Packers’ 2012 “to-do” list

With three guests on Tuesday’s PFT Live, there was no time for another set of “to-do” lists.  But we still had one in the hopper from Monday.

The Packers.

Here’s what they need to do, especially since they didn’t put the franchise tag on backup quarterback Matt Flynn.

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19 responses to “Packers’ 2012 “to-do” list

  1. Replacing Flynn is definatly not number 1.
    Number one is defensive line
    Number two is getting someone opposite Clay Matthews
    Number three is Safety help, if Collins is back good, but we still need a backup. Peprah isn’t the answer.
    Number four is Offensive Line – solidify it. Resign Wells if it isn’t much, get somebody at left tackle and keep them there.
    Number five is Running back. Replace Grant with anybody. I don’t know how effective Green will be, and I’m not sold on Saine yet either.
    Number six is to draft someone to take Graham Harrell’s QB spot on the practice squad.

  2. And keep you greasy, cheese-stained hands off of Texan’s center Chris Myers…. come on Rick Smith… work your GM magic and wrap this guy up… (and Brisiel too)…

  3. I’m on board with much of what ilpackerfan said, but I would disagree on one point and that would be help at cornerback over the offensive line. I can’t believe the Packers have already said Woodson isn’t moving to safety already. I would think that’s a decision made after the draft, which leads me to believe Woodson told Green Bay that he doesn’t want to move to safety.

  4. 1. Go 14-2 in regular season and lose another home playoff game!
    2. Sell a piece of paper for $500 and say they are part owner of the team.
    3. Raise ticket prices by the weight of the fan of that seat.. Average ticket goes up $250!

  5. Getting a pash rusher opposite Matthews would be a good start. I don’t think Ted Thompson will get into the bidding war for Mario Williams, but there has to be a better alternative than Brad Jones or Frank Zombo…it also doesn’t help that Cullen Jenkins absence was magnified by Mike Neal and Howard Green coming up noticeably short on collapsing the pocket.

    Improving the pass rush will have a direct impact on the secondary. Charlie Peprah is not the answer at safety, but he looked a heck a lot better in 2010 when the Packers created a pass rush and forced the ball out quick. Go back and watch the Packers games from 2011, every single QB had all day to throw.

  6. Draft DE, LB, DB, and repeat. Maybe throw in a QB and RB at some point, but Stevie Wonder can see that the draft needs to be 90% defensive help for the Pack.

  7. First Mario Williams is an idiotic thing to say, do any of you remember the last good 4-3 DE the Pack had, Kampman, who was ineffective in a 3-4.

    Free-Agents are not the answer, build through the draft, once in a while someone like Woodson comes along, but more often than not a Free Agent is a Free Agent for a reason (usually he wants more than he is worth). Let the Redskins keep destroying their franchise by building through Free Agency.

    Here is the biggest to do;

    1. Let Ted Thompson do what Ted Thompson does. He is the best in the game, let him do his thing, he gets paid a lot of money to make these decisions.

  8. @ emperorzero
    I agree as well, but I don’t know. Collins’ status is a big question mark. Hopefully he can recover fully, but if he can’t, then Burnett is our only good safety. I think without Clifton, and another year for the young tackles, the line would be serviceable.

    And if Mario didn’t stay with the Texans (and it’s looking more and more like he’s not unfortunately) then I wish he could go to the Packers. But for the same reason the Texans won’t be able to the keep him, the Pack won’t be able to get him.

  9. Okay……..Mario Williams is not the answer. He’s missed 14 regular season games in the last 2 years due to injury. I think some fans just love players with name recognition, no matter if the actually fit into the scheme or not. Get real……….

  10. Ummmm, shouldn’t number 1 be to win a postseason game?

    Isn’t that true for any team? Ohhhhh, you’re making fun of the fact the Packers lost in the divisional round. Well, they did OK in 2010, so I think they have some experience with it.

  11. Pack will just keep Graham Harrell I think. They signed him to the team from the practice squad late so no one could touch him. He can’t be that bad, he has a bunch of D1 passing records

  12. some dudes that can bodyslam Brees and a saint’s offensive lineman on a single play like that Justin Smith dude in that playoff game.

  13. 1. Linebacker opposite Clay who can rush the pass.
    2. D-lineman who can generate a pass rush.
    3. Improve pass rush from within through coaching, player growth and scheme.

    They’ll add depth and get some help in the draft at other spots that could use improvement, but nothing made me more upset than watching every quarterback sit in the pocket for five minutes, eat a turkey sandwich, and then get rid of the ball.

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