Manning, Rams may benefit from looming Dolphins-Redskins battle

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They’ve played twice before in the Super Bowl.  But their next two fights could go a long way toward determining whether either team gets back there in the near future.

As MDS pointed out earlier today, the Rams regard the Redskins to be the frontrunners for a trade for the second overall pick in the draft — the pick that undoubtedly will be used on quarterback Robert Griffin III.

But the Redskins and the Dolphins are, in our view, intertwined when it comes to two of the biggest names in the 2012 offseason.  They’re both likely to chase Peyton Manning if/when (when) the Colts cut him, no later than Thursday of this week.  And it’s likely that Manning will simply use the Redskins’ and Dolphins’ interest to drive up the price that some other team pays for his services.

So then, after the two teams swing the bat (and hit themselves in the face with it), the sense of urgency to acquire a viable alternative will increase, making both teams even more determined to get in position to get Griffin.

And then the Rams will be able to sit back and let the Dolphins and Redskins keep driving up the price.

Maybe that’s why the Rams are putting the word out that the Redskins will be the winners of the RG3 sweepstakes.  It could be that the powers-that-be already believe that it will come down to Miami and Washington, and that putting out the idea that the Redskins will win could be all the Rams need to do to get the Dolphins to kick the process into overdrive.

Coincidentally, Friday’s PFT Live included a little bit more about the off-field skirmishes in which the Redskins and Dolphins soon will be engaging.

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  1. You fail to even mention Flynn, who many think is the Dolphins most likely choice (of course they will try for Manning). Why pay that steep price in draft picks to go up for RG3 if you have a guy in free agency you think can win as a QB in the NFL.

    The Dolphins probably won’t even be able to stay in the race long enough to jack the price up because they will need to sign Flynn quickly, as he will be a coveted free agent.

  2. Pretty sure Miami will pick up Flynn. Washington and Cleveland will battle for the 2nd pick and the loser will be left looking for scraps because Manning will not go to either team. He’ll end up in Arizona or Kansas City. Just sayin

  3. If Cleveland nabs Flynn and Washington nabs Henne and drafts Tannehill and Miami gets Manning where does this leave the Rams? KC and Seattle and they won’t trade with Seattle.

    If the Rams were smart they would get this deal done before Manning gets cut loose.

    The Rams could end up without dance partners.

  4. Why do you keep saying that Miami is going to get used by Manning to drive up the price in another city? Why can’t you accept what most other fans and media outlets already have, that Manning to Miami is likely the most realistic outcome.

    Manning has a house in Miami. He is a football historian and Miami is rich in football history(hello undefeated season). Manning wants Wayne to come with him, and Wayne is from Miami. Heck even Garcon is from Miami and could join them. In Miami he would have a Pro Bowl wide receiver, a 1,000 yard running back and a top ten defense.

    Manning to Miami makes more sense than any other city in the NFL.

  5. I think the ‘skins are using Manning for leverage against the rams in trading up for cheaper just as much as Manning will use them to drive up his price. It’s a win win situation. I think MS is dead set on getting a new franchise qb, one that almost guarantees him a couple more years to develop while his son builds a case to take over for his dad. I think Manning ends up in AZ or Miami

  6. Love that you think this is settled 50+ days from the draft….Browns have more firepower and will be Rams preference to drop two picks and still get a player they covet at four…Browns will play the Tannehill game in case they do not trade up to #2, they will turn around and start taking bids at #4 for Tannehill and move down to 8 or 12

  7. If the Dolphins are smart they’ll sign Flynn who they can win with for a long time to come.

  8. This site continues to be the only outlet I know of saying that Miami is interested in RG3. Miami’s fans might be, but their QB preference pretty clearly involves Manning, Flynn, and Tannehill, in arguable order. Ireland is not going to trade picks away to draft a rookie QB because he knows he’ll be unemployed at this time next year if it doesn’t work out. Miami’s staff knows Flynn and Tannehill better than anyone, and if they’re not interested in either, they already have an edict from the owner to spend whatever it takes to get Mannning.

    Manning, Flynn, or Tannehill will be on Miami’s roster next season.

  9. Browns are in the driver’s eat for RG3. All their picks are better than Washington’s and they have an extra 1(22) THIS year. It also makes no sense for CLE to offer anything more than they have to at this early juncture.

  10. Manning to Miami makes most sense? That makes no sense! Manning is interested in money, but more interested in winning a Super Bowl. Miami is no where close to that status! Manning will end up with a team who IS a contender, not a “maybe if” team!

  11. touchdownsyndrome is correct. Redskins will use Manning negotiations as leverage to force Rams to accept trade for the #2 pick. Skins want RG3 but Shanahan is not so stupd as to give up the house like some internet hacks and bloggers are tossing around; three or four first round picks? What are these guys smoking?

    If Rams will not accept 2 first round picks and maybe a 3rd and 5th pick, then Shanahan will get serious with Peyton or look to Orton and draft Tannehill at #6.

    Browns not smart enough to trade both first round picks for RG3. The Browns may have more ammunition but Holmgren is gun shy about giving away that much. He’d rather build from draft and look for a QB like Flynn or draft Tannehill, Weedon or Foles….maybe even Cousins.

  12. Everyone keeps saying the Broncos are this dark horse team to go after RG3 but I think they are going to push and go after Manning.

    Reason being Elway doesn’t like Tebow no matter what he says in the media and he wants a QB that is more like him.

    So Elway will try and get Manning, then trade Tebow for whatever he can get for him (since they failed last year with Orton) and he will draft a QB with whatever pick they get for Tebow and groom that QB over the next 3 years under Manning

    Book it and I said it first

  13. Ok, so lets say Flynn goes to the Browns, Manning goes to the skins (since you are convinced that Manning is using Miami). How does that drive up the price of the 2nd overall pick when there is no one left to out bid? I mean there are teams like the jets and seahawks that can try to trade up but do you really think they are capable of out bidding any of those top three teams?

  14. Guy plays one game, throws 6 touchdowns, and suddenly is a hot commodity. Funny how the NFL works sometimes. Matt Flynn is one lucky dude, wherever he lands.

    Tannehill won’t amount to a Tannehill of beans, by the way. The good news though, is that he has experience as a WR and could easily make the transition should he flame out at QB. Which he will.

    Manning will not play in Washington. If you’re counting on that happening, you’re delusional. As has been mentioned many times, all of the important factors favor Miami. And if Manning performs poorly, Washington may have the last laugh, at least as far as the Peyton Manning situation is concerned.

  15. Payton wont go to Washington. Nfc east belongs to eli. Arizona too far from family. Seattle, Cleveland………..hahaha. That leaves Miami as the perfect spot. Best weather and most beautiful women hands down. Your gonna love south beach Payton.

  16. The money (and years) being equal, Manning is likely to go to either KC or Denver. Why? Because either team wins its division with Manning. The other options leave him looking at a wild card opportunity at best.

  17. Why would Manning want to go to DC he is leaving a wackjob owner why would he want to play for another one also why would he want to have to face the Giants Twice a year.

    The Giants are the best team in the NFC East how can you doubt 2 super bowl wins in 4 years?

    Payton will go to AZ or MI warm weather no fear of having to stand in the basement and look up and see Eli in the penthouse all season long.

    And no matter where RJ3 or Payton go these teams are wrecks and payton is to old to bring them to the top of the hill

  18. This site continues to be the only outlet I know of saying that Miami is interested in RG3

    I think it is because of early stories that there is an unannounced ‘Dark Horse’ team in the running for RG3. PFT seems to believe it is Miami. Other outlets are hinting at the Seattle or Denver.

    Personally I think Flynn is probably gonna end up in Miami, Manning in KC or AZ and RG3 in Wash or Cleveland. Whomever loses the RG3 fight will get Tannehill. Denver, Seattle and the loser of the Manning fight will probably have to settle for who they have now.

    As a Carolina fan, I am glad we got Newton last year. The QB sweepstakes this year are way too chaotic for me.

  19. What a lame theory…why can’t we thumbs up or down these stories??? Seems like St. Louis might want to make a deal before Manning, Flynn etc., come into play

  20. I can also see the Redskins with Manning AND a rookie. But seeking Manning will drive the price down, not up. Plus, if my ‘Skins get Manning, they can opt for Tannehill and Orton as backups.

  21. adx321. that is true about Wayne. However Wayne went to the University of Miami and has been long tied to the area. Garcon is of Haitian descent, but was born and grew up in West Palm Beach.

  22. Uh……

    According to the Washington Post, the Redskins are being investigated by the league for bounties paid when Gregg Williams was DC.

    So if the Redskins have a first and/or second draft choice this year or next taken from them by the Commissioner, exactly how high can the Redskins bid?

    Furthermore, the article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch today does NOT say the Redskins are front runners at this point. In fact, it doesn’t say any team is the front runner.

  23. The Redskins today can’t be forced to forfeit draft picks for something that happened years ago, so get off that. As far as a trading/bidding war with Miami, they’d be smart to avoid that too, keep they’re draft picks, and take someone other than rg3, unless he falls to the 6 spot.. That’s what I think.

  24. The Dolphins sign Flynn. The Cardinals sign Manning, out of the greatest need. The Redskins get RG3 if the price is right, expensive but not insane. Browns sit tight and take best player available, or trades down with someone like Seattle.

  25. “The Redskins today can’t be forced to forfeit draft picks for something that happened years ago, so get off that.”

    How do you KNOW that?

    Did you talk to the Commissioners Office?

    Why are they bothering to investigate if they’re not going to do anything?

  26. Latest reports out of Cleveland indicate that the Browns aren’t willing to part with both of their first-round picks for RG3. Could be a smokescreen, of course, but it’s true that Holmgren has never traded multiple picks for a top-of-the-draft QB in the past, so I tend to believe that he won’t do it for RG3. His track record shows him finding his QB by choosing a promising backup who already has some NFL experience (Favre, Hasselbeck), so it seems more likely that he will sign Matt Flynn, then tell the Rams what they can do with their extortion demands.

  27. how does he just leave Flynn out of the equation? what if the phins sign Flynn? there’s a lot of what ifs.

  28. The Washington Redskins will not be suckered by Jeff Fisher. They will trade down and gain a ton of extra picks and still get Brandon Weeden, a fine QB.

  29. Peyton will either end up in Miami or Arizona. The Phins don’t want to deal with Fisher who colluded with his agent and his agents son to jack up his price with the Rams and justify giving a mediocre coach with 6 out of 17 winning seasons the kind of control he never justified meriting. Then in his presser he declares that his decision was easy. Yeah, a china doll in Bradford and Jackson vs a top 5-10D, a premier WR and LT and a rejuvenated Reggie, sure Jeff. Unless Fisher is handing out big discounts, the Fins won’t be in that mix either signing Flynn or Manning.

  30. The eagles will trade a first, second, desean Jackson, Asante Samuel and Jason peters to the rams for rg3.

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