Teams still don’t know 2012 cap number

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In 10 days, every NFL team must be in compliance with the 2012 salary cap.  And yet no team currently knows what the 2012 salary cap will be.

A league source tells PFT that the number still hasn’t been communicated to the teams.

Without a salary cap number, it’s also impossible to determine the non-exclusive franchise tenders, since the non-exclusive franchise tenders are based on a percentage of the cap.

It’s safe to say the information will be provided at some point within the next 10 days.  Most teams presumably would prefer the information to come sooner rather than later.

11 responses to “Teams still don’t know 2012 cap number

  1. According to sources, Saints bounty program exposed when they called league office to ask what cap is on bounty programs.

    Saints – not only cheaters, but geniuses too!

  2. This is bush league. Teams should know this number to make those roster decisions even before the start of UFA.

    It should have been known before the start of the resigning period

  3. They don’t know the cap number, but they do know more steeler restructures will occur. Silly Colbert, leave the bookkeeping to the professionals.

  4. I dont understand this at all and cant see how the league can enforce this…. I have no probs with teams having to be under a cerrtain amount by a certain date ecct ecct … but for the league to wait so long before letting teams know what that amount is doesnt seem right at all especially with teams needing to franchise playrs or go a diff route on RFA or to just let a player go and what direcction team needs to go. I cant remember how it has been in the past.. but doesnt this seem a little too close to deadline without knowing a cap number ?

  5. Well then some one from the NFL needs to tell the person responsible for crunching the exact numbers to pull his head out you know where and get it done..

    If I am past my deadline I get fired. In a case like this where these teams need to know this ASAP.
    There is zero time to be dropping the ball….

  6. They are to busy trying to hem up the Saints for something that has been going on in football since inception of the freaking sport.

    Hey NFL do you job and release the freaking cap number then play good Samaritan

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