Mickey Loomis: Drew Brees is great


Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis had a bad day Thursday when he was widely mocked over a report that he called Drew Brees merely “very good” and not “great,” and then a worse day Friday when reports emerged that he had lied to his boss and the NFL about the Saints’ bounty program. He’s going to have a lot of damage control to do in the weeks ahead about the bounty issue, but first he tried to do some damage control about Brees.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune interviewed Loomis about the Brees report before the bounty report came out, and Loomis said he thinks Brees is better than just “very good.”

I have always thought of Drew as a great player. Always,” Loomis said.

Loomis then offered a not-so-subtle reminder that there was a time, in 2006, when most of the NFL thought Brees’s injured shoulder would prevent him from ever being a great quarterback, and that Loomis led the way in the Saints signing him.

“Even when his shoulder was damaged I thought he was a great player. That’s why we wanted him, and it’s ridiculous for anyone to think otherwise,” Loomis said.

Loomis said Brees is a valuable player and “we’re trying to pay him accordingly.”

Given the kind of trouble Loomis and the Saints appear to be in right now, it would be wise from a P.R. perspective to get their best and most popular player signed soon. And to pay a great player like a great player.

15 responses to “Mickey Loomis: Drew Brees is great

  1. Drew this is Mickey I’m in serious trouble I was only kidding that your not a Great QB so much trouble there I said it YOUR A GREAT QB so please sign I’ll give you what you want…

  2. At a time when Saints may face record fines, Loomis just blew any negotiating leverage with Brees. Shrewd. Fire him Tom (maybe that will partially placate Goodell over Bountygate).

  3. Loomis needs to call a bunch of those armored trucks with his name on the side and tell them to dump their “bounty” on Drew Brees’ front lawn. Heh heh heh…

  4. Opening up a pool on what day and hour Loomis “starts pursuing other interests”. I’m going with March 6th, 11 am.

  5. sure, Brees is great….at padding his stats and playing in a dome because they have ideal conditions. outside that? ……got nothing. definitely lost respect for him last season, and now for the entire organization.

  6. Bree’s benifits from the system he is in ( most attempts by far ….plays in a dome at least 60 percent of games… and N.O doesnt hold back after they are up by 20… they still are throwing it around…. I like Bree’s but I have same knock on Manning… The Saints already have to let people go … If paying Bree’s 20 plus million a year then have to let more go…If was my fav team and fan of team, I would be looking for someone else.

  7. Considering Drew Brees isn’t having any financial troubles and spends most of his life throwing the football anyway, I don’t see why he has play for $23 million per year instead of $16 million.

    I would be mad at Brees if I were a Saints fan.

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