why he’s suck a knucklehead when he puts a helmet on.

  9. I’ve only watched the Lions when they play the Packers, so I don’t have a personal opinion, but several websites that grade players have him graded somewhat poorly this year. They do look at every play and not just sacks, but it seems his year was indeed disappointing, at least for his personal performance.

  10. Sue made some major mistakes to be sure. I think the punishment sent down was not enough for the stomping. But also some people mistakes and learn from them. He deserves a chance to make good on what he did and if he can remain humble, he is on the right track. I wish him the best in his efforts!

  11. I’ve been pretty negative on Suh, but I hope he is finally “getting it” and turns his attitude around.
    He always had the potential to be a great one, if he can respect the game while continuing to play hard, he will not only win games for Detroit but also win over many fans.

    ….. and I am not a Lions fan

  12. When you do something as boneheaded as what he did you are going to be questioned about it. His comments since the incident were always “thats in the past”. Well yeah Dummy! We can’t ask about something that hasn’t happened yet. Own it and then you can move past it.

    That said…. I also don’t agree with the “disappointing” label. We’re always too in to stats and not enough context. He was disruptive and allowed others to be successful. You always have to account for Suh and that usually involves double-teams. I’d call that a success.

    Its good to hear that this guy is hitting the filmroom and not just counting on his brute strength. Good luck Mr Suh.

  13. Mr. Suh…you and your team are exciting to watch. I am a 49ers fan but find myself rooting for you(unless you play SF of course).Hope you keep it clean and stay on the field where you belong. With you, Avril, Fairley, etc. i think next year could be even better.

  14. Suh spent the season trying to jump the snap count on every play and trying to get to the QB… He’s got to learn what his job is, and what it isn’t.

  15. I love his on field pit bull attitude and his off field charity work and humble demeanor, I hope this guy never changes what he’s about

  16. He had a couple of blah games but I wouldn’t say it was a disappointing season by the typical NFL standards. I guess it’s a little disappointing in respects to 2010 and having the suspension as well, but he set his own bar pretty high. He wasn’t the best but I would say there was only a handful that did better. Pretty good accomplishment when you are only in your 2nd year if you ask me. Just needs to clean it up a bit and not let his frustrations get the better of him. I imagine it’s easier said than done up in the trenches though.

  17. The fact that he said he was not the best DT in the league and he has tons of work to do makes this guy scary because he is one of the best right now soon to be the best in the future if he works his tail off

  18. (sigh) When will people learn that sacks is a VERY UNDERRATED STAT for DT. Oddly enough I learned this from playing the superstar mode on Madden at DT (laugh all you want but I learned something valuable about Dline play that applies to real life) The goal of DT is to eat space or push the pocket depending on scheme. Good/great DT who push the pockets for the most part create oppurtinities for other players to get a boatload of sack examples include Suh/Avril, Williams wall/allen and edwards, Rattliff/Ware. Not to say Allen or Ware are not elite but the truth is without a DT pushing the pocket the QB will do what Brees did to the Lions step up pass good/great pass rushers and sit in the pocket. For the most part the only way to judge a DT season is to watch the tape. Did he control run gaps, did he push the pockets, his discpline. I hold these over suh’s head as sign as decline in performance rather then low sack numbers. One of the WIlliams brother had a year we had 3 sacks and still was consider elite and went to the probowl

  19. I wish Suh was a Cowboy having him lined up next to Jay Ratliff and having Demarcus Ware on the outside our D would be amazing well maybe not amazing because our secondary is so horrible but id take Suh over anyone other than Ratliff and Ware on our defense

  20. OK. LEt me first start off by saying i am a diehard lions fan. Ive seen it all from this team and have wasted thousands of dollars buying the sunday ticket to watch my motor city kitties. This year was the first time in 10 years that I was actually rewarded, seeing that we made the playoffs finally. But Suhs play and character was not want you want from one of your top 3 players on the team. I have read numberous reports from detroit articles, websites and etc.. that Vandenbush and corey williams tried teach him and talk to him and he doesnt want anything of it. I hate warren sapp but he mad several great points regarding suhs play on and off the field this year. Suh needs to take credit for his stumping incident and stop trying to blame other people. Just like the accident he had in Portland where he crashed into the tree, I’m not taking sides on what the witnesses said but its just another red flag that comes up that alarms a Lion fan. Now for his play this year, he definitly took a step back. I know he was double teamed a lot , but he was double teamed a lot last year too. Avril had as many sacks last year as he did this year (give or take one). I hope he starts listening to the veterans who are just trying to help him and use that to only make him better. Once he does that then he can start helping are younger players like fairley and Co. But as talented as this Defensive line is suppose to be, they shouldnt be allowing 5.5 yards a carry to the saints in a playoff game. But as a die hard detroit fan and Lion fan I can only hope we draft all defensive players and if we go offensive side it better be a Offensive lineman. GO LIONS

  21. I don’t know the man, but I have seen him play and have seen / heard him talk…….and I am willing to bet he will take 4 sacks, 10-6 and play offs over 10 sacks, 6-10 and pro bowl ANY day.

  22. Suh —- 26 solo tackles to go with 4 sacks in 14 games. Doesn’t sound all that productive.

    Don’t believe the myth that Suh was double & triple teamed on every play. Watch the film.

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