Ravens part ways with Domonique Foxworth

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As expected, the Ravens officially have terminated the contract of cornerback Domonique Foxworth.  The team announced the move on Monday afternoon.

“We appreciate all Domonique did for us the past three years, both with his play and his important leadership off the field,” G.M. Ozzie Newsome said.  “This does not preclude us from bringing back Domonique at a later date.”

The move creates $5.6 million in 2012 cap space.  Foxworth was entering the final year of his contract.

In 2010, Foxworth tore an ACL during training camp.  Foxworth complained about lingering problems with the knee in 2011, and the Ravens eventually put him on injured reserve again.

Widely believed to be DeMaurice Smith’s hand-picked selection to succeed NFLPA president Kevin Mawae, Foxworth will face the more immediate challenge of finding a new team.

Regarded as a highly-skilled defensive back, Foxworth surely will find a demand for his services if his knee is healthy.  Regardless of the duration of his playing career, he is expected to become a key component of NFLPA leadership.

The move makes it even more important for the Ravens to find a way to keep cornerback Lardarius Webb, who could draw significant interest as a restricted free agents.  The Ravens are expected to use a first-round RFA tender on Webb, but given his performance in the 2011 postseason, a team like the Patriots should be more than willing to give up a first-round draft pick to get him.

20 responses to “Ravens part ways with Domonique Foxworth

  1. Ravens are done, bottom feeders for the next 10 years, enjoy the playoff games while you had them, 6-10 at best next season….

    Thats what Steelers/Ravens fans are supposed to post on each others articles right?

  2. Cutting a player who basically missed the last two seasons makes it more important to keep their #1 corner?

  3. If his knee is ok, I wouldn’t mind seeing him back in Denver. And I can see him being regarded as a highly skilled corner – it’s his physical issues that have been the problem.

  4. Dead weight at best. I’ll gladly recoup that $5.6M on the cap.

    As the Ravens continue to drop players with replacements already in place (Webb & Jimmy Smith), the Squealers continue to drop starters with no real replacement in mind. Good luck with unproven players filling gaps in your OL, DL, LBs & starting the season without your #1 RB.

    Torrey Smith owns you.

    Enjoy 3rd place in 2012. That’s right, I gave Cincy the one up assuming they make some moves with their mass cap space.

  5. @Steeley McBeam

    You’re supposed to say that Ray is a murderer, our SB is beating the Steelers, and that Flacco is terrible.

    We’re supposed to tell you on Steeler posts that Ben is a r@per, your defense is slow and old, and that you will be in last place for years to come.

  6. How are their two CB’s considered highly talented when that secondary was one of Baltimores weakness’ last year?

  7. jus10jonez,

    How do ya figure there sports fan? Webb was a top 10 CB last year easily. Every ESPN, NFL Network and CBS sports personality toutted Webb as highly skilled CB, and he no doubt has Pro Bowl caliber skills buddy. Cary Williams was an issue. He bites worse than a Vick pitbull. But Jimmy Smith will fill his void, no doubt.

    BTW- that crutch of a secondary did real terrible against Brady in the AFC title game huh?

  8. Why did it take so long. It’s ok because Ozzie has a starting corner who was an undrafted rookie from Washburn universitywho in his second year in the league started all 18 games and played great. No it’s not Webb it’s Cary Williams and it makes you wonder how they are going to make room for steal of the draft Jimmy Smith!

    Hater’s hate but the Blackbirds are coming back strong next year because they have system and track record of reloading not rebuilding! FLYING HIGH AGAIN WITH OZZIE riding the Train!

  9. Secondary was only an issue in 2 games really, @Tennessee and @San Diego. Webb didn’t give up a TD all season and led the team in INTs. Webb island?

  10. I couldn’t believe the contract he got when he left Denver a few years ago. The guy is a cerebral player, great locker room and community guy – but his coverage skills are very average. His tackling is even worse.

    I also wonder who exactly regards him as highly skilled.

  11. umm… anyone else wondering why a 26 year old Webb, at his prime, who has Asante Samuel-esque cover ability and the willingness to tackle of a safety, is being marketed for crap-shoot 1st rounders from New England?

    Lardarius is the real deal. Sign him now and move on to other positons.

  12. well, now Old “glass-eye” Shanahan in Washington can sign him up now. He always resigns old players that he he drafted, or any body else drafetd in the AFC West.
    Remember, you heard it hear first, he’ll signs up with the Redskins, that’s Shanahan’s style

  13. The Ravens secondary being a weakness was a myth. The unit surrendered the least amount of passing TDs in the league (11) and I’m not looking it up but they were like 3rd in yardage.

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