Browns coach Pat Shurmur talks up Ryan Tannehill

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If the reports that the Browns aren’t enthusiastic about trading up to draft Robert Griffin III are true, does that mean Cleveland has decided against taking a quarterback in the first round of the NFL draft?

Not necessarily. Browns coach Pat Shurmur told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that he liked another quarterback he met with at the Scouting Combine: Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill. After first saying he was impressed with Griffin, Shurmur then mentioned how much he liked Tannehill.

I was equally impressed with Ryan,” Shurmur said. “Very intelligent young man. Did a nice job in the interview. It’s important in the interview that they’re able to talk about what they did when we watch their film, and I thought he did a very nice job of that. He was very productive this year after being a receiver. He played receiver for 30 games and quarterback for 21. That’s not always easy to do.”

If the Browns are considering taking Tannehill with the fourth overall pick, then they’re a lot higher on him than anyone realizes. And if the Browns are a lot higher on Tannehill than anyone realizes, Shurmur probably wouldn’t be talking up the Browns’ interest.

But Tannehill remains one of the most interesting players in this year’s NFL draft. With Andrew Luck looking like a sure thing to go first and Griffin looking like a sure thing to go second, the biggest question at quarterback is where Tannehill, widely regarded as the third-best quarterback in the draft, will end up.

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  1. Ohh for the love of God, here we go again…. Being a Browns fan is REALLY starting to suck

  2. Browns would luv to get Griffin, but are wisely hedging their bet by having a Plan B out there.

    Unlike the other teams vying to move up for RGIII, they won’t have to give away the farm to move from #4 to #2, because a handful of later and lesser value picks from Skins or Fins takes StL out of the top 5 where they won’t get a shot at Kalil, Blackmon or Claiborne.

  3. He’d probably be there in at the 36th spot for them to take then. I could be wrong, but I don’t think any QB-needy teams would take him in the top 15, and the ones 16 and down generally have other needs.

  4. Pat Shurmer: “You know what I love best about the media? They will print literally anything we say. If we told them we were hoping to trade our entire draft to the Miami Heat in exchange for Lebron James so we can bring him to Cleveland and make him a tight end, they would do a story on it”.

    “We can use them to spread whatever disinformation we want and they’ll never question it. They may question whether it would be a good move, but they will NEVER just flat out say they don’t believe us.”

    “Don’t believe me? Watch this. I am going to call Mary over at the Plain Dealer and tell her that I am just as impressed with Tannehill as I am with Griffin.”

    “Don’t laugh. I guarantee you she runs with it.”

  5. “I was equally impressed with Ryan,” Shurmur said. “Very intelligent young man. Did a nice job in the interview.

    Translation- “We want RG3!!!!!!”

  6. The guy is a QB that got moved to WR and then moved back to QB and has a LONG way to go at the position, there’s no way anyone is dumb enough to blow a first round pick this guy.

  7. Tannehill is a QB who is experienced in a west coast offense type scheme. They’re calling him the next Brett Favre. It’s no secret how much Holmgren likes Brett Favre. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the Browns hold at 4. If RGIII falls to them…great. If he doesn’t…they take Blackmon at 4 and Tannehill with their second first round pick. I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  8. The Skins shouldnt get Manning. Me as a fan I dont want him. He’s only going to play for a couple more years anyway. We need someone to develop and grow for the long haul. Plus with the Skins O-Line being as bad as it is. We need a mobile QB which plays to RGIII and Tannehill’s strengths.

  9. Preparing the fans for disappointment. They’re clearly not going to pay the price to move up to #2, so they’ve got to deal with the fallout.

  10. Can’t decide if Tannehill reminds me more of Tim Couch or Brady Quinn. Time will tell, I guess.

  11. I hate to tell everyone, but teams are going to take him before pick 22. The Browns (if they want him) will be forced to take him a lot higher than he should go.

    My best guess on his floor is Seattle.

  12. Matt Flynn is sitting there, ready to go and run your offense and the Browns are considering taking on a project like this and wasting how many years developing him? Unreal.

  13. It’s going to take two first rounders and more for any team but the Browns. Since they have 4th and 22nd that’s all they have to give the Rams. If the Rams didn’t already have Bradford we would not even be having this conversation. Don’t be stupid Browns, make the deal now.

  14. Smokescreen? .. or not? … isn’t the whole idea in talking to keep other teams guessing …

    … and of course keeping the media interested …

  15. They have to say they like someone other than RG3. Unfortunately everyone and their brother knows they need a QB and the Rams are offering up the chance to get him. Unfortunately for Cleveland if they don’t pay the huge price to get him, someone will. If Cleveland doesn’t do the deal to get the second pick, then they might as well just keep going with McCoy.

  16. There’s no way they’re considering taking him at 4. That’s just straight up ridiculous. In that bizarro world, Indy is considering taking Vontaze Burfict with the first pick.

  17. I really hope Heckert locks Shurmur and Holmgren in their offices on draft day. I dont want this clown and his puppet master anywhere near the “war room” on draft day. Pretty sure those two idiots are the reason Tom had to have a bypass after listening to their thoughts on the draft.

  18. The Browns have a wealth of options with their draft picks and are in the best position to trade with the Rams if they want. I’m glad they’re looking at lots of players, and not just the one obviously attractive option.

    Besides, especially with Tom Heckert’s recent surgery, there is little reason to believe they’ve come to a firm conclusion yet. And that’s alright, they’ve got some time. Just make the right call, Browns.

  19. In most other draft years, Tannehill might go in the 3rd round but lately every team with a slight need for QB gets happy feet and then all the QBs are gone in the 1st round.

    Living near College Station, I’ve seen him play so I don’t get what it is about all those losses that makes the NFL think he’s a winner.

  20. 4512dawg4512 says:
    Mar 2, 2012 9:11 AM

    Ohh for the love of God, here we go again…. Being a Browns fan is REALLY starting to suck

    “Starting to”? I’ve been feeling that way since 1999.

  21. Funny how Colt McCoy and Robert Griffen were all-world NCAA players in the state of Texas and the Browns are looking up this other guy whom most people don’t what he looks like.

  22. td40 says:
    Mar 2, 2012 10:14 AM
    4512dawg4512 says:
    Mar 2, 2012 9:11 AM

    Ohh for the love of God, here we go again…. Being a Browns fan is REALLY starting to suck

    “Starting to”? I’ve been feeling that way since 1999.

    yea but you have been re-building since 1994….lol…but seriously I don’t know how you all do it and I give the Browns fans props for staying loyal cause that’s some REAL dedication there and I miss our rivalry!!!

  23. Rams are asking waaay too much for that 2nd overall pick. Where’s free agency when u need it? And, who can afford to mortgage their future on one guy? Any team that’s drafting near the Rams has a lot more holes than just QB…including my Redskins. No way does Shanny give them all those picks to move up 4 spots! Cleveland is in the drivers seat as well…you have 2 1st round picks…sit tight and wait for free agency Browns! You’re not going to make a deal before free agency anyway. Why would you unless the Rams make an offer that you can’t refuse? Rams are going to overplay their cards. Hail!

  24. P.S. Cleveland sign Flynn and Redskins sign Manning. That leaves Miami and they can take Tannehill. Please Rams….draft RGIII!! What the Rams should have done is float the potential of Bradford being traded (he would have to play along with a restructure). A simple smokescreen.

  25. ramdave

    “The browns are the browns”

    because unlike the rams, they don’t know how to suck enough to get the first or second picks in the draft year, after year, after year.

    The Browns wanted Bradford bad. But, the epitome of sucking sneaked in and sucked way worse, in the weakest division in football. The Chris Long pick…same thing.

    This year… same thing.

    Although the Browns are in the toughest division in football they still haven’t figured out how to suck properly (see also A.J. Green, Mangini going on a four game win streak at the end of a disasterous season, etc…)

    The one thing the Rams have shown to be consummate professionals at is the ability to suck and suck really bad. You guys should do seminars on it and charge big money.

  26. One thing is for sure……

    Ain’t no one from the Browns organization that’s come out and said that McCoy is their guy, and they’ll be working hard to put quality players around him.

    Sure, the Browns are playing smokescreen with their intentions. A running QB like Griffin could play the West Coast Offense just like Michael Vick does and Steve Young did. But Tannehill learned WCO concepts playing for Mike Sherman, and Matt Flynn and Kevin Kolb have learned them in the NFL. So that makes 4 QB’s that can fit with the Browns, and probably another one or two to come.

    The good news is that Colt McCoy’s father won’t have to make phone calls to the coaching staff when his son gets hurt. (Ben Watson had 3 concussions this past year and no one from his family placed a call and then went crying to the newspapers.)

    IMHO Colt McCoy is simply not cut out for the NFL. It’s good to see the Browns looking elsewhere.

  27. Tribe&Browns&Cavs says:
    Mar 2, 2012 9:59 AM
    You do realize Matt Flynn has had ONE good game in FOUR years.

    Actually, it’s two, and the only two he’s played in so he has never looked even slightly bad in regular season competition.

    That’s also two more than RGIII.

  28. You do realize Matt Flynn has had ONE good game in FOUR years.
    actually two.had a pretty good game against the pats in new england in 2010.
    i hope the browns fall in love with tannehill.skins need rg3 in the worst way,and besides,browns are destined to lose,lose,lose.

  29. Does anyone out there see Brown’s fans clamoring for the front office to act and get RG3?


    Why not?

    Read the Browns message boards. There is no outcry. It seems like its about 80-90% that the fans do not want those picks traded. Browns fans are actually pretty smart football fans – guess it comes from decades of abuse.

    80-90% I think this is a fair estimate.

    I suspect they would probably go with RG3 if he fell to them, but he won’t.

    Rams, get comfortable with the #6 pick becasue that is who you are getting.

    And, I hope the Browns choose the #1 on your board. he, he

    just deserts

  30. “@rpiotro
    You do realize Matt Flynn has had ONE good game in FOUR years.”

    Actually it’s 2. The only 2 he started.

    And in the 2nd one he set Packer passing records – a team that has had Bart Starr, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers start for them for years.

  31. Keep the picks, build around McCoy or whoever you sign. Rams want too much. Hope the Browns, Redskins, Dolphins, and whoever else, call their bluff. I’m hearing they’d want our first round picks in addition to other picks. Ridiculous. Let the Rams pick Griffin. Enjoy that locker room.

  32. @Tribe&Browns&Cavs

    Two starts, two good games. He’s a gamer, and he’s prepped and ready to go.

    People can bring up the Kevin Kolb comparisons all they want, but look at Kolb’s stats – he’s had a TD to INT ratio of just about 1:1 in every season he’s seen playing time. Flynn has 9TD and 2 INT as a starter.

    Not saying they should trade with GB for him, but when he hits the market they’d be nuts not to make a play for him.

  33. In all honesty, there is probably only two QB’s that Cleveland will settle for! In my opinion, the Browns will try working a deal with the Rams before the draft, and free agency, for their second pick. If that doesn’t get done, they’ll move on, and work hard on Matt Flynn, and stay at 4 & 22 in the first round!

  34. I read Browns Forums and one thing I notice is how far apart many of them on what they should do.

    You have not been to the playoffs for a long time and have never been to a Superbowl I am not bashing I am saying build something solid and do not give the farm away.

    The Browns could have something special in a few years but what it is going to depend on is Front Office people making the right decisions.

  35. waxthat says: Mar 2, 2012 9:39 AM

    Texas A&M grad here…Tannehill is not a first round pick.


    Roethlisberger didn’t go to a big school either, but I’d say he was definitely worth the 11th pick.

  36. As soon as I heard that the Browns had picks #4 and #22 in the draft, I thought immediately of the Bengals and their picks last year. The Bengals took WR A.J. Green with the #4 pick, and took QB Andy Dalton with the #35 pick. What I see in Ryan Tannehill is a better version of Andy Dalton. Many have compared Tannehill to Brett Favre, and obviously Browns president Mike Holmgren, who was the head coach of Brett Favre’s Super Bowl winning Packers team, would love a guy like Tannehill. Even at #4, Tannehill would not be a reach because of his high ceiling. At the #22 pick, this would leave the Browns’ door open to take a receiver such as Notre Dame’s Michael Floyd, Baylor’s Kendall Wright, or the explosive Stephen Hill out of Georgia Tech. The Browns have a lot of options, and Ryan Tannehill is at the front of that debate. The selections of QB-WR at picks 4 and 22 would create a prolific tandem for years to come. Those of you saying that taking Blackmon at #4 and that Tannehill at #22 are correct in saying that it would be a good strategy, but it is just inconceivable for Ryan Tannehill to be available at #22. The Redskins (6), Dolphins (8), Seahawks (12), Jets (16), and even the Eagles (15) would be in the market to draft Tannehill before then. The Cleveland Browns should not trade for Robert Griffin III, keep their picks in place, and draft Ryan Tannehill with the fourth pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.

  37. This time of year is great, for 2 mths. we get to listen to all the hype, smokescreens, speculation. after free agency opens and signings get done the smoke will clear a little, then we get to wait another month to see who makes the big trade. I’m guessing Manning to Arizona or Miami, Flynn to K.C.or Seattle, RG3 to Was., Browns get whatever best QB available at #22. the hype over RG3 will fizzle out soon, then start back up after his pro day, then fizzle out until draft week. The only team that will be willing to give away the farm will be Was. whcih will make them better, but they will still be mediocre at best. Being a sports writer has got to be a one of the best jobs. they just get any little inof true or not and can spin it for weeks.

  38. I think it’s easy to figure out what is going on here.

    The Browns sitting at #4 will force the Redskins to trade a lot of their draft this year and some of next year in order to get in front of Cleveland for Griffin. If they don’t, Cleveland now has the option of Griffin at #4 or trading down with teams wanting Griffin. If the Redskins do move up, now the Browns have other teams thinking they might take Tannehill at #4, so those teams that were considering Tannehill at their spot, will either have to move up to #3 or offer up enough to entice the Browns to give up the #4. All this with probably no intention of taking Tannehill that early.

  39. Anyone else wish that the NFL would revamp the offseason so that it’s not a month between the end of the Super Bowl and the beginning of free agency?

    I know that time gap allows for a lot of speculation and looking forward to what players may sign with what team and all that, but it also brings about all these hints at tampering because GMs and coaches are asked about players and they respond. (On a side note, how is all of this talk from teams about going after Peyton Manning not considered tampering? Not like he is set to be a free agent under contractual terms. It’s not even 100% positive that the Colts will release him. I’ve seen tampering charges leveled for a lot less than what’s going on with Manning).

    Anyway, maybe the NFL could set it up for free agency to start 2 weeks after the Super Bowl, with the week prior being used for designating franchise players, clearing salary cap space, and allowing GMs to speak with agents for potential free agents to gauge interest in that player playing for their team. Then at the combine, teams would have an idea of what positions they still have needs at, those where they may have been spurned by the big name free agents who get signed immediately, and can focus more attention on those prospects for interviews and whatever.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but a month after the final game is a long time to wait to start the free agency period.

  40. If the Browns take rg3 in any round except to trade, it will be a bad move. They have a QB better than him already. Get McCoy a OL and some playmakers. With what is in those spots rg3, Luck or even Manning couldn’t do any better!

  41. All Matt Flynn did is play behind 2 hall of fame quarterbacks for four years, gets one or two chances and then comes in and sets records. For the first time in 25 years, the Browns’ front offices knows what they’re doing. We’re getting Flynn, drafting Blackmon and use the 22 pick to get OT Reilly Reiff, who I think is going to fall based on other team’s needs. If we can snag this guy, we could have the best offensive line in the league. We need to get 2 starting WR in this draft and fix the right side of the line. Could you image our starting WR, Blackmon, Little, and Alshon Jeffry with Cribbs in on 3d and long situations? Wow,..From pretender to contender in a hurry. Then I can make an intelligent evaluation of Colt McCoy.

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